Re:M2's Correlation between diet & feather color?

Posted By: bajarascal

Re:M2's Correlation between diet & feather color? - 01/09/15 08:03 PM

Has anyone noticed a correlation between the foods your M2's eat and their feather color?

When we drove to meet our M2 we were surprised at how white she was, only her crest feathers were a brilliant salmon color and under her wings were yellow, her back, wing and tail feathers were snow white. We knew that Moluccans were known for varying degrees of peachy/rosy colors. Of course we didn't care what color she was. We noticed that within a month her white feathers had turned a peachy hue. I did note in that first month she particularly loves orange foods, sweet potato, oranges, carrots, butternut squash, papaya, cantaloupe. In particular to M2's I wonder whether the beta carotene in orange foods plays a role in their feather color.

I also noted that first month that she has a disdain for yellow beans, I had place one in her food bowl along with another piece of fruit. She drop the bean to the floor immediately, so I picked it up and placed it back in her bowl. She picked it up with her claw, showed it to me and threw it at me hitting me in the face. I'm still trying to work out how she executed throwing that long yellow bean clear through the bars of her cage like that. If that is not clear communication, I don't know what is.

Has anyone noticed a change in their too's feather color?
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Re:M2's Correlation between diet & feather color? - 01/10/15 12:13 AM

Diet and the overall health of the bird effect the feathers. It is not the color of foods that matter, but rather the nutritional values of what is being fed. I have several adopted M2's whose peach color was washed out from being on a crappy diet. It didn't take long before their natural color started shining through. Keep up the good work!
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Re:M2's Correlation between diet & feather color? - 01/10/15 05:11 AM

We had the same experience. When we first got our M2, I had no idea her white color and pale orange crest wasn't normal. Her diet at the time was the typical peanuts and seeds.

While searching the I-net hoping to find information on how to deal with an M2's bad behavior, I stumbled across this site. Not only did a I find out how to deal with the behavior issue, I learned what Too should be eating. Over time, I got her switched over to pellets, fruits, and some other misc. goodies she likes. Unfortunately, nearly 10 years later, veggies are still viewed as "poison."

An unexpected side benefit of an improved diet was that her coloring started to change to what it is today. Peachy, yellow and bright orange. Our daughters who only see Chucki every few months, say her colors are still improving even after all these years. A good diet is important.
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