need help PLEASE

Posted By: bauercrew

need help PLEASE - 01/26/17 09:14 PM

hey everyone I rescued a ub 2 was told by owner bird in her 20s took her to vet got a complete blood panel done and fecal exam and of course physical exam,and at the tune of almost $400.we are the proud owner of a HEALTHY female,she is only eating seeds now tried fresh vegs mostly green wont have it,we tried sitting down with here while we eat vegs still no go,dicscoverd she likes dark pasta,and she will eat fresh bananas,she is extremely friendly but my avian vet said that this is hormonal time for her? but being the age she is and her health condition she had to have a better diet at some point of her life??? so why would she refuse these vegs ,we have had her only three weeks,even tried pellets she will ocasionally pick a couple up to eat but spits some out,i am going to get a scale soon,my wife said im acting like a father of a first born child,but she is in damn good health and I don't want to lose that? So am I OVER reacting,she said I havent acted like this since we got our first citron cockatoo Sysco 6 years ago,and she said it was no picknic(l.o.l). Thanks for any helpful tidbits to slow my drinking down L.O.L
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Re: need help PLEASE - 01/27/17 12:04 AM

Why would she refuse vegetables, because she's a Cockatoo. That's what they do. Now if your especially crafty and patient you can change this, maybe.

The seed diet needs to change but until that happens she is at least eating. The only thing you can do is to continue to offer new things. It could take six months or more for some new food to interest her, then again, there is the not interested ever thing. We've had our M2 nearly 12 years and all green veggies are apparently viewed as poisonous to her as nothing green ever goes into that beak. Fruits are a different story, she accepts many most of the time. She loves cooked eggs and yogurt, again, most times but not always.

We feed Zupreme natural pellets. Others here use different brands. Originally we used the Fruit blend but the red poop stained anything it came into contact with so we stopped that. Plus it's hard to tell their health if the poop is red.

Know that whatever you feed her, probably half of it is going to go on the floor or bottom of the cage. That's just how they are.

As far as the seed diet, there is too much fat in seeds for our perch potatoes. Seed diets can cause fatty liver disease and death. We've had a couple birds die from this because their previous owners only feed seed diets.

Finally, time to a Cockatoo moves at a snails pace. Your 3 weeks maybe be an hour to them.

Forgot your last question. Yes you are. LOL cool
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Re: need help PLEASE - 01/27/17 02:46 AM

With Cassie I give her pellets and veggies in the morning. Her seeds she doesn't get until supper time. Keep trying different things cooked, raw, partially cooked, grains like brown rice and wheat berries. Oh baby food mixed in oatmeal sometimes is a hit.
Best of luck, been there, done that and don't envy you. Patience is a virtue!
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Re: need help PLEASE - 01/29/17 01:23 AM

Keep offering the vegetables on a daily basis and keep offering a variety, cockatoos like being able to choose, just like we do. some days mine love one veg and the next its on the floor and I'm getting the stink eye. another way is to hide them in things like homemade birdie muffins, I'm sure if you use the search feature you will find some recipes. Oh, and mine want whatever I have, let them watch you eat it and act like you dont want to share, gets em' every time...well almost.
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