Zupreem fruit pellets

Posted By: Raydee

Zupreem fruit pellets - 03/08/03 08:14 PM

My too loves these pellets and eats these before he will eat other stuff like pea's, corn or and fruits. It this ok for him? He does love corn on the cob though.
Posted By: littlecharlietoo

Re: Zupreem fruit pellets - 03/08/03 11:38 PM

Our too prefers Harrison's over any other food. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, but we do encourage her to try other stuff by filling a bowl with fruits/veggies and tucking one or two pieces of harrisons under them. Most pelleted diets (I don't know about zupreem in particular) are OK as a main diet, IMO. However, we add variety to diet first for nutrition and second to give them something new to try... variety is the spice of life!
Posted By: Maluka

Re: Zupreem fruit pellets - 03/09/03 06:42 AM

I use Zupreem as an addition to everything else I give my M2. I always have a 3rd bowl in the cage of pellets and a mixture of seed and nuts for Maluka to munch on at it leisure. However, I always have a variety of fruit, veggies, and so forth. I agree they need a variety. If your Too doesn't eat it...keep offering it. You will never know when he will come around and eat it.

PS. Sometimes if you eat a piece of fruit in front of him and act like you are just thourghly enjoying gives them the drive to want to try it. Course don't give them what you have bitten....have an extra piece in your hand. smile
Posted By: Ginger

Re: Zupreem fruit pellets - 03/09/03 06:58 AM

Any time I introduce a new food to Eden I mix it with peanut butter. It works every time.
Posted By: Raydee

Re: Zupreem fruit pellets - 03/09/03 03:26 PM

Last night we fed him some broccoli and he just played with it for a while. This morning when i got up he was eating it like it was his favorite food. So far he really likes Corn on the cob, broccoli and his pellets. We tried carrots, cucumber's, pea's and a bunch of other foods. I did notice that if we eat it first he does seem more interested though. He is funny because he hates having a dirty beak after he eats and will bipe it off until it is clean.
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