Attacking feet

Posted By: RC's Mom

Attacking feet - 12/10/16 03:55 AM

When we have guests our sulfur crested Too climbs down from his perch on top of his cage and looks for me and thenviciously rushes in to bite my feet right through the shoes. He does this when I am sitting, standing or walking. If he is on his hanging perch, he falls to the ground and goes looking for me. We are truly baffled and I have bloody toes. Has anyone had this happen? He also attacks the dogs' feet. He does not go after guest's or my husband's feet. But will bite my husband if my husband tries to pet him when guests are around. We pass around band aids like candy! What is going on??
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Attacking feet - 12/10/16 09:38 AM

It's a common behavior. If you do a search you'll find lots of threads that discuss foot chasing and biting!!! Welcome to Mytoos!!
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Re: Attacking feet - 12/10/16 03:13 PM

Until you are able to train him not to do this please keep him away from guest. He may do better and stay calmer if he is put in a room away from the intruders in his home. It sounds like he is trying to get you to flee the intruder by biting your feet.
Welcome to Mytoos.
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Re: Attacking feet - 12/10/16 10:03 PM

Thanks for your replies. It hadn't occurred to me but yes he might be telling me to flee and he thinks of the poodles as his flock and may be doing the same to them. I will also look for previous threads on this behavior.
Posted By: Beeps

Re: Attacking feet - 12/19/16 02:27 AM

It's far easier to prevent bad behavior from happening than to correct it once it does.

Ir sounds like he is not trustworthy on the ground, and therefore needs to be kept on perches.

Every time a bird bites, he perfects his biting skills, so you definitely want to avoid that!

When I was married, I had a severe macaw that loved my (now ex) husband and hated me. He would try to attack me. One thing we did was stick train him and always keep sticks around, so that if he came over to attack me, I had him step up on a stick and returned him to his cage or perch. The thing is when correcting behavior, you need to be consistent, or you can make the problem worse (search for extinction burst).

This is obviously unacceptable behavior, and is likely to result in him losing his home if it continues, so thank you for looking for help to change it!
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Re: Attacking feet - 12/19/16 05:10 PM

We had the feet attacks also. Hannah would slip down on the floor and go after our feet. When Harry did it, Hannah would squawk so we would know he was doing something bad (lol). So, when they did it, we would say NO, bad bird, and put them back in their cage. After a few times of this, we would say NO, and they would get off the floor. Now they do not go on the floor in the house.

Out on the screened porch they do get on the floor and walk (we let them down there), but are not allowed to go after our feet ever. They now know their boundaries for inside and outside, and no problems with our RB2s.
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Re: Attacking feet - 01/06/17 10:57 PM

When our boy is on the prowl on the ground, it's dicey getting him up with the t-grip... He rushes/semiflies OVER IT to bite the hand badly. The only thing that has worked is dangling a leather belt in from of his face and as he attacks it, steer him back to the cage.
Posted By: Beeps

Re: Attacking feet - 01/10/17 03:03 AM

Good job finding something so you can move him around without a person getting bit. Hopefully in time you can find something that doesn't seem to make him more aggressive!

The key is finding out what works for you and your bird. My severe macaw would also lunge at the sick. However, birds tend to want to go up, so I'd always hold the (rather long) stick at an up angle, and over the years, he learned. I had a caique (now deceased) who would fly wherever I told him (so I could get him anywhere I needed to) but he wouldn't step up nicely if he were in a mood. My current caique will always step up nicely on a hand covered in fabric (like a shirt or towel) -- he doesn't even try to bite. My grey always steps up on a stick, even if she attacks it at first.

It's trial and error, especially for the first few years a new bird is in the home, and even after the first few years, they sometimes throw some new and interesting things our way. Keep watching him and figuring out ways to integrate him into the family -- keeping everyone safe and unbitten! Great job! Keep it up!
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