Pros/Cons about bird room

Posted By: U2x2

Pros/Cons about bird room - 03/08/18 04:52 PM

Now that we have three birds, was wondering about the pros/ cons of a separate room for our roommates. Right now, Our two U2s are in the living room with us and our sulfur crested is in the den in quarantine and will be move to the living room after 30 days. It finally seems that our son will independent soon, and my wife and I was discussing the idea of setting up birdie room.
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Re: Pros/Cons about bird room - 03/09/18 12:19 AM

Depending on how they get along you may be able to do it. If the new one doesn't get along with the other two would you be able to keep him in the den?
Posted By: U2x2

Re: Pros/Cons about bird room - 03/12/18 01:15 AM

We will see in 30 days, BE2Cassie. For the most part our 2 U2s get along. AND yes will we able to keep Guido in the den.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Pros/Cons about bird room - 03/12/18 11:14 AM

Sounds like a good plan then!
Posted By: Beeps

Re: Pros/Cons about bird room - 03/30/18 11:54 PM

I currently have my two birds in a bird room. They are still in their cages when I am gone as they would eat woodwork and occasionally get into fights if left alone. I used to have all of my birds in the living room.

Pros of bird room - can contain the mess a little easier, one more barrier to them accidentally getting outside if someone is lax with opening outside doors, they get better sleep, entire environment can be set up for them

Cons of bird room - I have to make more of an effort to involve them in things. When I was in a smaller house and they were in the living room, they could see everything that was going on. Now, it's easy to have a snack without offering them a bite. I have stands that I bring them to in order to involve them more, but one of my birds prefers to be in sight of his cage at all times, so sometimes I wind up reading or spending time in the bird room to keep them company instead of getting chores done around the house smile
Posted By: U2x2

Re: Pros/Cons about bird room - 05/06/18 08:46 PM

May have to put the bird room idea on hold for now. Our son isn't quite independent yet.
Guido is out of quarantine but hasn't learn the rules of our flock. But it is only been a week. Otis "displays" when Guido gets close and Tiki heads in the opposite direction. Would say Guido is the playground bully, because he is bigger then the other two. No fights yet, just a lot of squawking. It will be interesting the next couple months. I am hoping that Guido settles down and starts respecting personal space
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