Carriers for U2 - Vet visit

Posted By: momma2maya

Carriers for U2 - Vet visit - 06/25/17 05:31 AM

What type of carriers are successfully used for U2. How do you get them to go in?

I've always just carried Maya (my 6 year old U2) in a blanket but I'm trying not to do that anymore since that type of "cuddling" makes her love me in a way she should not.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Carriers for U2 - Vet visit - 06/25/17 01:07 PM

There are a couple of different types of carriers for large birds. Some people choose to use smaller table top cages. I have a small dog carrier made of the hard plastic with a metal grate door. Two others that I have are soft sided bird carriers from Celltei, a back pack style and one made for airlines. There are also clear acrylic cages that a couple of different companies sell. If you do a google image search for "bird carrier" you will be able to get an idea of the numbers out there. Also search for "bird travel cage" to see others. With a large bird with a beak that can damage things quickly you may want to avoid the cloth carriers. Happy hunting. It's a very wise move to get a carrier for Maya. One slip with the blanket and you lose the bird.
Posted By: momma2maya

Re: Carriers for U2 - Vet visit - 06/26/17 01:16 AM

First, she's not a huge destroyer so chewing isn't too worrisome for short trips to the vet.

Second, she never wants out from the blanket so her escaping was never a huge concern.

Third, I was hoping for opinions of what works best for U2 owners and tips for getting her to go in easily.

I saw the scads of carriers and felt so overwhelmed that I thought I could get a sense of what works best with other U2s and their owners. I'm hoping someone offers up what has worked and what has not worked for them.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Carriers for U2 - Vet visit - 06/27/17 01:54 AM

It is overwhelming and there is a lot to take into consideration when picking out a carrier. It's very individual to the owner and bird. If it's just something to use for a quick trip to the vet then a soft sided carrier may work for you. Whether she is a chewer right now or not it's something to not take lightly. I know of an african gray who never chews but went through a pak-o-bird carrier with a steel mesh on the doors in minutes while at the airport. The air line was gracious enough to loan her a carrier for the flight.
Acrylic can be hot if out in the sun and also hard if the bird gets thrown forward in it while traveling. Table top cages work great for simple trips. They are also the least expensive. The soft sided carriers will run you around 300 while you can get a cage type carrier for under 100.
It truly is individual to what you need it for and your bird.
I take Cassie out with me everywhere that they will allow her. The Pak-o-Bird has worked well for her for 10 years. It's used for vet trips, shopping, concerts on the common and walking with a stroller. For family picnics at the park or visiting relatives I use a large table top cage that fits in the car. This gives her room to move around, keeps her secure and accommodates food and water bowls.
Posted By: Chucki's Dad

Re: Carriers for U2 - Vet visit - 06/28/17 12:16 AM

We've been using medium size cat carrier with metal bars on front and carrying handle for the last 12 years. I fastened a one inch dowel rod through the sides in the lower half. Put a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet on the bottom. Our M2 can sit on the perch or stand on the carpet if she wants too. Cleaning is easy as it comes apart and everything is washable. Ninety nine percent of the time she goes right in. Been working for us for 30 minute trip to vet or 2 hour drive to our lake property. Have two similar but smaller carriers for our other two smaller parrots without any issues. The carry handle also is a good place to run a seat belt through and secure the carrier against moving around on car seat.
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