Sore Beak

Posted By: Nemo22

Sore Beak - 12/29/17 05:56 AM

About 2 years ago,Nadia hurt her beak.I would describe it as a sprain,or strain.The beak was warmer than normal,and obviously tender or sore.She couldn’t bite on anything very hard for a few day,but slowly returned to normal in about four days.Dr.Wells took a look at her,ruled out infection,and life went on.
About 3 months ago she did it again,same arc of healing,sore for a few days and back to normal.
Yesterday,she seems to have done it again.Same symptoms.
I have checked out her play stand,where she spends most of her time.I can’t identify any obvious causes.
Anybody run into this issue?

John and Nadia
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Sore Beak - 12/29/17 12:52 PM

Poor Nadia, I haven't seen this before John. I wonder if she's getting it caught on something in her cage, like the screws on the dowels or the washers? Maybe some new toy or old toy that she has managed to get her beak into at an odd angle. Has she removed any bolts from the stand or cage that she is now able to get the tip of her beak into. So many things it could be, I hope you figure it out. Or maybe that she has learned to not put her beak back in there because it hurts. Feel better Nadia
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Sore Beak - 01/04/18 04:30 PM

I haven’t heard of this before either! I hope you get it figured out and I hope Nadia feels better soon!
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