How to find the favorite treat

Posted By: Evican

How to find the favorite treat - 07/07/16 03:47 PM

I started the clicker training process on my M2, but my problem is he just doesn't have a favorite treat. He is fed ZuPreem with spinach and carrots for his meals. He really likes cherries, but I can't really feed him a cherry every time he responds to the clicker.

What are your birds favorite small treats, or can someone suggest a way to find "the" treat?

Posted By: Beeps

Re: How to find the favorite treat - 07/07/16 04:41 PM

You can try chopping the cherry up into smaller pieces so that each one will give you 12 rewards.

If you give him a bowl full of different nuts/seeds, see what he always takes first.

Some birds just aren't food motivated. Once you get into training, if he likes it, you might even be able to treat him with his pellets. I also had a bird once who wasn't food motivated, so I clicker trained him with praise and excitement.

Keep trying -- I'm a huge believer in clicker training as a great way to keep your bird interested and to forge an even better bond!
Posted By: Dragonite

Re: How to find the favorite treat - 12/05/16 05:02 AM

I don't like using manufactured treats like newtriberries and other things. First of all they are way too big, the parrot will fill very quickly on one or two of these treats. Further they mix everything together. I can get a lot more effectiveness from dividing up the effective ingredients and offering them as treats individually.
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