Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse

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Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 07/23/13 01:42 AM

Hi there

I joined this forum so I can hopefully talk to other cockatoo owners who may have experience with cockatoos who have prolapses.

Koo is a female, 20y.o rescued U2. She was very sick when rescued. Now she isn't sick but she does have an issue with a severe (extremely large) prolapse.

She has had a CBC And full chem panel to make sure the baytril and antifungal took care of the bacterial and fungal growth. She is now 644g. Liver and kidneys look good. She had 4homes in the month of May 2013 and am told she started laying eggs in march and that's how she got an extremely large prolapse.

This past Saturday she had sutures put in to hold in her prolapse but unfortunately they didn't work for Koo and she needed them cut out. However she is still swollen and taking anti biotics for 7 days and metacam.

Anywho, that's her history. She eats like a pig (sprouts, pellets, fruits and veggies, everything). Now we need to work on getting her a suitable size cage and await to see if she re-prolapses after the swelling goes down.

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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 07/23/13 02:52 AM

That is a very difficult problem to resolve. Do a Mytoos search for other case histories. Make sure you have a vet that you trust and is knowledgeable about cockatoo prolapse. The egg laying is a real problem and you also need to do research on sexual stimulation which causes egg laying and prolapse problems. Here is some reading to get you started:

Sex and the Psittacine

Spring Behavior

Discouraging Breeding Behaviors
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 07/23/13 03:35 PM

Hi there Charlie

She has never laid an egg in my care(have had her since early June) and I do trust all the vets at the clinic I use. Theyre very caring great avian vets.

I'll browse mytoos forums to see if anyone else has had this issue. I know rescues occasionally see this and was hoping by joining a cockatoo forum, there would be other owners who've dealt with this.
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 07/23/13 07:09 PM

Mytoos is a huge archive, learn to use the search engine and you will get really good information. The true name of the disorder is cloacal prolapse. Here are some threads for starters:
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 07/24/13 05:08 AM

Thank-You Charlie! You duh man!

I'm going to make a followup appt soon after Koo is done with meds. So I'll keep everyone posted.
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 07/24/13 04:15 PM

Yes, please do. Also, be aware that we do not see this condition but once every year or two so current responses are unlikely. We definitely care and would like to be by your side during any diagnosis and treatment. smile
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 07/25/13 01:59 AM

Well we (the vet and I) do have a game plan in September.

There are more invasive procedures that we can try and do. So that'll be happening in September when I have time off. I'd like to be home for her after the procedure.
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 07/31/13 10:51 AM

I have a female umbrella who proalpsed twice from straining to lay eggs. The real problems lies in the fact that the bird is not in as physically fit shape as necessary to lay eggs. They perch in our homes, we leave them in cages, and we clip their wings, so they wont fly. Well, we learn the hard way, as humans we seem to be the masters of our universe, but nature rules. This is a common problem in the female umbrealla cockatoos because they can easily develop a sexual bond to any owner. Once this is established her natural horomones will take over. The first time it happened i wasnt there and my exgirlfriend at the time called me screaming and then simply pushed it back in with her finger. We took her to a vet who wasnt a specialist and she didnt have any reoccuring symptoms so we thought it was gonna be ok. A year later she develops consistent diarrhea and just unable to control the vent in general and I had moved into a brand new apartment. We were strong sponsors of oxiclean, and for all you germaphobes out there get a grip seriously, because with the amount fecal material in my house with two birds and two cats tracking it back and forth and i never get sick, it broke barrier in my mind about sterility in my home, i was raised by parents that said pets "are dirty". of subject so it was a giant poopy mess and i took her to another local vet, not a specialist. but he owned a male umbrella and said there were levels of ecoli in her feces but this was normal but i fed her bactin, no shot bactin down her throat while she was on her back wrapped in a towel off and on for 9 months refilling the prescription twice the people at the drug store thougt it was cool they were making antibiotics for a cockatoo.At this point in her life her diet consists of zupreem sugar colored pellet food WALNUTS!WALNUTS!WALNUTS! and occasinal fruit. Yeh she loved walnuts. and little kids love candy.she prolapsed again with no egg laying. i came home and she acts as if there is not a large intestines hanging out her butt, i push it back in. Then i came to the computer like you have done. I found a avian specialist by the name of Dr. Zantop from Fallston Maryland just north of baltimore. What a amazing bird doctor! check out his credentials not to mention he had a male umbrella named chuck at the front desk. unfortunately, when i read your post last night, i went to look up doctor zantop, and omg a couple months after he saved my baby girl diamond he died in a diving accident, he came up to the surface to face from 100ft deep and a air bubble went from his lung to his heart and he died of cardiac arrest. He was the one of the best in the northeast for birds, and i was lucky enough to have his knowledge of dealing with prolapses past on to me. I had done plenty of internet research and i thought the only definite solution would be to get the sutures stitched in around the vent make it tight again. makes sense right? wrong! this is worst case scenario and last possible solution yet many people are resorting to this first, because of people looking at the problem wrong. that goes for this entire crazy world, but what is making the vent weak and allowing the prolapse, is the fact that it is fatty and out of shape. even the bactin was dumb and should've been used in "worst case scenario". he gave me apple cider vinegar to try and regulate her ph in her belly, u know kill the bad bacteria save the good bacteria, couple teaspoons in her water. second. diet no MORE WALNUTS! no more nuts! no seeds! no oilly fat ok sparingly as treats only! pellets are good but get all natural no coloring the coloring is sugar. fruits and vegetables raw and fresh should make up the majority of the diet that is what they eat in the wild that is how their digestive and metabolizing system are designed.80 fruit veg 20 percent pellet. third and a little protein i give both my birdies a green quaker parrot and my girl umbrella kitty treats almost everday just for a pinch of protein. i sometimes treat them to yogurt or plain white chicken meat they love all 3 like special treats. but they are good sources of protein. my quaker has always flown and he doesnt fly into mirrors or windows and i have a huge glass double door to my patio. I let the umbrellas wings grow out and one day i was outside and she got scared and took off in flight. i had never seen her fly it was frightening because i was outside, yet it was the most beautiful thing i ever saw. She had never flown her entire life yet at 6 years old she just launched herself in the air and with 3 or 4 big flaps she was 100 yards away out the parking lot across the highway and turning for the woods, and panic struck me i thought there she goes i just lost my cockatoo in the woods of delaware and i started to run as if i could catch her and i yelled her name "Diamond" by now she is 125 yards away wings spread and soaring no flapping just riding the air, it was sooooooooooo beautiful and when i called her i saw her liitle head turn and spot me in the distance and i saw her curve like a jet fighter to come around to me, and i thought how awesome here she comes back to her daddy so i quit running and stood next to my building near the parking lot and stuck my arm straight out for her to land on, as she approached i realized not only was she going incredibly fast, but she was about to miss my arm by about 10 feet lol. this was funny and scary. she lands in 10 feet of dirt and weedgrass between the concrete sidewalk and the asphalt parking lot.face first she was spitting first and grass stains on her chest and wings it was like a 747 crash landind. but she is tough and she was fine.. and now whenever she get excited around the house she flys or i get her to chase stuff that she doesnt like lol aka cat brush until she is entirely out of breath and panting. i realized that day, A. if u grow your birds wings out, be careful outside. B. she flew for 15 seconds and she was out of breathe. These female umbrellas that are prolapsing is because of poor lifestyles, and im not just talking diet. they need to fly they have to get out of breath they need cardiovascular workout, and if im not on to something here then tall me why einstein the african grey died of calcified arteries. bc his wings were always clipped he never flew never really did nothing, they worked his mind and never his body. i know these creatures are animals they are our pets, we love them for what they mean to us, but dont take away what god gave to them. they are the most free creatures on earth and cut their wings and put them in cages. u want to change the birds health change your outlook on what the bird is. its not a creature with a condition, its a condition that arose from neglect, and no it wasnt intentional neglect i know i learned the hard way. if u keep getting surgeries they will only keep tearing the sutures and paying big bills. STOP IT! your destroying the integrity of the muscles more. just stop! doctors and their knives and procedures and moneymaking schemes! Dr. Zantop was a pioneer of aviary care, god bless his soul. Besides, the bad diet and lack of proper exercise, my bird was experiencing behavioral problems because of my petting her on the back and stroking her from head to tail feather she would start panting. when i would wanna take a nap i would put her under the blankets and she would chew the sheets while i slept. To her she was building a nest. when she was panting, she thought we were having sex. she regurgitated food for me, she thought i was her sexmate. all of this activates the sex horomones and causes egg production, and we know what this can do to the vent. in the wild who cares she can die cause now babies will be born, but for our girls there is no offspring, only damage. when i first went to dr. zantop she was about to lay a egg and another was forming. she layed the egg in the office with no prolapse and he gave a 3 birth control shot of lupron the same stuff they give human women. It decalcified the other eggs that were forming and she was egg free for a year. since then she has laid one more egg but no problems. and she has been egg free for two years now. i still let her snuggle under the blankets when i want to sleep in late and she starts panting during that "time of the year" even when im not touching her, i can just walk in the room and shes panting already lol but you have to scold them and tell them to stop panting. it just a pyschological mode make them snap out of it get their mind off of panting. dr zantop said the umbrella cockatoo is not only the most affectionate bird but the most horny in the whole family of birds LOL he was a awesome doctor!
so lets recap diet get it right get it tight. exercise grow the wings out, pick them up and toss them to a friend, they will fly trust me and youll see how out of shape they are when they are gasping for breath after flying six feet telling you this will help with the overall tone of body helping the vent but will ensure the longevity of your birds life with a cardio workout. last and the hardest to modify is behavior partially them, partially us, its hard no to cuddle neck with cute little birdies. to say the least that only a few of our stories. im her fourth owner and the first to finally get it right. she is 8 years old and the her vent has never been better. dont get me wrong it isnt perfect i mean she completely prolapsed twice in a year but she got over it and so did i and we came out smarter and stronger, dont do the surgery, only if it wont stay in. im sorry i wish you couldve read this before surgery. i know people that have done it 7 or 8 times its not worth it. dr zantop said diamond would be fine no matter what. he said short term shes fine long term not so good but like he said she might make it 10 more years or maybe 20. when i took her too him i thougt she would make it maybe another year. its been 3 and she back to normal and its great! wish u the best of luck
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 07/31/13 05:35 PM

That's quite the introduction. Welcome to Mytoos.
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 08/05/13 01:23 AM

I have a rescue bird with severe prolapse history. She had a surgery that tacked the tissue up inside.
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 08/06/13 01:39 AM

I took my male utoo to Dr.Clubb in Locahatchee she die surgery and gave him a hormone implant he has done very well in the past 6 mos hope it continues!
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 08/19/13 02:22 AM

still doing well NO prolapse since his surgey and implant!!!!
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 09/01/13 07:51 AM

what kind of implant did he get?
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 09/02/13 02:20 AM

guess it's a hormone implant that they used to use in ferrets, in Europe
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 11/07/17 06:22 PM

and to follow that all up....after several more years of progressive decline of Diamond's vent. Several severe prolapses in which I was surprised I was able to get it all back in and she survived. She had a severe prolapse on 11/4/17 and I had to put my 13 year old baby umbrella down. It was caused entirely by behavior, she was obviously bonded to me. If you have a umbrella that begins to prolapse, get surgery and begin severe behavior rehabilitation which more than likely involves giving them away. If you go the long hard route. Get the KY Jelly and q-tips, and love them for as long as you can! R.I.P. Diamond you were the best sweetheart ever!
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 11/08/17 12:29 AM

I'm very sorry for your loss.
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Re: Female Umbrella Cockatoo with severe prolapse - 11/10/17 12:24 AM

I’m sorry for your loss as well😞
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