cockatoo wants to be on my shoulder

Posted By: Joy

cockatoo wants to be on my shoulder - 04/21/02 12:41 AM

Hi everyone, I have been lurking on this board for a while.My husband Michael you all know. As you might know we have recently adopted a lovely cockatoo.Cocoa is very nervous and will only allow me to handle her.She is already becoming use to our busy house . she seems to be happy with her new home. My problem is she runs up my arm to my shoulder.We have been working on the step up command and he is doing well. but he gets so darn nervous at times and this is the time that he shoots up my arm like a rocket. This is also the time I really do not want him on my shoulder he is excited and nervous. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you all. joy
Posted By: faze

Re: cockatoo wants to be on my shoulder - 04/21/02 03:44 AM

my bonehead does that also he LOVES my shoulder he actaully comes off his perch at the shop and searches for me at the store while im talkin to customers smile ill get him on my hand and he goes straight up to my shoulder i feel naked without him there now lol
Posted By: Miriam

Re: cockatoo wants to be on my shoulder - 04/21/02 10:15 AM

Hi Joy:
I'm still working on Sophie with the shoulder thing. I try to keep her from it and she sneaks around my hands. If Cocoa is jumpy, take the time to sit down and do some "in the face time". I cuddle Sophie on my chest and talk to her in a calming quiet voice. After 15 minutes she is a much calmer bird. If you are taking Cocoa out of the cage, you generally have time to spend with him anyways. Good luck!

I have new markings on each ear from her being excited and getting on my shoulder. :p

I never said that Sophie wasn't a challenge, now did I? laugh

Victoria, BC
Posted By: Joy

Re: cockatoo wants to be on my shoulder - 04/21/02 01:14 PM

good morning, morning time seems to be her/his best time. that is when I do the quiet cuddle time. She enjoys this very much. She also at this time is good about staying on my arm. by mid afternoon she has a hard time staying off my shoulder, she acts like an over tierd child unable to sit still.So I am just being pateint . I figure she has only been in this family setting for a little over a week now.She was at the rescue for about a year.She was not handled much so she is not familiar with any of this.She is a great bird so I am sure she will do good and in no time have me trained well!!!

Thanks for your advice.
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Re: cockatoo wants to be on my shoulder - 04/21/02 04:37 PM

Congratulations on your new family member !I'm certanly no expert but this worked for me.Coconut (my U2 ) did the same thing .When I ask him to step up I make sure my elbow is lower than my hand (this was hard for me, and felt unatural ),he didn't want to climb down, so he learned to stay on my hand .He had been a sholder bird for 20 years eek but he adaped with in two weeks .I gave him lots of cuddles and treats as a reward when he stayed put and kept the lessons short. laugh
Posted By: Joy

Re: cockatoo wants to be on my shoulder - 04/21/02 08:59 PM

Hi ,the elbow below the hand seems to help. you are right it does feel awkward. Cocoa must have known I was writing to you all, she is doing great today.Even in her times of being excited or nervous she has not gone completely up, she thinks about it but with a little coaxing down she comes!
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