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Posted By: dirtgirl2009

average vet costs - 01/05/10 03:08 AM

the only avian vet that i can find in my area is affiliated with a pet store that sells lots of baby birds. i'd rather not support this place but the other vets i've spoken to so far "don't really deal with birds" or "well, i guess i could clip wings if that's all you need" or (my favorite) "we've never had a bird here but i'll take a look if you want"

i just want a check up for pearl and it seems like the only competent vet is the one at the pet store. they charge $184.15 for their "annual wellness package" which includes examination, consultation, routine bloodwork, nail trim, and wings clipped. pearl won't be taking advantage of the clipping as she's chewed her wing feathers off.

does this price seem reasonable? (i live in canada) is there anything that i should be making sure they check in the blood work? or anything else i should be getting done while i'm there?

pearl has had the DNA test and she is a female for sure.

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Re: average vet costs - 01/05/10 03:21 AM

We have other Canadian members that may be able to tell you of other good avian vets nearby. The price seems really cheap to me. I pay $300 USD for Cassie yearly with blood work.
You may find one here
Good luck
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Re: average vet costs - 01/05/10 04:01 AM

We pay 200usd for Ozzy's annual visit. We dont get his wings clipped, and I do his nails nightly myself. I have had Ozzy in there more than just once a year though lol, I am a nervous Too Mom and take him in for anything and everything. We also have the five Tiels that all see the same vet, so that might be why our fee is slightly less. I think he is being generous with us having so many babies to care for grin
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Re: average vet costs - 01/05/10 06:26 AM

Annual well-checks will vary depending on exactly what blood work is run. You can expect $200-$300 for a CBC, gram stain, fecal float. It's a good idea for the first 3 years to have a chemistry panel and cultures run as well. Those can double the cost. Once a baseline for your bird has been established, then a those can be done everyone 2-3 years thereafter. A new bird exam should include all of the above and disease testing, which will drive the cost up. I pay about $600 for a new bird workup, $450 for a complete, well bird, and $300 for a basic well bird.
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Re: average vet costs - 01/05/10 05:05 PM

I've paid anywhere from - $150+ in Toronto, ON - basic bloodwork only.

To $250 to in Halifax, NS. This was office visit & x-rays only - no bloodwork.

Where you are in Canada will be a big factor in price & especially availability of decent avian vet care.
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Re: average vet costs - 01/05/10 10:13 PM

That's cheaper than our avian vet here in Calgary. It's $60 for the initial exam, add in bloodwork and it ends up being around $210-220 (actually, it might be as high as 270, I'm not remembering exactly). That doesn't include anything else.. It does seem to be a set fee though, it's the same whether it's a small bird or a larger one.
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Re: average vet costs - 01/06/10 03:24 AM

thanks, everyone! i guess now i'll just wait and see how i like the vet when i meet her. hopefully she's good because i don't have alot of other options around here.

cidsa, i live in southern manitoba so i'll be going to winnipeg to see the vet. i guess the price seems about right since most things are slightly more expensive here compared to calgary. smile
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Re: average vet costs - 01/06/10 06:04 AM

Hi Gail,

Good luck with the visit. We're headed to a new AV tomorrow with our M2, Thor, who we think might be possibly "with egg." The tech told me on the phone that the initial exam was $48.00, which hopefully will more involved than someone taking a look at Thor and going "Yep....that's a M2 alright."

I'll post back with whatever additional prices that we incure...God knows it'll probably be more than $48.00...

Good luck!

Posted By: Liisa B

Re: average vet costs - 01/06/10 06:34 AM

You know when the vet in question has to 'look up' the species... you're in the wrong place!
Posted By: Janny

Re: average vet costs - 01/06/10 06:52 AM


Animal Ark Veterinarian Services
Dr. Lisa Sawka
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 897-2247

Centennial Animal Hospital
Dr. Heather McDonald
2747 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, R3T 2H5
Phone: 204-269-8162
Fax: 204-261-1192

Best Friends Animal Hospital
Dr. Nancy McQuade
100-2355 McGillivary Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB R3Y 0A1
Phone: 204-269-4451
Fax: 204-269-4960

Corydon Animal Hospital
Dr. Andrew Davidson
1675 Corydon Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
(204) 488-4577

Winrose Animal Hospital
534 St. Anne's Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
PH: (204) 254-3150
FAX: (204) 256-4495
PH: (204) 254-3150

I am just posting these to see if they were in your list...I really have no experience with any of them but if you want to check any out my suggestion is this...I have a Certified Avian Vet and she is the professor at the University of Saskatchewan. She works in the "Small Animal Clinic" at the University. If you want to check out any of the vets listed above I would suggest calling her as one of them may have been an intern with Dr.Dennilynn Parker (my vet).Her number is (306) 966-7126 and if you leave a message she may be able to get back to you. That is about all I can suggest. I really can not say enough about Dr.Parker. She has done so much for the birds and I and I trust her completely.
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Re: average vet costs - 01/06/10 07:33 AM

janny, that's awesome. thank you. i've talked to a couple of those places and one i had bad dealings with over one of my dogs, but i'll definitely be checking out the other ones.

and thanks for the name of your vet in sask. i've heard awesome things about the clinic at the university. it's really good to have the name of someone who just has the bird's interest at heart.

i'll be calling around tomorrow and i'll let you know what i find out. smile
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Re: average vet costs - 01/06/10 06:13 PM

Well I hope you get to talk to Dr.Parker. I really like her bed side manner with both the birds and human. I have had her for an Avian Vet for 7+ years now and the relationship between her and I has grown over the years.I feel like when she is treating one of my birds...she treats them as if they were her very own. I like that.

Please do let me know how you make out.
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Re: average vet costs - 01/07/10 06:52 AM

Hi Gail,

We made it to the AV today and apparently Miss Thor has a bit of a bacterial infection, which was causing her vent to be swollen. Here were some of the prices:

Office Visit/ Exam: $48.00
Xray: $88.00
Fecal Sample: $20.00
10 day supply of Baytril 5ml twice a day: $25.00
Bloodwork: $110.00

I didn't get any of the other prices, but am sure that we'll be visiting again in the future, so I'll have a better idea of some of the other pricing. Nice place, however, and full of "bird nerds!" There was even a happy little sun conure perched on the office desk, welcoming everyone, and half the employees owned birds of one sort or another. Very nice. Hope that you have a good visit with your new vet. Keep us posted!

Posted By: EchosMom

Re: average vet costs - 01/07/10 07:33 AM

Minor bacterial infections are easy to treat. It also sounds as if you are on the path of establishing a good relationship with an avian vet. Good job Cathy!
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