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Toxins - 01/30/11 02:33 AM

Good info!!! Toxins, Avian Medicine; Principles and Application

ETA: Plants and Trees

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Re: Toxins - 01/30/11 05:22 AM

Another great article...thanks!
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Bookmarked and TY!
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Thanks so much!!!
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Thanks so much !!
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Re: Toxins - 08/01/11 01:06 AM

Thank you Echo's mom -
Having a first bird g2, rescuing lady told me about most of this dangerous things, but she was also the one who always use jewelry to get him to play, and every time I see her she sends him a gift of peanut butter crackers. I will make sure he doesn't have those any more, even for a rare treat. We ended the jewelry eating thing right away when I got him - it just didn't seem right to me.
Wood toys or cotton rope/cloth seems to be better for his beak then metal not even to mention little pieces he can swallow *o*
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Re: Toxins - 12/20/11 09:44 PM

thanks for this info !
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Oh, this is really helpful, thanks. =)
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The Toxins etc. link now says "Account Suspended"

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Originally Posted By: Chucki's Dad
The Toxins etc. link now says "Account Suspended"


I posted that link almost a year ago and am also receiving the same error message now. It appears as if the domain, has expired. I will see if I can find posted somewhere else.

ETA: I cannot find a online version now, but did find a PDF download version:
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i found the above very informative.


I've deleted the link. It is a good article but unfortunately is on a breeder site.
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Another site worth bookmarking for toxins and unsafe materials is:
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Joe shared some intersting thoughts. That was a sad/happy story...good site. Thanks for sharing, Charlie.
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Joe is great and Birdsafe does ALOT to help the rescue community!
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sorry about breeders site ....

thanks for deleting it.
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Not a problem, we all do it from time to time.
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Re: Toxins - 01/02/12 04:06 AM

are unsalted walnuts ok?


I give some crunch bread (small piece) with crunchy peanut butter every am.

I have been mixing Kaytal mixed seeds with pellets daily.

He gets a bit of apple, orange, melon and banana daily. I will cut it down to every other day. I read apple seeds etc are toxic.

I also read to give spinach, sweet potato, carrots, brussel sprouts, cauliflower daily or a mixture thereof.

Is a boiled egg with shell (small portion) ok to give once a week or bi-monthly?

I live in Toronto, Ontario and he appears to be moulting already. Is this ok?

I change his water often during the day and remove the fruit and veggies and paper 3 times a day.

He has been having some watery brown droppings this past week and I was giving him some unsalted peanuts with his unsalted walnut pieces as a treat daily for 3 weeks...I just read not to give peanuts at all! I hope the unsalted walnut pieces are ok cuz he enjoys them.

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Re: Toxins - 01/02/12 06:24 AM

Unsalted nuts, preferably raw, are not bad treats. My birds get a maximum of 1/2 a raw cashew and 1 raw almond a day, usually less. The nuts are broken into very small pieces, and used as "bribes" for behaviors like "go home" (returning to the cage after free-flying around the house) or somersaults, or as bedtime treats. Sometimes, the conure gets an almond in the shell, because he enjoys the removal of the shell so much. (that's when it's a whole nut; otherwise he gets little pieces)

I offer small bites of walnuts, pecans, or hazelnuts from time to time, but mostly those are rejected. There's no accounting for tastes. I don't mind; if the birds don't like them, it leaves more for us!

The vegetable assortment sounds like a good mix.
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Re: Toxins - 01/02/12 06:39 AM

Nuts are OK to serve in moderation. Walnuts (except black walnuts I think) are safe. Many do not offer peanuts due to the potential of aflatoxin, but if you do offer, they should be human grade and roasted.

Egg is also OK - once again in moderation. Personally I do not feed the shell when pured in the food processor or blender and added to other foods (such as bird bread, etc).

There really isn't anything you can do about when a bird goes into molt, provided that there is not some type of nutritional deficiency causing an early molt.

A change in diet will change droppings, but any change in droppings should be monitored carefully. Because birds metabolism is so high, if a change is because of something they ate, it shows up very wouldn't take a couple of weeks. Here are two informative links on the subject (one is a sticky posted at the top of Diet forum).

ETA: Here is a good resource on nuts: Nutrition in a Nutshell. Also looks like black walnuts are OK too!

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Re: Toxins - 01/03/12 04:09 AM

many thanks as always!!

I will keep a journal.
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Re: Toxins/ tree ? - 01/11/12 09:27 PM

I looked at both the toxins website and the birdsafe website and didnt see this tree on the lists. I have a really nice tree stump in my backyard.I beleive it is a Desert Willow,also know as Chilopsis.It is actually a member of the bignonia family.It has a few nice thick branches on it. I would like to smooth out the rough sharp points remove the bark etc to make a nice outdoor perch area for Lulu. All I can find on the internet relates to wild native birds of the area.
Does anyone know if it would be safe for Too's?
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the journal is helping loads!!
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