Adjusting to life with U2 and baby

Posted By: lajones

Adjusting to life with U2 and baby - 02/25/10 02:33 AM

Long story short...

U2 born July 1998
brought home September 1998
baby born August 2009
U2 not happy!!!!!!!

Life for all of us has changed, but our bird is not accepting the changes well.

Baby and me are now home all day - he was used to being alone durning the day.
His one on one time is now first thing in the morning while baby is still asleep - he was used to being it being in the evening.
Him and a couple of dogs have been our kids for years - dogs have passed and baby has arrived.

We've given some thought to finding him a new home, but not sure we're ready for that. Life is very stessfull right now for all of us!!!!!
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Re: Adjusting to life with U2 and baby - 02/25/10 02:44 AM

I'm so sorry to hear this. It's such a common occurrence that once the care givers have a family the bird needs to be rehomed. I'm glad to see that you are not at that point yet and pray that you will be able to find a routine that works for all. Unfortunetly it's always the bird that suffers in the end. We do have members that have made it work and hopefully they will come on to give you suggestions.
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Re: Adjusting to life with U2 and baby - 02/25/10 05:10 AM

my baby boy is 13 months and my baby bird is 7 years. they are fascinated with each other. my son goes to bed at 8 and the evening belongs to pearl. she's up a little later but she sleeps in a little longer too so i've dealt with the kids (i have 2 twelve yr olds as well) before she comes out of her sleep cage for the day.
i make sure pearl sees me holding the baby and making a big deal about him. she has to know he has alot of value to us but she's important too. so she gets her attention too. she now knows that as soon as i get home i deal with the baby first and her right after. she only gets bent out of shape if i tend to the dogs before her. (lol....the term "pecking order" haha) when jett goes into his high chair to eat, she gets to eat too and as her cage is in the dining room it becomes a flock activity.
both of them love that horrible treehouse channel on tv and i endure it to keep them happy.
it's tricky but it can work. my son has no access to her directly and i assume full responsibility should he ever get bitten but i never take for granted that she wouldn't hurt him. she is, after all, a wild animal with the equivilent of a sharp can opener on her face.
and i can honestly say he can sleep right through her evening screech fest. good thing cuz between pearl and my 3 dogs my kids would never get any sleep if they woke up every time a critter made noise.
i really hope you can work out a rhythm with your baby and your 'too. smile
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Re: Adjusting to life with U2 and baby - 02/25/10 10:38 AM

Wont U2 get used to it over time?........ do you find a special 10 mins a day cuddle time??
Posted By: lajones

Re: Adjusting to life with U2 and baby - 02/26/10 03:11 AM

Thanks for the replies. We really don't want him to go away, he has been part of our family for over 12 years and is very special to us. We just made 6 months with the baby and things are better than the first few months, but more work is ahead for us. At this point the weekdays are MUCH improved over where we started, but evenings and weekends are still very tough. I think the difference is that my husband and I are both home at those times and Charlie (the U2) wants one of us to get him out. Problem is that if he is not out it is constant screaming, not vocalizing, screaming. This means he is stressed and we get stressed and home life becomes very frustrating.
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Re: Adjusting to life with U2 and baby - 02/26/10 03:25 AM

How much out of cage time does Charlie receive each day/evening/weekend?
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Re: Adjusting to life with U2 and baby - 02/27/10 02:05 AM

out of cage time...about 2-3 hours of being held/petted, about the same amount of time on cage with door open, and more time on perch in family room. The perch time varies due to screaming. Weekdays he does well on his perch with just normal chatter/vocalizing, but evenings and weekends he screams as soon as you turn around.

Today is a good example of what is happening...this morning I had him for about an hour and a half including giving him a shower and then put him back in his cage. We left for a few hours and when we returned he got about another hour or so of lap time. The baby went to sleep and we wanted a nap so I put him on his perch, but he imeadiately started screaming, I moved him to his cage and it continued. We try not to give him attention when he is doing this so as not to reward bad behavior. Eventually he settled down, but as soon as he heard one of us move it started again. We feed him (he gets a parrot biscuit at night) and he started again. I have been sitting in the room with him for about 20 minutes, cage door open and he is just now quieting down.

This is probably a very mild situation compared to many others, it's just that he has been such a well adjusted bird for so many years that this is hard on us, all of us. Basically when my husband and I are both home he is either being held or screaming. It is making things a little tense. Another, long story short...we spent 13 years trying to have a baby and now that we do family time (evenings and weekends when we are both home) is pretty stessful. I do not blame Charlie, he simply does not understand the changes in our lives and does not like them.
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