Green Feathers??

Posted By: sunshine77

Green Feathers?? - 10/31/17 09:52 PM

Hello everyone!

I've had my rescue too for about 3 years now and I've noticed his back wing feathers having a greenish hue to them. When I got him he was dyed pink (not sure how) frown but those feathers have been long gone due to molting. I'm not sure if this green color is maybe due to diet or lack of proper sunlight ?(sun lamp in on its way in the mail) He eats zupreem pellets and I'm trying to get him to eat healthy table foods but it's an ongoing struggle. Has anyone seen this before?
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Green Feathers?? - 10/31/17 10:18 PM

I've only seen it when the bird has been rubbing up against something that the dye comes out of. If it's not from dye I would call my vet for their opinion.
Posted By: RB2sMom

Re: Green Feathers?? - 11/01/17 08:39 PM

I thought my RB2 was bleeding one time, but it was the dye from the fruit Zupreem pellets....also came out in her poops.
Posted By: sunshine77

Re: Green Feathers?? - 11/01/17 11:37 PM

He eats the zupreem pellets that don't have dye. They are tan and brown colors so I don't think it's that.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Green Feathers?? - 11/02/17 12:32 AM

Does he have any toys that have green dye or maybe a perch that is green?
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Green Feathers?? - 11/02/17 11:37 AM

There is one other way I have seen that causes feathers to turn green is from petting. The oils from our skin can cause a discoloration to the feathers, especially if the person uses tobacco.
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