Air Purifiers Revisted

Posted By: GregM

Air Purifiers Revisted - 11/25/16 06:24 PM

I am going to bite the bullit and get a quality Hepa Filter to place near Buddi's cage. Any serious unit has some type of prefilter to catch bulk, carbon for odor and a Hepa fitler. I have done a search here and read a lot of posts about various air purifiers.

My research keeps coming back to units made by Austin or IQ. I see "Pets" referenced, but usually talk about dogs and cats. Are any units specifically designed for birds?

So, what are you running, how has it worked and how much are replacement filters?
Posted By: Beeps

Re: Air Purifiers Revisted - 11/26/16 12:08 AM

I have an Austin air purifier and have been happy with it. I don't think it was specifically designed for birds, though it does a great job with my grey's dander. I bought it around 2007 or 2008 and have had to buy one replacement filter during that time (supposed to last around 5 years, if I recall correctly.) It was pricey -- maybe $300 range for the replacement? For me, it's worth it.
Posted By: GregM

Re: Air Purifiers Revisted - 12/03/16 11:00 PM

Thanks Beeps...thats all I needed to know...

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