Stupid Question about food intake

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Stupid Question about food intake - 06/01/16 07:27 AM

How do you know if your too (or any parrot) is actually eating their new food vs chomping it into pieces? When he came to us We were given a seed mix with pasta, pellets, dried fruits and nuts in it but trying to transition to mostly pellets and chop or bean/wild rice recipes. But I can't tell if he eats any of the chop or pellets.. He picks through it and a lot goes on the floor but does any go in him? He loves the bean recipe but is that healthy enough to replace the seeds if not eating his pellets or chop? He gets red, yellow and orange peppers and sugar snap pods and bits of fresh fruits like pomegranate and kiwi, millet and some dried fruits/nuts in his forage wheel also. And by the way should he be getting dried fruits n nuts in the forager or regular food? Vet said he was skinny but he wasn't worried for his weight as Braniff does fly a lot...
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Re: Stupid Question about food intake - 06/01/16 01:11 PM

The way I've always judged with Cassie is her weight. Now that I know her all too well I know that if she doesn't like something it doesn't get crushed, shredded or broken, it gets thrown. Even if he is just chomping you just hope that part of it gets eaten.
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Re: Stupid Question about food intake - 06/01/16 07:23 PM

Thanks Nancy. I am picking up a flat food scale that can utilize a perch and will find out what Braniff weighs since his wellness exam at AV.
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Re: Stupid Question about food intake - 06/02/16 03:24 AM

A good scale is an invaluable tool. The first measurable indication we have of an ill bird is weight loss. Welcome to Mytoos!
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Re: Stupid Question about food intake - 06/03/16 08:54 PM

If food throwing was an Olympic sport, parrots would dominate the medals pedestal.
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Re: Stupid Question about food intake - 06/23/16 08:33 PM

I was wonderin same thing. I was given pellets and told that's all WIllow eats besides everything they have eaten. Plus fruits and if she doesn't like something she will throw it. It's very hard to tell if she's eating. She also dips everything into water first. I can't hold her so gettin weight might be hard. She is absolutely afraid of everything. And I mean everything. Oh wait she seems to like my dogs. I'm going slow with her. I've only had her a week. She has finally taken a chip from my fingers outside the cage. I try to give her a taste of everything I eat. Is this ok? And also can they eat the flesh of cherries? I know that the pit is bad but what bout the fruit?
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Re: Stupid Question about food intake - 06/24/16 02:05 AM

Cherries? Absolutely! My macaw LOVES them. They can make a mess of the walls, though... and rugs, furniture, towels, shirts, even the 'too herself. I understand pomegranate seeds do the same thing.
Yes, it is VERY good to give food you are eating to the bird! That's what flocks do. Eat at the same time! Don't give anything that has touched your mouth, though. We mammals have lots of germs that make birds sick! (Evolution...)There IS a small list of things that are very dangerous for a bird to eat. Never give chocolate or avocados. There are a few other things...
Weighing IS the gold standard of bird maintenance, but we understand the difficulties. POOP is what you need to understand. Food in = poop out. Learn what is normal for your bird. There should be a pretty good amount of good looking POOP if the bird is eating enough. It is at least a starting point... scant poop = big problem.
Re: the original post: Yes, I would say the bean mix is probably even better than the seeds. I don't see much issue over offering food in bowl vs. foraging place... You want the bird to think pellets are the good stuff... put some in the forage wheel if he likes using that. Healthy food for fattening up would be sweet potatoes, walnuts, and my vet's favorites: "raw" almonds or cashews. My vet has also convinced me to go back to Harrison's pellets. I agree the choice was a good one. Don't overdo it with fairly un-nutritious stuff like grapes and apples, even though they are favorites. Bananas are better and have more calories.
P.S. Weighing at least once a month should be a goal.
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Re: Stupid Question about food intake - 06/24/16 07:39 PM

Thanx so much bird friend. I'll be givin her a cherry today.
I have been lookin at poop. Some days there's a few runny but for most part all looks good there.
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