Eating Cardboard

Posted By: hellococky

Eating Cardboard - 08/20/16 01:29 AM

Sam is out of his cage on the stand /play gym & doing what he usually does, eating, foraging through the bars at the bottom, pulling bits of cardboard out & re-shredding them & I looked across from my breakfast & see that he is EATING a piece of cardboard! I have never seen him do this, he always just picks up bits & shreds them onto the floor (or the backs of the dogs), this time he was actually tearing bits off & swallowing them...has anyone seen / heard of this behaviour before? Should I be concerned (I am)?
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Eating Cardboard - 08/21/16 02:09 PM

I've seen birds chew paper and cardboard but never swallow it. Wouldn't hurt to give the vet a call.
Posted By: RB2sMom

Re: Eating Cardboard - 08/21/16 02:22 PM

Are you sure he is swallowing them? I thought the same with my RB2's but watching closely I found they were carrying them around in their beak and depositing them elsewhere, like in the water or their food or elsewhere in their cages or even throwing outside the cage.

If they are indeed swallowing them, that would be a concern as they could get impacted and have to have surgery to remove the blockage. Watch them closely, then take them to the vet if they are indeed swallowing pieces...they can x-ray to see what is happening.
Posted By: Beeps

Re: Eating Cardboard - 08/23/16 04:19 AM

Agree with the others to be concerned. While it's possible this has happened in the past, I have not heard of it happening with the hundreds of large birds that have come through the rescue where I volunteer.

ETA: I suspect, as others have said, that he's not actually eating it, so don't freak out until you observe a little more!
Posted By: hellococky

Re: Eating Cardboard - 08/23/16 05:54 AM

I saw him doing again yesterday, its weird though, when he does it he is making a grinding noise with his beak,it sounds like he is crunching a pellet, but on inspection is holding a piece of cardboard & tearing bits off, but nothing coming out, his behaviour otherwise is normal, his poop is healthy, he is eating normally & there are no other issues. I don't want to take the cardboard away as it's his favourite thing to do (shred it). I think I might pop in to the vet on the way home after work for a chat & see what he thinks, lucky for me I have one of the best Avian vets in the country just around the corner.
Posted By: hellococky

Re: Eating Cardboard - 08/23/16 08:58 AM

The nurse/ tech I spoke to (they are all bird experts there, they are a bird only clinic)said no need to worry,they often ingest bits of wood, gum nuts, seed cones etc, so this isn't much different, as long as no other issues are present, don't stress. She joked that perhaps he thought his diet was lacking fibre :-)
Posted By: carolpalmer

Re: Eating Cardboard - 12/23/16 09:21 AM

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