Where to Find Safe Smart Toys and Supplies

Posted By: Rescue M2 Mom

Where to Find Safe Smart Toys and Supplies - 07/09/14 10:50 PM

Looking for current, bird rescue friendly, online bird supply sources.

Please post links to your favorite bird supply sources that are not "a part of the problem". No breeder links or similar, it would get removed anyway. I'm particularly interested in sites that support rescues.
Please include helpful comments.

The Gabriel Foundation has a few good links here:

I have purchased supplies from here - They don't promote breeding and waive shipping for donations to recues. But I don't know much else.

The Bird Brain (Gabriel Foundation) used to have a web site where you could order, but now they suggest you drop by and have a phone number for special orders. I've run across a few threads where favorite online bird supply websites are listed. Unfortunately most of the threads are older and I'm finding that many of the links are dead. If there is a more recent thread, can someone point me to it?
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Re: Where to Find Safe Smart Toys and Supplies - 07/10/14 01:02 AM
helps support a rescue/sanctuary

Posted By: Dragonite

Re: Where to Find Safe Smart Toys and Supplies - 12/05/16 05:24 AM

I loving buying pet bird supplies at Crazysales, for the price is favorable. And one of the biggest benefits to purchasing pet supplies online is the option of goods available. Most retail shops are restricted on the amount of floor space they have which limits the degree of item that they can carry. Online pet stores do not possess the very same difficulty simply as they do not have got to physically show every one of the pet supplies that they are promoting. Most canine owners locate it easier to buy pet supplies online particularly when you are evaluating difficult to get products.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Where to Find Safe Smart Toys and Supplies - 12/06/16 03:02 AM

Please pay attention to how you align your loyalties. Did you actually look on the Gabriel Foundation website to find their Mission Statement which is required for all all legitimate 501(C)3 charities? They have tried to bury it where it is more difficult to find but it is there. I will not post the whole thing but this is the main, and most important, part:

The Gabriel Foundation is pleased to support responsible and ethical breeders...

Don't take my word for it, find it. It is there. The Gabriel Foundation and others like it are the problem, not any kind of solution. I will delete your references to them after members have a chance to actually pull up and verify this statement.
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