beware reynolds oven bags!!!

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beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 01:39 AM

so i had the absolute worst christmas ever. my cockatoo, sun conure and parakeet all died yesterday due to my using a reynolds oven bag.there are no warnings or an ingredient list saying that these bags can be toxic to birds. needless to say i used one for christmas dinner and all of my birds(none of which were in the kitchen)died. we noticed our beloved cockatoo fighting for breath and did everything we could think of to help her, not knowing what was wrong. she died in my husbands arms. then my sun conure started doing the same thing and that is when we thought it had to be the oven bag. i took him outside to get him fresh air and again there was nothing i could do. within minutes he died in my arms. we decided to check on my sons parakeet who is in his room on the other side of the house and the poor little thing was dead.I have a little finch that has somehow survived. he was in my room with the door closed. we call him husband and i were devastated and in pain. it will take a long time to get over this huge loss.i am posting this as a warning to all bird lovers. and please spread the word!!! i would hate for something like this to happen to another family. our birds are our life and we love them as much as our children. we have emailed reynolds company to let them know what happened and hopefully get some kind of warning label or even an ingredient list that says they contain teflon.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 01:49 AM

I am very, very sorry for your loss.

I would highly suggest a necropsy be performed to determine the actual cause of death. As far as I am aware, cooking bags are made from heat resistant nylon, not Teflon? And Teflon is only lethal when it is over heated. Let us know what Reynold says please.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 02:06 AM

I'm so very sorry.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 02:37 AM

Awww. cry
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 02:49 AM

echosmom. we wanted to take the bird and get a necropsy but the closest place is a good two hours away. unfortunately we are unable to do that. we only know it was the bags becouse it is the only thing i did different and after they died we started doing research and found that these bags have been linked to the deaths of lots of family birds.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 03:45 AM

I also looked up the oven bags and the reynolds company says they are 98.5% aluminum. I work in pharmacy and I can't think of any ingrediant in the bags that would have caused your birds death. Not to say there might be somrthing we don't know of. However, it's a shame you can't get a necropsy on your birds . Are there any universary's near that have an avian vet department? Most times they'll do a necropsy for free. My worst nightmare would be for something to happen to Angel, my U2. I would loose it!! I'm so sorry for your loss. May God comfort you & your husband during this horrible time.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 06:13 AM

I am so terribly sorry to hear this frown We don't use oven bags in my house, period. Never have. And after reading this I'm really glad that we don't. I don't think that I would ever be able to forgive myself if something like this ever happened to Krystal frown If this has happened to a lot of people who use Reynold's Oven bags, I'm surprised that someone hasn't sued them for not at least having a warning label on the packaging. A lot of people treat their pets like they're their children and I will be the first one to admit that our U2 is absolutely spoiled. I'm so sorry for you and your family frown
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 06:13 AM

I am so very sorry for your loss! It's absolutely heart breaking.

I am however worried there could be something else happening in your home though...could there be a carbon problem or something from your heat source or something. I worry for your own safety is why I ask. In case there is something that is still toxic in your home. I searched and found a couple responses to people who claimed to have concerns about the Reynolds cooking bags.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Reynolds Oven
Bags and Reynolds Hot Bags Foil Bags.

Heat-resistant nylon resin is used in the manufacture
of Reynolds Oven Bags and ties. This resin is in
compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration
regulations, which govern the use of plastics in
oven cooking. Regulations permitting such use have
been in existence since the product was first
introduced over 30 years ago. We are aware of some
reports that products containing Teflon (PTFE) or
related fluorochemicals when heated may release
chemicals that are toxic to birds. Our oven bags do
not contain PTFE or related fluorochemicals.

Reynolds Hot Bags foil bags are 98.5% aluminum. The
balance is primarily iron and silicon. These are
added to give the strength and puncture resistance
obtained only in the alloy used in Reynolds household
foil. Reynolds Hot Bags foil bags contain no recycled
material and comply with U.S. Food and Drug
Administration requirements for direct contact with

We know of no hazards to birds or other animals that
would occur during normal use of Reynolds Hot Bags
foil bags or Reynolds Oven Bags.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Mary Kathryn, Reynolds Consumer Response

I hope this helps...but please if you can have a necropsy done in case this is the reason or there could be another reason and you could be at risk your self and don't know yet.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 06:51 AM

A little reverse thinking.

What about the oven??
Had it not been used in awhile??
Is the oven self-cleaning?? And a long shot....was there a lot of cooking going on??

If you have a vent-a-hood, does it exhaust to the outside or just re-circulates the air from above the stove back into the kitchen?? I think doing a lot of cooking will raise the CO level somewhat in the house.

I was talking with a vent-free gas stove engineer and he suggest opening a window a bit the bring in some fresh air while using the stove.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 07:12 AM

Janny is right, and so is Elliot. It sounds like something else could be going on. PLEASE have your oven & home checked for CO levels ASAP!! It looks like others viewed the same website I did on reynolds cooking bags. I still have a feeling it has something to do w/either the bags or your stove. Please let us know if you find out anything. Once again, I'm so very sorry for your loss. This post will stay w/me for a long time. My husband & I don't have any kids, so Angel is our child & we treat her as such. God bless you & your family during this tragic time.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/27/12 07:22 AM

(((HUGS)))) I can just imagine, having lost one bird suddenly like this (not the cooking bag, but just finding her dead) what it must be like. Praying for you!
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/28/12 06:16 PM

i use my oven all the time and it is not a self cleaning oven. i have also used the same pan multiple times and had no problems. i have no floor heater or electric heaters. i have a finch who was in my bedroom with the door closed who survived the whole thing. i also have carbon monoxide monitors in my home. the oven bag melted in my oven. my birds are dead. i wish i didnt live in podunk nowhere and i could get a necropsy done on my birds but i cant. all i know is after doing some research and talking to people i am not the first person this has happened to after using these bags.there is another incident on ****** website under health that mentions someone almost losing a bird to these bags. my cousins mom lost 2 birds when using the bag to make a turkey.and i used an oven bag not a foil bag.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/28/12 08:37 PM

After more research I found out these bags ARE DANGEROUS!! Too many birds have died from the fumes these bags emit. Once again, I'm so sorry for your loss.((HUGS))!!
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/29/12 12:37 AM

Well unfortunately the Reynolds company will have to have solid proof that it was the bags (reason for urging the necropsy)and they won't put warnings on the packaging until then frown . I understand not living close to an Avian Vet. I live two hours one way trip to our vets. They do often accept currier and some other shipping methods but I'm not sure how it's done. Chances are its too late now anyway.

Yes I am very sorry for your loss.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/29/12 03:12 AM

we still have not gotten a response back from the reynolds company. i am not expecting them to really do anything becouse i know they are going to want proof of some sort. they are not going to take the initiative and do tests on their bags. all i really want is to get the word out. tell everyone how unsafe these bags can be. maybe i used it wrong or maybe i got a bad batch but i just want everyone to know that they can be harmfull to your feathered children. i pray no one has to go through what i did on christmas morning. holding my babies and watching them take their last breath. i still have nightmares.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/29/12 09:32 AM

I can't imagine the helpless feeling you felt and the pain. It's a tragic experience for sure. Make sure to take your time to grieve and heal your heart. You can't blame yourself. You didn't know. It's sad it ended this way. It has to be terribly painful.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/29/12 05:03 PM

I am just sick for you. I think all of us put ourselves in your place and think how we would feel. But, how could you have known. By your posting, all of us know now. Although it seems like the bags could be the only cause there is still a possibility it could be something else. I know one time I saw a warning in toaster ovens if anything touches the burning elements in the oven, it could cause very high temperatures to escalate out of control. Could the bags have touched any of the heating elements in your oven? It could also be what you were cooking reacting with the silicone or other elements in the bag. Nonetheless, my heart hurts for you.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/29/12 09:47 PM

I found this chart, for everyone who swears teflon is reasonably safe:

(The chart is from the Environmental Working Group files,

It mentions that lightbulbs coated with teflon are dangerous. I can't help but think of all the things besides the oven bag that could have been the source of this disaster. I believe the heat-shrink film that people use to insulate windows is dangerous (that stuff you install with a hair dryer). Perhaps the hair dryer was the real culprit in the story, but did anyone put up any window film? Any scented candles? "Glade" products? Fabreeze "fabric freshener" has killed birds. Any new appliances at all? Water cooler, toaster, kid's toy that heats in any way? E-Z Bake oven? Lots of things "out-gas" when used the first time. Paints or markers that you could smell? The little "tree" air fresheners in cars have killed birds. Irons and ironing board covers. The "crisping" cardboard for use in microwave convenience foods. Food warming lamps or "bathroom" infrared heat lamps?

I try to contact any manufacturer or catalog seller that puts a bird warning on their products to thank them.

I've found a curious little "baggie" that you use in a toaster to make "grilled-cheese" sandwiches or warm things like fries. Deadly little teflon coated sacks. There is a tiny warning on the back of the package. It is a generic, "It is well known that birds have sensitive respiratory systems and should not be kept in the kitchen." No product liability is implied. Kind of misses the mark, but I will praise them for the effort. "Gee, thanks. Perhaps you could make the warning bigger?"
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/30/12 06:33 AM

Oh God. the pain I know you are feeling right now is nothing like anything you have ever known. When I lost Charlie last year unexpectedly the pain was more than I thought I could bare. I cant even imagine losing more than one bird. My deepest sympathies go out to you and if i can do anything to help you, please have one of the mods contact you with my email. Once again I am so very sorry for your loss
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/30/12 07:12 AM

I am so sorry! (((Hugs))) I cannot imagine the pain you must feel. Please do not blame your self. This was not your fault in any way.
Allow your heart to heal and I am sure there are other precious babies who could use a forever home.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 01/01/13 07:12 AM

birdfriend.i dont insulate my windows.i dont use scented candles or any glade products. i definately do not use fabreeze in my new appliances and no toys that heat up. my kids got mostly clothes and video games for christmas. no heat lamps or infrared anything. is there a chance that it was not the oven bag that killed my birds? possibly. but there is a better chance that the bag is the culprit. i really just want anyone with birds to know that there is a very big possibility that these bags killed my birds.if there is any chance at all that something could be harmful to my birds i would want to know. this is why i shared my story with you. i appreciate all the kind thoughts and prayers while my husband and i try to get over this tragedy. we are starting to put our life back together but without our beloved birds it is very quite and lonely. i hope one day we can overcome the fear of doing this again to another beloved bird and are able to entertain the idea of adopting another feathered friend. right now we are just trying to cope with our loss.we still have not heard from reynolds. after the holidays we are going to try to contact them to let them know what happened. we really just want them to be aware of what these bags could do.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 01/01/13 11:54 AM

I'm so sorry for your heart wrenching loss. Please listen to the others and don't let this eat you up with guilt.
I have read of others having the same outcome after using oven bags but there is no known reason for it to happen. Hopefully they will be able to figure it out.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 01/04/13 03:46 AM

My husband finally got in touch with reynolds company. they have said they are going to do further research to see what could have done this to our birds. my husband said they were very nice and were very sorry for what happened.They will contact us with what they find.I am so sad and lonely without my birds. it doesnt feel right to not have them here making noise and talking to me. i miss them so much. My husband has been looking into rescues to see if we can help another bird. we are not having much luck finding a rescue that is not ridiculously far away. there is one a couple hours from here that has lots of birds that need homes but they insist you live within 50 miles of them. considering how small a town the rescue is in that seems a little unrealistic. I dont even know if i am ready yet. My husband is just trying to do something to help. I suppose when the right bird comes along we will know if we are ready to take the next step.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 01/04/13 04:03 AM

It's hard to replace a beloved pet. I have always waited till the right one finds me.

Every time I have been cooking since your loss I'm scared something is going to happen. Also, every little unknown smell gets me on edge.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 02/03/13 07:14 AM

I am so so sorry. Yes, you must not blame yourself. We just can't know everything now adays that will hurt these fragile creatures. You must know that you're fibs are still with you always in your heart. I hope time helps to heal you. I know it's not easy. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 02/03/13 07:31 AM

I am just now reading this and so sorry for your loss, I know your hearts are broken. I cannot imagine losing all my flock like that. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and I think Elloitt is right, the right one will find you when the time is right.
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Re: beware reynolds oven bags!!! - 12/07/17 11:19 PM

A lady posted the same issue last week on Facebook; Here's what she said:

Please share so anyone with a bird will know never to use these... I have 50+ birds from Parrots to Parakeets..
Never ever again. Walmart substituted my two turkey breasts with a Jennie-O Turkey Cajun in a cooking bag. I know not to use non stick and gave all of mine away the first day I got birds and spent over $1k on Simply Ming cookware. Apparently the cooking bag is toxic to birds. Within 30 minutes of the turkey cooking in the oven my birds started dying. Mohamed AbouTaleb found the first two and I knew something was wrong. By the time he walked back upstairs more were dying. We literally grabbed cages and ran them outside. All the birds are in the garage tonight covered up. I lost nine of my babies. I'm heartbroken.. Minnie looked online and read that Reynolds and other cooking bags ARE toxic to birds.. I have books on birds and read extensively online before getting my birds.. I never saw anything before now that said cook bags were toxic. A warning needs to be on the label! 😢 My grandson just came home tonight after being born Thanksgiving - which is why we were making a delayed Thanksgiving dinner - and I have to wonder how toxic the cooking bag is for all of us, especially a little five week early preemie baby - if my birds died that quick. We will NEVER EVER buy another turkey in a cooking bag and will NEVER buy Jenny-O-Turkey again.. There should be a warning on the package that the fumes are toxic to birds!!! I never wanted a whole turkey to begin with and Walmart subbed it during a pick up order... You can't imagine how sad I am right now.. 😢☹️😢I AM JUST TRYING TO SAVE OTHER BIRDS AND KEEP OTHER BIRD FAMILIES FROM SUFFERING THIS TERRIBLE LOSS!!!!
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