Avian Blood Panel Interpretations

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Avian Blood Panel Interpretations - 06/07/11 12:28 AM

Avian Blood Panel Interpretation by Alan M. Fudge, DVM, Diplomate ABVP

This is an extensive tool for interpretating avian blood panels. It is IMPORTANT to remember however, that your qualified avian vet is your best resource. If you have a question, your AV is the place to start.
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Re: Avian Blood Panel Interpretations - 06/07/11 05:32 AM

I had lost this link as a favorite, but found it again - YAH!!

Thanks again to Alan Fudge,DVM, Diplomate ABVP...

California Avian Laboratory Reference Ranges by species.

This is a useful tool to compare your birds blood chemistry values to the norm. Many AV's only provide a copy of the lab results upon request, but should hesitate to give you a copy. Personally, I think it's important to have a copy of all diagnostics. My AV always calls me with results, but always emails them to me as well. The first couple of times I had to ask, but now they know I want a copy and send automatically.
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Re: Avian Blood Panel Interpretations - 06/07/11 05:51 AM

Very good links! Thanks!
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Re: Avian Blood Panel Interpretations - 06/07/11 04:51 PM

Hi there, I had read that pdf before but it made no sense to me since it is pretty detailed. there is some good info in it though.

thanks for passing it on, yes I have spoken to the AV vet and we will be going back to see her in a month after the next Lupron shot.

oh wait this next one you sent is great, i totally agree that we should have copies too. The first vet was going to make me copies but it was so light that the machine couldn't pick up the ink. I wrote down the ones that were abnormal to talk to the av vet about.

I am thinking at this point since they screwed up in the first place I will just start with a fresh blood draw and have the real AV vet tell me what is really going on. So far she has been way less hormonal, we have had no bating and when she even begins to pant we move her to something else. we have all new toys and she actually really loves her new sleeping cage, she sleeps all night without a peep. Jan I ordered 5 of the worry beads, large. I am so excited to get them and even more excited that you have shared this wonderful resource for toys. I will be buying only from her so I can help support Cockatoo rescue.

Jan are you a foster or rescue home?

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Re: Avian Blood Panel Interpretations - 10/03/11 02:09 AM

Im sorry, I just had to laugh. I know this guy Dr. Alan Fudge is probably highly respected and qualified. But I just found it funny that his name is FUDGE and he's interpreting data....LOL.. anyone who has had a little chemistry is familiar with the "Fudge factor"....just sayin'...
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