2 wean or not 2 wean

Posted By: Buffy

2 wean or not 2 wean - 09/07/03 02:39 AM

Hi guys -

Can someone point me in the right direction to a post that may have discussed the weaning issue?

Specifically, the breeder suggested I take the baby home to finish hand-feeding, but I know I've read on here somewhere that that is a big no-no?

Thanks -

Posted By: Mona

Re: 2 wean or not 2 wean - 09/07/03 03:49 AM

Hi :-)
Go up to the top of this page where it says SEARCH and type in "wean". You'll get 39 different threads on the subject, just in the General Cockatoo discussion forum. Try it in the other forums also, lots of conversations about this subject. Hope that helps!

Don't bring that baby home until he is weaned is the bottom line, btw :-)
Posted By: YouTOO

Re: 2 wean or not 2 wean - 09/07/03 03:53 AM


I have a little bit of trouble with the search feature myself. If you aren't in the right topic catagory, it's difficult to find.

I'm sure weaning has probably been discussed countless times, but can't point you there specifically. You didn't mention how old the bird is or if you had ever hand fed before.

As an example, my U2 is eight months old and still gets two hand feedings a day. She'll eat pellets on her own and some fresh foods, but she still takes the syringe. I know she'll wean eventually, it's just a long process with these large Too's. You have to be prepared to be in for the long haul and most likely your breeder doesn't want to take the time involved in abundance weaning.

I realize there must be some method breeders use to force wean babies, but I've never wanted to know what it is. My personal method of letting them give up the forumla when they are ready hasn't failed me yet - but must admit this U2 has taken longer than any of my other companion birds, but it's also my first large Too. I am not a breeder and don't ever aspire to be. Just a bird mom still doing the hand feeding routine.

Posted By: SUNNY

Re: 2 wean or not 2 wean - 09/07/03 04:04 AM

Along w/ NOT taking baby home before weaning; make sure the breeder DOES NOT clip the baby's wings until AFTER he/she has fledged. If you do not mind you would be even better off not clipping for a while. Flying is a confidence booster and can mean a world of difference in his mental happiness. Flying helps build a confident, less needy, healthy 'Too.
Posted By: Buffy

Re: 2 wean or not 2 wean - 09/07/03 05:05 AM

Thank you for your responses, ladies! I'm going to print them out and take them to my breeder.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Posted By: birdbrain

Re: 2 wean or not 2 wean - 09/07/03 06:58 PM

My U2 was 4 months old when I got him. He was eating on his own but still asked for his formula. The breader told me it could take up to a year to fully wean him. Sidney never liked the syringe but loved to eat off of a spoon. We spoon fed him for a bout a month but only when he cried for it. Other wise he had amply food in his cage. I work nights and had family help with this. One day I got up at his normal feeding time but he never cried for his food. I asked my husband when he fed him last and he said he had not asked for it since I last fed him. From that day on he was off the forula and never cried for food again. He weaned himself. It was tramatic for me because I lost my baby all at one time. Now I have to work on him not feeding me. Just remember not to force it. It will happen. Good luck.
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