Name change....

Posted By: Luvbirds

Name change.... - 05/01/13 04:55 PM

Is it advisable to change a bird's name? Both of my kids asked if they could rename Al. I've heard of people doing that but I don't think it's a good idea. Any thoughts? He's been called Sugar Bear alot by my family. Don't ask lol
Posted By: AJMontyBird

Re: Name change.... - 05/01/13 06:34 PM

Personally, I wouldn't change Al's name unless he responds negatively to it (and there have been such cases with birds in abused homes).

When my Monty girl came to me, I was told by her previous family of seven years than she was a "he". Within three months or so, she laid an egg on my lap. I never changed her name, though as with all of my animals she's called by a number of "nicknames" depending on how she happens to be acting. She responds to "Princess" and "Your Highness" equally, as well as "Funky Chicken" and "Montezuma". I'm of the belief that she understands these phrases refer to her, as she'll always look at the talker and babble when they mention any of the above. She still responds best to her name, though.

That being said, he probably wouldn't mind too much if you called him "Sugar Bear" mixed in with his name here or there. smile
Posted By: Luvbirds

Re: Name change.... - 05/01/13 07:35 PM

Well Al is currently avoiding his veggies. He's just like my kids right now. He won't even look at them but is giving me the stink eye as we speak like really? I did a very colorful mix with Kale and he picked that out (his fav) and just walked away. Now, he's scratching himself and yawning and every time he does it I go AHHHHHHHH. He has that look like yeah you just wait lol
Posted By: Dmr1414

Re: Name change.... - 05/02/13 12:01 AM

My bird's original name is Sebastian, her nickname is Chicken. She says both names so I never really thought to change her name. I would leave Al's name alone but I think it's fine to have other terms of endearments.
Posted By: Chucki's Dad

Re: Name change.... - 05/02/13 12:29 AM

ROFL - Good luck with that. laugh Actually some may readily take to name changes but others may just flat out ignore you. The later was our experience.

We tried changing Chucki's name when we first got her. That was the name the former owners teenage boys had given her, but I just plain disliked it. We tried something similar sounding but what we liked better. After two weeks of getting zero interaction from her and a look of "there's no one here by that name", we gave in and said "okay Chucki you win." After that she began interacting with us.

Chucki was also a he when we got her so the name was gender appropriate but turned into a she when he laid an egg a year or so later. As AJ said, we also have a few of our own pet "nicknames" we sometimes call her but I think she knows we are referring to her. I'm pretty sure it's unlikely there are any other female M2's named Chucki.
Posted By: Luvbirds

Re: Name change.... - 05/02/13 06:42 PM

I see a trend here. Should I expect Al to lay an egg in 2 months since he's only been here for 1 so far? :p His full name is Al Capone. I call him Mr. Al alot maybe I will have to say Mrs. Al soon? When he/she lays an I egg I can say, "say hello to your little friend" lol
Posted By: Chucki's Dad

Re: Name change.... - 05/03/13 04:15 AM

Al Capone, oh my. crazy I'll bet there aren't other Too's with that name. Mr. Al sounds better but then there is
always Mrs. Al if that becomes necessary. laugh
Posted By: Dmr1414

Re: Name change.... - 05/03/13 04:52 AM

OMG!! Hahaha I'm laughing at "say hello to your little friend"
I'm glad I checked in before heading off to bed. Got my chuckle for the night. Thanks for that. Goodnight
Posted By: jm47

Re: Name change.... - 05/03/13 01:31 PM

Alice? Then you could hum "Alice's Restaurant" while serving veggies?
But only after an egg appears, of course..
Aloysius? Allan (as in Sherman, of "Camp Granada" fame)? Albert? Algonquin? Allegheny Al:? Alferd W. Packer?
Posted By: Living in chaos

Re: Name change.... - 06/01/13 03:49 PM

I would say no, but im stck by the looks of it with a cockatoo named.... cocky *cringe* I had named him Chaos (hence the user name] but the kids have called him a mix of rocky and cocky for the last week, each time we have said cocky in general chat today, he raises his head and says "Hello"
As much as I would prefer an original name (family had a injured Galah rescued from bushfires as a small child they named cocky, who would dance about singing 'dance cocky dance'] I think im just going to have to accept the fact he seems to love being called Cocky.
I get hissed at if I so much as try and call him and non bird name.
Posted By: kevinmc2013

Re: Name change.... - 09/27/13 09:03 PM

I changed my LSC2 from Dudley to Magoo, the previous owner didn't interact with him so I doubt he know he had a name. His favorite saying is "Magoo good boy"
Posted By: Janny

Re: Name change.... - 09/28/13 12:24 AM

Sorry to derail the conversation...

Kevin can I ask where you are from. I met a LSC2 years ago and his name was Dudley. He wasn't very old at the time...maybe 3 y/o he may be 6 y/o now.

I have renamed many of the flock here. Sometimes they need a fresh start,sometimes their names are not the best. Misty my CAG came named Mr.Bird so we tried to find something close and she picked it up right away. She knew her name prier very well also. Being that he turned out to be a she Mr.Bird didn't seem feminine enough for us lol. Sometimes they come and I just don't know their name or they don't have a name which is sad but they catch on quick.
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