Best pellets to feed?

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Best pellets to feed? - 11/09/05 03:48 AM

This may be a repeat ? because I am new. I am gonna search on it and see if I can find something.
Dewey (my D2) was fed/weaned to only Roudybush. The RB2- well, can't say for sure what the heck he was fed/weaned to eat- I purchased him from a shady petstore and all I could see in the birds feed bowls were seeds- and they didn't sell any bird food but Kaytee. Dewey was born 3/1/05- the RB2, May 2005. The RB2 (Sydney- the name "so far"- not totally decided yet)- eats everything so he had no problem with eating the pellets.
My vet however is a strong believer in Harrisons. So I ordered some and just got it today. I will mix it w/ the Roudybush for a bit- but just wondering if anyone here had any input on which was better- or if there was another kind I am not aware of that may be better.
I offer them all kinds of fruits and veggies- Sydney will eat anything- Dewey seems to be very picky.
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/09/05 04:08 AM


I'm still trying to get my little G2 on pellets and veggies (I've had a bit of success).

People here seem to favour Zupreem or Harrisons for pellets. I wish you luck.
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/09/05 04:46 AM

I started feeding Sierra Zupreem because it was available. She liked it, and now Bill eats Zupreem. He won't touch the other brands I've tried, so I "don't fix what ain't broke". wink
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/09/05 04:47 AM

I have Zupreems also- ordered a bunch of stuff online that I have read about and just trying to add it in and test it out little by little. The Zupreems smells REALLY good to me, but they (even the RB2) are not touching it. I've ordered so much stuff...and am now grocery shopping for fruits and veggies much more intensley than I ever did before. I will just keep letting them try these things and see what works. Its gonna be a process though I can tell- its taken me 2 years to FINALLY get my dogs on a decent food mix that I feel is ok for them- and has made such a difference in their coat and their weight- and to finally get one thing that works w/ all 4 dogs...although, one of mine must have some ground beef and added to it in or he just won't I am on another journey for my "perfect" bird food concoction!! I look forward to the challenge and welcome all the advice- thank you! And w/out this site I wouldn't even know where to begin.
Thank you!

jodymuch- Totally agree...if it ain't broke don't fix it! I myself would choose the Zupreems- smells so darn good (am I crazy?...but it does smell really good!- maybe I'll just eat it LOL!)!.
I'll give the Harrisons a try and if they don't want it I will stick with the Roudybush. Maybe just mix a tad of Zupreem and Harrisons in as I have an abundance of this stuff now! Along w/ Lafaebers stuff. As you can tell, I am a newbie!! and just anxious to make sure I am feeding them right! Just want everyone in my family to EAT!! Skin, fur, feathers - all of them!! I just want everyone to dive into my food darn it! Can't get it right with the humans either all the time- just hate it when they don't like my food! LOL!
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/09/05 05:21 AM

2toos, i understand perfectly. 2 kids that rarely like the same food, finicky cat that only eats a certain brand, and 6 birds-they're the easiest to feed. joey, lsc2, loves her lafebers pellets. pedro only eats what i cook(she's my favorite child, she loves momma's cooking!) anything labeled bird food insults her. check out the diet page-jerry's veggie,bean diet is a big hit with all of them (even the keet) and they all love the birdie bread. smile and don't forget plenty of greens.
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/09/05 01:32 PM

For many years I fed Pretty Bird. After a while the P.B. began to have a foul smell when i opened the bag. I switched to Zupreem Fruit Blend and fed this for about 8 years and for some reason the birds wouldn't touch it. Switched to Zupreem Natural and they started eating with gusto again. I was feeding three conures, 3 Toos, and a macaw and going through about 60 lbs of the Zupreem in a month. The vet pushed Harrison's so I gave it a try. Now I go through about 30 lbs of the Harrison's in the same time span. The cost is about the same. Actually in the long run it is cheaper as the flock doesn't waste pellets in the tray or on the floor. They do get fruit, veggies, and more. I also use Roudybush but just for some variety, but not as their main diet. Some whole nuts are added and some seed. The basic menu for the day is about 50% Harrison's and 50% everything else.
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/09/05 02:51 PM

2toos, just remember, they might eat the Zupreem and Harrisons in time. Keep offering it to them. You have to do the method of mixing a little with what they are used to eating, and slowly add more of the zupreem/harrisons and less of what they are used to each week until they are eating them completely.

There is no right answer to your question though. The only type of pellets we don't suggest would be because they support breeding, not because they are not nutritionally good. And I think Kaytee is the main brand we do NOT suggest because they support breeding.
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/10/05 04:43 AM

I adore harrisons. My entire flock was on Zupreem before, and they did okay...but when we switched them onto harrisons high potency they all started moulting. Yes - this stuff is so healthy compared to the other stuff that they start moulting because of it. I credit Taylor(former back/tail feather shredder)'s WONDERFUL re-feathering to the HP. He was dropping out the old yucky feathers slowly, so this really kick-started things.

All feathers are soft and thick, and their poops are truly beautiful. LOL.

The general impression I got with the roudybush pellets is that they were okay overall, but lots of folks avoided them because they contained ethoxyquin (preservative). I believe that's been removed.

Still, I suggest harrisons to anyone who asks. I had the flock on the HP formula for two months or so, and then switched down to Adult Lifetime for awhile, and now feed a mix.

If you're having trouble converting your guys onto a new pellet, try going cold-turkey. There might be a little hunger strike at first but most birds will start picking at it pretty soon. I tried doing a harrisons/zupreem mix with my 'toos at first, but they'd just eat the zupreem. So I took out the Zupreem. Within three days they were eating it with a little more enthusiasm, and were eating no problem within five days.



Now I go through about 30 lbs of the Harrison's in the same time span. The cost is about the same.
This is another upside to the harrisons. The price can REALLY put you off at first, but they eat and waste SO much less. It has a lot more nutrition in it so my birds eat a fraction of what they did before. And, there's no eating JUST the red one day, throwing bunches and bunches of the others trying to FIND the reds, etc. Before the papers actually used to be heavy since so much food would be dropped. Not any more! I barely cover the bottom of my Moluccan's dish, and there's always more food left over in the morning.
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/10/05 03:24 PM

I have tried and had some success with the Zupreem for my guys.....except for my U2 Valentine. He will only eat LaFebers pelleted diet. They look like cylinders of sawdust IMHO but he grabs them and consumes them with enjoyment and turns his nose up at the yummy smelling Zupreem!! :rolleyes: I hope these are an pelleted diet, as his other tastes do not run to what is good for him.(Fruits and veggies are NOT on his list despite trying for 8 yrs now, and watching my other guys eat them...and watching me eat them.....and watching the dogs eat what they birds toss down to them.....sigh!) Anyone else feed Lefebers?
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/10/05 04:49 PM

I got some Lafeber's pellets and mixed them with the Zupreem, and still have some of the mix. When I feed it, Billy will eat ALL the Zupreem pellets, and leave the "cylinders of sawdust" in the bottom of the dish <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> so I guess he agrees with you, Jan. I knew a horse once who could eat a couple quarts of sweet feed with 2 tablespoons of vitamin pellets mixed in, and the vitamin pellets were the same size as the pelleted alfalfa in the feed, but when he was through, there were always exactly 2 tablespoons of vitamin pellets, and not one alfalfa pellet left in the bottom of the bucket. Now how do they DO that? I know he couldn't see the difference in color, when his nose and lips were in the way! :rolleyes: Maybe I should rename Billy after Firebolt!
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/10/05 07:15 PM

This is another upside to the harrisons. The price can REALLY put you off at first, but they eat and waste SO much less.
I would like to give this stuff a try. It's ok to use even if your birds are healthy? I found a few places online that sells it but they say it's good for bird with health problems.
Also, My big birds all waste a LOT of food mainly their fruity smelling
Is the harrisons ok as a daily diet (along with their fruits and vegies that is)?
I really need to find something they all can agree
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/10/05 08:00 PM

The Harrison's is a daily diet. They have one that is for recovery from illness/stress and a couple for daily. They recommend feeding a limited amount of veggies. The bag tells what they recommend. I feed a variety but mostly the veggies they say. I found that if you put less food in the bowls and refill them more they waste less.
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/10/05 08:42 PM

Kiwi was a big food waster. She used to eat the Zupreem fruit blend and there would be pellets everywhere! She would just throw the ones she didn't want - whichever color she decided she was against for the day. I started mixing in Harrison's with the Zupreem and by the 3rd day she had eaten all the Harrison's and left all the Zupreem, as if to say "enough alreay, gimme the good stuff!" She was never ill, but has done very well on a mix of the high potency and pepper lifetime. Now, I find very few pellets on the floor and she does eat most of it - much less waste.
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/10/05 09:16 PM

Thanks to all! Great advice and info- and very much appreciated!
Does anyone have a good contact to buy a scale? I need to be weighing them weekly per the vet and am now looking online for bird scales- I'm sure I will find one, but didn't know if anyone had any recommendations or a decent place to order one online- I could get one from the breeder I purchased Dewey from- they sell them there, but I'm definitely not going to help them make any more $$, no way!
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Re: Best pellets to feed? - 11/10/05 11:24 PM

Ok, I just placed an order for Harrisons Pepper Lifetime & Harrisons High Potency both 5 lb bags, I hope my birdies like them.. I searched around online & found this place to be the cheapest in case someone else wants to try it & hasn't heard of this place here's the link..
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