Posted By: Ellen W.

Shaking - 01/16/12 05:13 PM

Annie B. has not been eating well these last few days. Only blueberries, walnuts, and brazil nuts. Not a good diet, I know. When I finally did get her out of her cage this morning she was shaking. She still is and won't eat anything. On our way for an emergency vet visit. Good thoughts please!
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Shaking - 01/16/12 05:48 PM

Good thoughts headed your way - we'll be watching for an update.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Shaking - 01/16/12 07:06 PM

Good thoughts from here as well, hope all is well.
Posted By: Janny

Re: Shaking - 01/16/12 10:10 PM

Thoughts and prayers from here as well.
Posted By: Ellen W.

Re: Shaking - 01/16/12 10:49 PM

We are back. The vet examined her and did a stool sample. The sample did not reveal anything. She is now taking Baytril and Amphotericin B. The vet said that it was my choice whether or not to do bloodwork. Since it was just done last month, we decided to see how she does on the medicine and do a recheck in a week. She still isn't eating.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Shaking - 01/16/12 10:53 PM

Ellen I hope Annie is feeling better soon. Maybe some warm oatmeal will urge her to eat.
Posted By: Janny

Re: Shaking - 01/16/12 11:05 PM

Ellen am I remembering right that Annie was started on medications for her in valium? Was this also addressed at the vet consult that there could be issues around that?I am just throwing something out there to think about is all...

I did do a search on your posts and found the one where you decided to try Prozac?Did you go ahead and start her on this?I think you need to discuss this with your AV as there could be a side effect or some adverse reactions possibly.It may be nothing but if this was me I would be phoning back and discussing this immediately.

I just quoted this article that I can not post here...

SSRIís are all antidepressant and antianxiety medications. SSRIís all affect the way our pets think, feel, and act. They affect nerves that are involved in the regulation of mood, appetite, sexuality, sleep, aggression, obsessions, and compulsions. They have remarkably few and mild side effects. Some side effects are: dry mouth, sleepiness, dizziness, fatigue, tremors, and constipation. They occur fairly commonly.
Antidepressant and Antianxiety Medications of the SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) and Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibition Class* ** ***
*Only Clomipramine (Clomacalm) is approved for use in dogs. None are approved for other pets although all have been used.
**Cats are very unique in their metabolism of drugs. I have only used the tricyclic antidepressant, Elavil and the serotonin receptor blocker, cyproheptadine (Periactin) successfully in cats.
***Most of these medicines offer pediatric doses, which can be used to calculate pet doses. Another technique for calculating dose is allometric scaling. As with children one should always start at a dose, which is likely, Too Low (20%) and very slowly increase the dose until it is effective or one is satisfied that it will not work. It can take several months to make a decision.
Brand Name Generic Name Brand Name Generic Name
Anafranil clomipramine Celexa citalopram
BuSpar buspirone Sinequan doxepin
Effexor venlafaxine Tofranil imipramine
Luvox (SSRI) fluvoxamine Wellbutrin bupropion
Paxil (SSRI) paroxetine Zoloft sertraline
Prozac (SSRI) fluoxetine Rimeron mirtazapine
Serzone (SSRI) nefazodone Lexapro escitalopram
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Re: Shaking - 01/17/12 01:35 AM

Ellen, my thoughts are with you and AnnieB! I'm so glad you got her in to the vet today, and I am hopeful that the new meds will help!

Posted By: Ellen W.

Re: Shaking - 01/17/12 05:46 PM

Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone.

Jan - The vet is the person who prescribed the fluoxetine. Annie has been on it for over a month. It has made her less anxious and she is not barbering her feathers as much.

Annie's vet started her on Amphotericin B because she shares her bedroom with budgies. Budgies are known to harbor megabacteria for years. A majority of them are carriers which exhibit no outward signs. Of course I did not know this until the vet told me. smile So even though I have had them for 14 years the vet felt this was an appropriate action. She did a physical exam on Annie and did not see anything wrong. We are going back in a week, sooner if she doesn't improve, and play it from there.

I am worried; this morning she still had no appetite. I am anxious to see her when I get home from work.
Posted By: Lucy's Mom

Re: Shaking - 01/18/12 05:16 AM

So understand...please keep us up-to-date. A too with no appetite is truly rare. Have you tried warm mashed potatoes or warm oatmeal (what I think of as comfort food?)

Best of luck!!! (((Hugs))) from our flock to yours.
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: Shaking - 01/18/12 06:25 AM

Hi Ellen. How is Annie B? I'm hoping she was much better when you got home from work today.

Posted By: lisarn3

Re: Shaking - 01/19/12 06:17 PM

Ohhh, I hope she is heading back to her normal self today.
Posted By: Ellen W.

Re: Shaking - 01/19/12 10:56 PM

Annie is still being finicky about eating. She refuses to come out of her sleeping cage and has been in it or on top of it for three days.

I don't know how much the medication is affecting her because most of it goes into her right eyeball! I really am trying!!! smile

I am wondering if it is this new vest. Her odd behavior actually started when I put it on her come to think of it. She has done a number on it whereas she pretty much left the last one alone.

If she doesn't snap out of this funk by tomorrow, I guess I will try removing it.
Posted By: Beeps

Re: Shaking - 01/20/12 02:23 AM

Originally Posted By: Ellen W.

I don't know how much the medication is affecting her because most of it goes into her right eyeball! I really am trying!!! smile

I realize that you are probably joking, but I had to respond because the rescue where I volunteer recently had a budgie surrendered to us who was blinded due to her medication going in her eyes. At least that's the story we were told. I don't remember any more details, but wanted to pass along this word of caution.

If she's really not ingesting much, you might want to see if you can figure out a different method of getting her to take it -- hiding it in oatmeal or juice, for example?

Good luck! I know how tough medicating these guys can be!
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Shaking - 01/21/12 02:55 AM

Ellen, Noelle's 2nd vest had a white patch on the front, which did not please her in the least and her behavior changed and she chewed and chewed at it. Since this, I have always requested a grey patch, and it hasn't happened since. My thought is that perhaps because the grey has a likeness to their skin color, they find it less intrusive.
Posted By: jm47

Re: Shaking - 01/26/12 11:20 PM

And if the white reminds them of feathers, they may bite it. . .
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