DJ is home!

Posted By: Jomo

DJ is home! - 02/07/18 12:27 AM

My BE2 has arrived home today about three hours ago.

She was upset when her previous care keepers left but she quickly got over that. She is enjoying her cage and is eating well. She has not taken any water yet.
When she sees me she does not scream at all. If I leave the room she screams for me. I only come back into the room when she stops screaming for a moment. I'm a bit confused about that. Why would she prefer a stranger to be with her instead of her being alone? I'm THRILLED about that as I guess this means that she trusts people.
I'm also concerned that she does not stop screaming other than for a brief moment when I am not in sight.
I know that she must be scared but am impressed how she is handling it by playing in her cage and eating. She even took some food from my hand.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: DJ is home! - 02/07/18 07:01 PM

Well, you are in for a ride! Many things will change but they love a structured life and will adapt well over time. Just keep reading and learning.

I don't have a Bare-eye but all cockatoos are flock animals and nothing is worse to a cockatoo than to be alone and abandoned. They thrive on being "in the flock". You will learn to make contact calls when you are not in the same vicinity or room. This gives them the security of knowing you are nearby. Over time, as you build your relationship, you can actually explain absences and they will come to accept normal absences.

Everything she had known is now changed so she will be confused and fearful until she settles with her routine. She will still want you around because you are at least a human. There will be a learning curve and you will be best advised to always be calm, or appear calm, as you learn and make adjustments because she will key on your emotional state.

Thanks for taking her and we will help you along your way! smile
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: DJ is home! - 02/07/18 07:07 PM

Can't wait to hear how well she settles in over the next few months. Congratulations
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: DJ is home! - 02/14/18 02:44 AM

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