Baba skin ploblems update

Posted By: shalom

Baba skin ploblems update - 01/30/10 04:55 PM

Hello again I had took Baba to new vet as you guys suggested, the new vet said the samething as my old vet,it is very common for her to get sick often, because of the abnormal nostrils from the sinus infaction, and her test results will be back about 2 weeks,meanwhile,she had given her meloxicam for pain and antibiotic call Cipro till she gets the test results back,and SSD cream for her scar,she had suggested me to put a sweater for distraction or collar on her to prevent her from picking at that spot, she said that as long as scab is present it will feel abnormal to her,so I have decided to put sweater on her instead of plastic collar.I put the sweater on her yesterday after breakfast,however she got very upset she riped all her toys off around the play areas, that went on till bed time,she didn't eat her dinner.this morning she has calm down alot, however, she is not eating her breakfast,what can I do to make her feel better so she can eat,or is it common for her to be depressed from the sweater,to some of you how had put a sweaters on to your bird for the first time did yuo had same problems as I am having right now? please give me some advise.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/30/10 06:47 PM

I am glad that you had another avian vet take a look at her.

It is going to take a little time for her to adjust to the sweater. Did you make the sweater? I'd love to see a picture of it. It is highly doubtful that she will starve herself and if the sweater is a proper fit, she will adjust in the next day or so. She is probably upset from going to the vets as well. Hand feed her some of her favorite foods and see if she will accept food that way. If not, just drop it on her bowl. Is she drinking? She may be eating a little bit when you are not watching sure to weigh her daily and that way you will know if there is any reason for concern.

My M2 was first in bandages and then her sweaters. The very first day the bandages were on, Noelle didn't eat either. She ate a little bit the second day, and by the third day she had adjusted to the bandages and was eating normally. When we went from the bandages to the sweaters, she only pouted for about 1/2 day.

Good luck and do keep us posted.
Posted By: shalom

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/30/10 08:35 PM

I have called my vet back she had said that I should take the sweater off for now so she can eat, and come monday I should call her back and maybe put the collar on her instead of sweater,I don't know really what to do she is this stressed with sweater and I don't think she is going to be any better with collar, for the sweater, I have follow the Echosmon's instruction on the sweater, at first I have tried with med woman sweat shirt with velcro, come to find out it was too small so I tried with Lg shirt little too tight on her took that off and I tried with XLG, that was just right size for her, I could try to put the picture for you to see but I have to study little how to do that stuff, she is drinking water,since she is only eating wet food this days I know that she is not eating when I am not looking,and she will not eat any seeds,she will never take food from my hand so I can't hand feed her.
I had just tooked sweater off her and made her some bean mixture with sprout,she took it look at for 30min also and she is eating maybe I wait few hours I will put the sweater back on her.I really think sweater is better than collar.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/30/10 09:21 PM

Good job calling the vet. I absolutely agree with you - I don't think she'll do any better in a collar - as a matter of fact, probably the opposite. Collars are much more intrusive.

If she doesn't get upset with your putting the sweater on, a good option would be just as you're doing. Take it off and let her eat, then put it back on. She will adjust to wearing it - it's just going to take some time.

Best wishes to you and Baba.
Posted By: Birdfriend

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/30/10 09:33 PM

I agree with everything said above. Good job getting more advice. My only addition is that the antibiotic may lower her appetite as well. I'm glad she is eating now, but you must continue to coax and encourage her to eat. Will she eat when you are eating something in front of her (loudly and with great enjoyment)? Keep up the good work! Observing carefully and reacting properly is the key to good birdie ownership, if you ask me. smile
Posted By: Liisa B

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/31/10 01:03 AM

I am really happy to read that you're taking these steps to help Baba smile
Posted By: shalom

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/31/10 03:25 AM
picture of baba's sweater that I made
here is her abnormally wide nostrils
thank you all for the advise, for the sweater I was trying to get the picture in a hurry so her leftside wing got stock under the sweater, after I fixed sweater she won't let me get the pictures good ones anyway.
Posted By: Birdfriend

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/31/10 03:30 AM

She is gorgeous!!
Posted By: Liisa B

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/31/10 05:09 AM

She is beautiful smile
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/31/10 05:46 AM

Yep, she is a stunning bird.

You did a very good job of making that sweater too! I do believe with time she will become accustomed to it. Over the past year I have found that my Noelle is uncomfortable without her dress on. My AV only recommends collars as a last resort and thinks that the sweaters, providing the give the necessary protection are the way to go. So much so that I am now making sweaters for 2 of his other mutilating patients.
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: Baba skin ploblems update - 01/31/10 05:49 PM

She is so pretty! I commend you for caring so much and doing everything you can to help Baba! She is lucky to have such a wonderful bird mom! Please keep us posted on Baba's progress!

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