Should I change vets again?

Posted By: Ginny

Should I change vets again? - 04/27/03 02:59 AM

Hi everyone! I need some words of wisdom! We have had Snowy (U2) about a month now. I took her to a vet who I was told had alot of experience with birds. I liked her, but the office reeked, dogs were barking, a kid was running around slambing all the doors - total zoo. I thought, OK, maybe it was a hetic day. I went back two more times to pick up medicine and it was the same, except the kid wasn't there and it smelled even worse! I would never feel comfortable leaving Snowy there if that was ever necesary, so I found vet #2. I was told that she was experienced in bird care. She did a thorough exanination, and I liked her - except she told me to feed Snowy only pellets and that she would not starve herself to death (the other vet said she had seen birds starve themselves) and that cockatoos did not eat fruit since they came from the desert. From what I have read that is not true. Should I look for vet #3?
Posted By: Michelle

Re: Should I change vets again? - 04/27/03 03:19 AM

Look for vet #3.
Posted By: Jerry

Re: Should I change vets again? - 04/27/03 03:22 AM

Wow... seems like both vets leave a lot to be desired. The second vet worries me more than the first (but not by much). I have a feeling that she's getting kickbacks from a pellet company.

I dont consider an all pellet diet anywhere near as bad as an all sunflower seed diet, but I still would never in a million years feed an all pellet diet as long as I can get my hands on veggies to go along with them. As far as the fruit: Again.. she's marching to the tune of a pellet company. While fruit should be considered as a TREAT... that doesnt mean your bird shouldnt get a little every other day or two. ( Never feed fruit every day however).

While I detest a stinking vets office, many do. So the question then becomes: Does she seem to know what she's doing? Is she good and compassionate towards birds? I dont have to tell you what to look for... but be aware that if she's not an avian vet, you're lacking anyway.

I wouldnt want to take my frightened bird into a place that's not controlled for the least amount of noise.. and wouldnt be afraid to tell the vet that.
Posted By: Ginny

Re: Should I change vets again? - 04/27/03 03:48 AM

Thank you so much. I went on google to search for another vet, and the second vet I went to kept coming up!!! Thanks to you I persisted and I think I have found another posibility. Thanks again!
Posted By: Corella

Re: Should I change vets again? - 04/27/03 09:32 AM

LOOK FOR VET#3!!My Rosie who is a BE2 which is the Corella species, comes from the Australian savannas, loves ,apples,grapes oranges,I could go on and on,yeah change vets.
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: Should I change vets again? - 04/28/03 04:23 PM

If you can find a vet #3, I would. I won't take my kids or birds anywhere that makes me uncomfortable. I have learned from past mistakes that is you get a bad feeling, your intuition is trying to tell you something and you should listen.
Posted By: linda2

Re: Should I change vets again? - 05/02/03 02:15 AM

PLEASE look for vet # 3!!!if Jerry doesn't mind . i would suggest going on and then go to vet search. i have a rescued U2 who has been thru hell and back with vets, and its just not fair! i now have a great vet, what a relief!

Posted By: Ginny

Re: Should I change vets again? - 05/03/03 01:39 AM

Thank you everyone. I went to TOOLADY
Posted By: linda2

Re: Should I change vets again? - 05/04/03 07:18 AM

Posted By: Ginny

Re: Should I change vets again? - 05/09/03 02:52 AM

I may have found a vet. I haven't visited yet, but she is listed in this web site and also in TOOLADY.COM. Thanks again for your help!
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