need to fatten up a Too!

Posted By: Anonymous

need to fatten up a Too! - 11/01/03 02:40 AM

recently adopted this Too. Tulip, has been very well cared for, for the past 2 years at least. sees an avian vet regulalary.
has always been thin. what is the best thing to make her gain wieght?????????

thanx, linda2
Posted By: brody

Re: need to fatten up a Too! - 11/01/03 06:34 PM

I know I asked this question ages ago with the once skinny and fussy Mr Conrad ......perhaps someone smarter then me (you listening M2Mom?) can see if the responses then are worth linking to...
for Conrad getting him onto a bean rice base (he loves chickpeas) with enriched bird bread made a heck of a difference- he loves almonds and gets them fairly often
one thing that made a big difference was I fed him lots of small meals....... in fact I still do.
Now he gets breakfast when he wakes up at 7, a piece of fruit when I leave for work at 8:30, a piece of bird bread for lunch (given to him by a dog walker friend of mine!), a snack when I get home around 5, dinner with the dogs at 6:30, and a late night snack around 8:30

hope that helps some


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Re: need to fatten up a Too! - 11/01/03 09:59 PM

She has always been thin and sees an avian vet regularly. What does the doctor say about her weight? Does the doctor want her to gain weight? What suggestions did her dooctor give you? How many grams is she? What is her diet?
Posted By: Karsten Jeppesen

Re: need to fatten up a Too! - 11/02/03 09:10 AM

Hi Linda - just came by to share a laugh on Taz's latest mischiefs, but that is another post.

Getting them to eat? I'll tell you what works here every time. When I got Taz he was very very picky.

But what gets him every time (and the tiels too) is when I take them to the table when I am eating. I will then eat what I want them to eat, and it doesn't take long before they want what I eat and they apparently get hungry because I am eating soooooo - gets them every time.

But don't expect to feed them off with rice if you are having pizza.
If it is eggs you want them to try - you must eat and serve only eggs.

So Taz now also eats scrambled egg, plums, papaya, rice and a few things more.

Good luck,

Karsten and Taz (10yrs,male,U2)
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Re: need to fatten up a Too! - 11/02/03 03:36 PM

Past discussions;f=8;t=000145#000003 and;f=8;t=000044#000000
(Happy Brody? wink )
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Re: need to fatten up a Too! - 11/02/03 05:13 PM

Thank you

I bow before the brilliant people I'm ever indebted to


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Re: need to fatten up a Too! - 11/03/03 08:31 AM

Thanx, M2mom for the links. i can never have too mant ideas! NOW, how many ideas do you or anybody have for getting my birds on Harrisons< Kuko eats it, Pea-ce thwows it as far as possible, i think he is trying out for Guiness!
Tulip won't touch it, course she is new here. i would love to get the little girl on high potency.

Harrisons e-mailed me that baking it in my birdie bread destroyed all the nutrients! i find that hard to believe. i'm go to really work on this, this week.
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