Sweet Potato

Posted By: BE2Cassie

Sweet Potato - 11/14/14 04:20 PM

Every now and then when cooking sweet potato for boarders I will give Cassie some. In 10 years it has always been thrown to the floor in out right disgust. Well this morning I cooked some and put a good sized chunk on her skewer. She's shredding big time right now so I figured one more toy to shred. What a shock when I saw potato on her beak, half the potato chunk gone and none on the floor!!!
This happened with carrot a year or so ago and she has continued to eat it occasionally, maybe she'll do the same with potato.
Posted By: Elliott

Re: Sweet Potato - 11/15/14 12:20 AM

Same here with celery. The feathered kids never liked it now its devoured. Even the picky Quaker is trying new stuff.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Sweet Potato - 11/16/14 03:25 AM

Mashed sweet potato is a big hit here but just cut up chunks are ignored. LOL Our cockatoo has always liked celery, she has than daily and always eats some.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Sweet Potato - 11/17/14 10:33 PM

Cassie will only eat the leaves of the celery the rest gets tossed!
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Sweet Potato - 11/20/14 03:04 PM

Sweet potatoes are hit and miss here too! Two of my six enjoy celery.
Posted By: Elliott

Re: Sweet Potato - 11/20/14 03:31 PM

The one thing I've noticed with all of the birds is if I give to much to choose from they won't eat it all. I usually limit them to 4 or 5 varieties of veggies and/or fruit and usually 2 or 3 pieces of each. This seems to work as most of the time they clean the bowls.

Another issue I have is which way to cut everything up. They all seem to prefer stick shapes as opposed to chunks.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Sweet Potato - 11/20/14 08:52 PM

Cassie seems to eat more veggies and greens if they are on a skewer. Cranberries one of the few fruits she will eat are straight from the bowl. This year seems to be a bumper crop for cranberries. They are inexpensive, plentiful in the stores and last longer in the fridge.
Posted By: CrocusBlooms

Re: Sweet Potato - 12/24/14 08:01 PM

I've been trying to offer my little dude one new food a day- I take a bite or two and then offer it to him. So far, bananas and hard boiled eggs were the only hits (quinoa was a no, almonds are only used for "Anting" behavior, and apparently cucumber was totally un-interesting.)... and then two days ago we tried baked sweet potato chunks. He LOVED them!! smile

Sooo cute when he has mashed orange goo on his beak LOL
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