soaking beans

Posted By: Winter's mom

soaking beans - 02/24/11 05:22 PM

How long do you need to soak beans before you can cook them? I usually soak them overnight, but I forgot to put them in water last night.. Wanted to make beans and rice today while I was off... duh..
Posted By: Beeps

Re: soaking beans - 02/24/11 05:50 PM

You may just have to cook them a little longer.

Or, you could try this quick soak method (I have done something similar to this before):

Another no soak method (I have never tried this):

ETA: yesterday morning, I had the greys in the kitchen unsupervised while I ran downstairs to get my laundry before work. I came up to find my CAG eating my soaked (but not yet cooked) beans. I'm not sure how much she was eating and how much she was just throwing around, but she was having fun!
Posted By: Brandy's mom

Re: soaking beans - 02/24/11 06:47 PM

Do you have a pressure cooker??
Posted By: Winter's mom

Re: soaking beans - 02/25/11 05:49 AM

nooo. no pressure cooker, but thanks... and thanks Beeps... I did the "quick soak" and beans and rice were happily consumed for dinner! (even Winter has taken a liking to it..after following Charlie's pureed bean trick) THANKS !
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