Chop Recipe

Posted By: Jacque

Chop Recipe - 01/16/11 02:07 AM

This past summer when Patricia Sund visited Best Friends, she talked to me about making "chop" for my birds. At the sanctuary we have the luxury of a full-time dietician for the birds. But at home, mine were getting frozen veggies and some greens, and whatever else I could rustle up every evening.

Patricia makes her birds food in huge batches and then freezes it. She convinced me to try it on my guys. The concept is that the veggies are all chopped in the food processor, so it they are tiny bite sized. When they are all mixed together, it's hard for a bird to take a bite of carrot, without getting a bit of broccoli as well.

The first time I made it, it took about a week before anyone would try it. I did it for the third time this afternoon, and the birds were dancing in anticipation before I could dish it up. There is no real recipe...just whatever healthy grains, greens, veggies, beans and pasta you want to include.

I went to the grocery store at 3:00 and spent $50. By 4:30 I had processed enough food to last 6 weeks in individual freezer bags. This time I cooked split peas, corn, rice, wild rice and added it to summer squash, winter squash, all types of peppers, sprouts, carrots, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, peas, green beans, corn, frozen veggies, orzo pasta, wheat berries, and brussel sprouts. Everything was whirled in the food processor and then mixed together in a big tupperware bin.

I love this concept for several reasons: the birds are getting balanced nutrition each and every night. I don't have to hurry home and drag out the chopping board. And 2 hours work will keep the kids fed for weeks. Win for me and huge win for the birds.

Just thought I'd share.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 01/16/11 02:33 AM

Sounds good. The only thing I don't care for is making up a batch to last more than a week. I found that if I make up to much it tends to lose alot of it's taste appeal. I prefer to make up only enough to last about a week. But with only four birds it only takes me about 10 to 15 minutes a day to prep their foods.
Posted By: Jacque

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/16/11 03:28 AM

You freeze the mixture and then defrost the food as you need it. And it seems to hold it's flavor/color/texture extremely well. My kids all eat it like there's no tomorrow. Only way I can get them to eat broccoli....
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Re: Chop Recipe - 01/16/11 05:59 AM

Oh sounds like a great idea to me! So are you cooking all the vegies, or leaving some raw? Do you cook and then put them through the processor or visa versa? Sorry for so many questions but I wanna give this a try for my crew. I already do the bean/rice/vegie mix, but like you said all chopped up it is harder for them to avoid that nasty broccoli lol.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 01/16/11 06:51 AM

The fresh veggies are all raw and chopped up in the processor. I microwaved the sweet potato and winter squash. I also processed 1/2 the frozen veggies. The rice, split peas, wild rice were cooked. The orzo pasta I added raw, as it helps soak up all the extra moisture when it is frozen. There is no real recipe...just a little of whatever is available at your grocery, chopped fine, and then mixed together and frozen. I know my kids get a better diet this way. Sprouts, greens, and veggies every day...instead of what I happen to have available.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 01/16/11 04:17 PM

Thank you so much Jacque, cant wait to give it a try and see if mine will like this wink.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 01/19/11 02:49 PM

I am happy to report that this was a huge hit with the Tiels...Ozzy is still deciding lol. I really like the idea though and I know Ozzy prefers all cooked foods, however he is nibbling at this and so I will continue to make and offer it to him. Maybe it is just finding the right combination of ingredients that his royal fluffy butt approves of grin.
Posted By: Jacque

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/19/11 06:42 PM

It took my guys a week or so to completely accept it. But I know that they are getting a much better diet because I started doing this. It is such an extensive variety, each and every day.
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/23/11 05:54 PM

Just wanted to give this thread a bump, making all the vegies chopped like this really has my flock trying all kinds of new things. If anyone has a picky eater this is a wonderful way to get them trying new things. The Tiels are literally waiting at the door of their cages for their breakfast now. When I first made it, I added a sprinkle of seed on top for them, and they dove in and now I dont even add the seed. Thanks for the wonderful idea Jacque!
Posted By: Brandy's mom

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/23/11 10:22 PM

FeatheredAngels, what all did you mix together? I have tiny! budgies to a M2. I have a huge Kitchen Aid food processor to a small 12oz size. I'm anxious to try this but all I see are different size chop and different packages. Thanks.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/23/11 11:50 PM

I'm anxious to try this as well, choices in food is the way to go!
Posted By: Jacque

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/24/11 12:42 AM

What I like best is that it allows me to give my guys a much better diet over-all. I spend a couple of hours chopping, cooking, processing and then the guys have enough food for a couple of months.

The batch I'm feeding right now was:
split pea calico bean soup mix (without the seasoning)that I cooked for about an hour. During the last 10 minutes I added some wild rice.

Chopped up broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, kale, peppers (hot and sweet), brussels sprouts, sprouts (alfalfa, bean and broccoli), flax seed, summer squash, orzo. (I don't cook the orzo, it actually helps absorb moisture when you defrost the mix). You want to drain the peppers a little before you add them, as they have a LOT of moisture in them.

Microwaved and chopped sweet potato and winter squash, diced up.

5 large bags of frozen mixed veggies. I put 3 bags through the food processor and 2 I left whole.

Mix everything together. Put in freezer bags. You only want about 2-3 days worth in a bag. Throw them in the freezer. I always have one bag I'm feeding from and one I'd defrosting in the fridge. I feed between 1/4 to 1/3 cup each evening, depending on the size of the bird. I also add a little something extra a couple of times a week, like a little chopped boiled egg.
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/24/11 04:39 AM

I just kinda added as I went and this is what I came up with. I made enough for two weeks worth for all the birds. It is chopped rather fine and my Tiels are enjoying it as much as Ozzy. I think this works for all size birds.

cooked items
Assorted Dry Beans
Brown wild rice
One bag of mixed frozen veggies (didn't put in food processor)
sweet potato baked and peeled
whole wheat pasta

fresh items
Red and Green peppers
Assorted leafy greens

I drained and cooled everything well and then mixed it all together in a large bowl. I actually did add some hard boiled eggs chopped up with todays dinner. I didnt put egg in the whole batch, I normally only offer eggs once maybe twice a week tops.

Since I was already in the kitchen cooking, I made up some birdie bread, started out with a banana bread recipe that I have altered for the birds and added some frozen strawberries, crushed pellets and some of the other vegies I had cooked.

I had some very happy birds all day today, they were all enjoying the yummie foods.

I really think the key is changing up the items you put in this mix to keep it exciting and chopping it is just a fantastic way to get them interested. The first couple of days that I served this, I just sprinkled with some seed to get them trying it, but it didnt take them long to really get into this chopped mix. I dont add any seed to it now.
Posted By: Winter's mom

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/28/11 04:06 AM

I tried the "chop" right after I saw Patrica or maybe Jacque post it on FB. It was done as a video. It offers excellent variety and it must be optimum nutrition. Winter STILL wont try it but everyone else loves it. I swear he won't eat anything, I don't know how he's still alive to be honest. And it's not for lack of trying.. I throw away enough food to feed a 3rd world country. I keep keepin' on though. What he doesnt eat, the dog does. And I swear he never likes the same thing twice. EXCEPT organic mixed baby food vegetables mixed with quinoa and/or amaranth.
I DID however find a trick for brocoli for everyone BUT Winter.I steam it and then drag it through Hummus. They have to eat the broccoli to get every last lick of Hummus. They love Hummus!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/28/11 04:14 AM

Cheryl will Winter eat bread? You could try making him a sandwich out of the chopped and adding a thin coat of the baby food. I've tried this with some of the more picky eaters that come to board and it's worked well with some of them. I use a whole grain organic bread.
Posted By: Winter's mom

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/28/11 04:24 AM

once in awhile he will eat birdy bread, but only if it's sweetened with raw honey and banannas and if it's warm. But regular bread? Naw .. I tried giving him peanut butter on whole wheat bread because it makes a whole protein. But he licked off the peanut butter and dropped the bread. BUT he WILL eat crackers ..maybe I'll try spreading it on crackers! Thanks Nancy.. didn't think of tryiing it as a spread!
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Chop Recipe - 01/28/11 02:51 PM

Well we all know how much you have tried Cheryl. Ozzy is a bit picky also, he has improved greatly and does eat the chop but not as much as I would like him to. I still feed nightly oatmeal with baby food or pureed vegies. He rarely turns away from that. Since Winter will eat his baby food, maybe puree some more things to go in that? Ozzy does eat anything better if spoon fed, maybe this is the same for Winter?
Posted By: Ladyhutch

Re: Chop Recipe - 02/24/11 07:47 PM

I fixed up a batch of chop yesterday, and everyone has at least tasted it, even Charley who is shall we say very discriminating in his tastes. I hope this is accepted by all. With the price of veggies going sky high it would sure save on the grocery bill.
I watched the video posted on fb and went from there. I did not make as big of a batch, but I have 40 days supply for the little guys and a 35 day supply for the cockatoos.
Thanks Jacque for starting this thread.
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Chop Recipe - 02/24/11 08:37 PM

It is really an awesome way to make sure our Angels are getting a good healthy balanced meal. I absolutely love it and like you said a real dollar saver. Once made it is a time saver also, so easy to give them this and not have to chop, shred and dice everyday.
Posted By: Jacque

Re: Chop Recipe - 02/24/11 10:30 PM

I went shopping last night and spent about $50, but that will provide enough food for the next 5-6 weeks. $10 a week for 7 large parrots is a heck of alot cheaper than the way I used to feed them. And I know they get a much, much healthier selection this way.
Posted By: Ladyhutch

Re: Chop Recipe - 02/24/11 11:57 PM

It seemed strange this morning to not have to get everything out and chop and shred. It was almost like I was shirking my duty!!
Now if I can everyone to eat it. Poor Charley sat and begged food from Don. Sydnee would not even look at it. The little guys are picking through it and getting their favorites out. What they don`t like is all over the floor, LOL.
I gave Charley and Sydnee food as they are used to after 2 hours. I will try again tomorrow morning. I hope they switch soon.
Posted By: jm47

Re: Chop Recipe - 02/25/11 01:41 AM

Last year, when we had our birds boarded at a pet supplies shop, where they could see a couple of other birds and many, many dogs and cats and rabbits from the local rescue, they ate veggies far more willingly than they do at home. (wherever "home" is; that is, they ate better in the boarding situation than they do with us) They just chewed up veggies, and one of the other birds got to eating veggies, just because ours did! We werre in the place at least once a day; sometimes more often, with treats, out-of-cage walks and play and baths, and just pretended the broccoli, carrots, and so on were treats.

I wonder if they simply eat more willingly when there are other creatures around them, regardless of WHAT the food is? They are, after all, flock animals, as we keep on hearing.
Posted By: dovelove

Chop - 03/01/11 08:51 PM

I have made a gigantic batch of chop! Four hours later...Tsunami wont touch will my cockatiels. I'm hoping they come around.I've been offering it in small amount along with his pellet mix. Tsunami mostly just tosses everything on the bottom of his cage or the floor. I'm experimenting with mixing different foods. He will not eat any beans I give to him, weather by itself or mixed with other goodies. He absolutely loves corn, peas and rice. He likes to tear apart all leafy greens and throws the peppers on the floor with a look of distaste on his face. Still working on him.... some days he will pick through everything, others he wont even bother. I'm thinking he might just be picky because he has been richly spoiled since his last home.
Posted By: BSB00

Re: Chop - 03/01/11 09:13 PM

Its is frustrating

The list of things Melissa will eat is very very long

Just what she is in the MOOD for and When is the hard part:)
Posted By: Ladyhutch

Re: Chop - 03/01/11 11:56 PM

Both of my Cockatoos will not touch the chop. They both would rather go hungry than eat any of it.
My Conures on the other hand love it. They both smell of garlic breath, LOL. I have enough chop to last them 6 months or more.
Posted By: Janny

Re: Chop - 03/02/11 12:36 AM

I have been doing my feeding like this for years with all my flock with much success.I couldn't imagine going back to prep the way I used too.I would still be feeding breakfast at
Posted By: Jacque

Re: Chop - 03/02/11 03:37 AM

I know, Jan. I just cringe when I think of the amount of time I spent on their meals everyday. This is so much better! Especially after spending all day making sure the 100 at the sanctuary have a decent diet!
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Chop - 03/03/11 02:44 PM

I am so happy my crew all loves their chop! This is so wonderful to have some piece of mind, knowing that they are getting what is needed and enjoy it!
Posted By: 3crazytoos

Re: Chop Recipe - 03/06/11 05:05 AM

I volunteered this morning at a local Bird Sanctuary, and they fed the same type of food and all the birds loved it! I couldn't wait to get home and make my birds the same!!! And of course it was a hit!!! All of them loved it even my finicky little Baby! She loved the fresh broccoli... =) I will absolutely continue to feed this...
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Chop Recipe - 03/06/11 05:06 PM

Chop is absolutely amazing, I couldnt believe how quickly my crew dove into it. I think they love having a bowl full of different choices all chopped up small.
Posted By: carat

Re: Chop Recipe - 03/08/11 06:32 PM

My Too is a freak, or somehow I'm doing it wrong because my Baby isn't going hog-wild over the Chop like everyone else's birds are =( I am chopping things very finely. I've offered it plain and mixed in with the Harrison's. Today I plan on hitting up the natural grocer to get some more produce and perhaps adding more variety to it will help?

Currently there's just carrots, red cabbage, apple, and broccoli. Her beans and grains are served un-chopped and separate.
Posted By: Janny

Re: Chop Recipe - 03/08/11 09:12 PM

I too keep the beans,grains,pasta and egg seperate.It is how I add some variety to it.So one day they may get some pasta in there the next maybe some egg and then the beans I add to it daily pretty much.I try to keep it somewhat different so they don't get bored of it.

To the actual chop I have red,yellow and green pepper with some hot pepper as well.Then I put celery,grated carrot,grated broccoli (stalk and florette),chopped kale,cabbage.Then I just bag it up and freeze it.There are days I add in some bean sprouts to this once it is thawed and ready to serve.

I also warm mine in the microwave for 3 minutes out of the fridge.Then I let cool a bit until it is easy to touch.It gives it a bit of a steam this way.I just mic it in a microwave safe container then individually serve and sprinkle some probiotic on there.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Chop Recipe - 03/09/11 02:26 AM

Cassie has been super picky lately, not eating her veggie mix. So tonight I made her a chop mix. She normally will not eat anything mushy. Well she gobbled up the chop mix! I put it in the food processor for just a minute or so, the consistency was of rice.
Will be trying it tomorrow too!
Posted By: Sugar Blue Eyes

Re: Chop Recipe - 03/12/11 01:05 AM

Nancy, what is the copy mix? My Bird Sugar has been on a pellet only diet and I am trying to get him to eat some fruits and vegies...he is very picky and just throws them out of his bowl. I know that he needs them as part of his diet and I want a well rounded healthy bird. I want to try anything I can. He is also not interested in what we eat as some have said that he might be curious and try these things if we eat them and make a fuss over them..but nothing seems to be working.
Posted By: Cindra

Re: Chop Recipe - 05/12/11 06:59 PM

Great chop recipe. Unlike alot of you...only one birdy to feed so its not as time consuming...however, with kids, family and running a sushi shop...I don't always have the time or the groceries on hand. This is a FABULOUS way to make sure Shadow is getting a tasty, healthy variety. Thanks!
Posted By: Anniesmom

Re: Chop Recipe - 05/12/11 09:46 PM

I chopped up all the goodies for my birds and apart from when I was making it none of them would eat it. It was the same stuff apart from adding sweet potato that I would bake into muffins, my guys just like baked goods I suppose.
Posted By: starrfeathers

Re: Chop Recipe - 05/13/11 12:05 AM

Thanks for bumping this thread. I've been trying to figure out a way to get more greens into my kids.
Posted By: Wally728

Re: Chop Recipe - 07/30/11 09:31 PM

Any way I can find this video you guys are talking about? I'm a visual learner for sure smile

This sounds excellent. Can't wait to try it.
Posted By: Jacque

Re: Chop Recipe - 07/30/11 09:36 PM

******* has the video. I am not going to add the link, because of the link to breeder sites. But you can do an internet search for the blog. I even use the chop in my birdie bread. My kids are getting more veggies than ever before!

Sorry, Jacque. I know this woman and, yes,she is linked to all kinds of breeder locations. After what you are going through this week, I have a hard time understanding you tolerating this genre of human.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Chop Recipe - 07/31/11 01:54 AM

Anyone trying to put more greens in their birds can try chopping any combination of greens and other vegetables in a food processor and cutting them very finely. "Chop" means just that!
Posted By: KelvinCluv

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/01/11 12:15 AM

Wow... Tried chopping kale, cabbage, green pepper and carrot today for the first time... Did not touch it. I will not give up and try again tomorrow - Kelvin is extreme case - he doesn't seem to like anything fresh, in any form served - he just sits there hungry, waiting for me to break down and give him his dry mix, or peanut butter on a piece of bread. Sometimes, he will go for some cooked food of my plate: rice, pasta, chicken, he loves oatmeal.
I know how important it is for him to eat fresh, that is why it is so upsetting day after day to throw away his bananas, apples, grapes, green beans, peas and everything else he does not eat frown
Also, his beak, skin, and feet look dry and flaky - is this because he lacks nutrition? We were together for 4 month and he is going through molting right now and has a lot of blood feathers growing. I give him egg ones a week, as I was told. Don't really know if he eats it. I need to figure out, and fast, how to put him on the healthy track. When I give him little pieces of food of my finger, he will roll it in his mouth but then spits it out and shakes his head - ugg that was gross!
I would feed him with an eye dropper if I absolutely have to...
Posted By: BassPlyr Randy

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/04/11 08:39 AM

Guess I was a little confussed. Initially I thought the chop recipe was the same thing as the Mixed Veggie Recipe on this site. I went out and bought the fixin's to make the Veggie Mix just as it is described; mixed veg, extra corn & peas, sweet potato, brown rice, pinto & navy beans. I was also planning on running some of the Zupreem Natural and Fruit Blend pellets I brought through the food processor and adding it to the mix. In fact, I am making it right now. I done a quick soak on the beans and am ready to cook them, got the rice cooked and ready to go. While the beeans are cooking I was planning on cooking up the veg. I was planning on combining all this together. Now I am ready that I shouldn't add the beans to the veg mix until I serve it, is that right? And I should add some greens to the mix?

I also bought the stuff to make the birdie bread or tried to. It mentions unrefined wheat flour. I couldn't find anything that said that. I bought "All Natural Traditional Whole Wheat Flour". It says stone ground from hard red wheat, never bleached, never bromated, on the package. Will this work? I was wondering how to do this as well. Do I basically act as if I was making corn bread, but just adding the rest of the stuff to the mix?

So far, previous of tonight that is, he has not eaten anything I have offered him except for his seed mix. One think I know, he loves his sunflower seeds .. hahaha Anyway, after shopping today, this evening I offered him some banana which he ate and he ate a grape, which was interesting. He riped the grape open then ate the meat and dropped the skin. hahaha I just gave him some of the banana meat. Would have been ok to give him banana in the peel?
Posted By: Liisa B

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/04/11 04:08 PM

I haven't attempted 'Chop' yet but do make 'beans/rice' mix of my own. You can add beans at time of cooking or when serving - either is fine, providded they are cooked thoroughly. If you use canned bean mix be sure to rinse VERY well to remove as much salt as possible.
Offer small amounts & remove from the cage within 1 -2 hours - fresh foods 'turn' quickly in the heat & become bacteria factories.

Do I basically act as if I was making corn bread, but just adding the rest of the stuff to the mix?

Yes... You're doing fine! smile
Posted By: Anniesmom

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/04/11 06:13 PM

My birds are stubborn, I have tried various different chop recipes but none of them would eat it. If I try baking the same stuff into birdie bread they gobble it down. I used to use jiffy but switched to whole wheat flower to mix in with the bread.
Posted By: jm47

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/04/11 06:42 PM

I suspect that our birds are on a mission from God: they are assigned to develop certain character traits in us, and one of those is the ability to out-stubborn them. Why this should be necessary, I'm not sure. However, my boys tend to like only what I'm eating at the moment. Oh, they will wander over and munch a pellet or two, and even, in a day's time, consume an entire "serving" of them, but "good food" is by definition whatever is going in MY mouth. "She keeps all the really good stuff for herself, you know" I can hear them mumble to each other.
So I keep stuff growing in pots. Fennel. Arugula. Cilantro and parsley. Basil and Garlic chives. Rosemary. Mixed baby lettuces. Alfalfa. Young date palms. (sprouted from pits of dates I use for food) Young apple and pear trees. (same deal) I don't eat ALL this stuff, but I do make certain they see me grazing as I water the plants, or picking leaves for sandwiches. Sometimes, I have a bird on my shoulder or arm, and offer him a bite of my "snack".
Neither of them is uniform in "likes and dislikes". Phred loves fennel one week, loathes it the next. Likes arugula once, and hates it a few days later. It may be because the plants taste different from one day to the next, being in a different stage of flower/seed/leaf growth. It may be any number of things. I try not to worry too much. "make Mom worry" is an entertaining game i'd just as soon they not learn to enjoy too much.
Especially in winter, they will go to the plants when they want to, and nibble on this and that for a few minutes. It's much easier on me and them if I don't try to exercise too much control over what goes in those little beaks. . .as long as it's not part of me. Good food is available, and I don't mind sharing. We will all die eventually, but this seems to me to be an easy way of not letting it have anything to do with lack of nutrition.
Posted By: BassPlyr Randy

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/05/11 04:47 AM

Well operation "Feed Simon Healthy" has offically begun.

I made the food last night as I said. Used frozen veg except for the sweet potato which was fresh. I used dried beans not canned and long grain brown rice.

I cooked everything seperately and rinsed it (well I didn't rinse the rice) and then combined it all. I also chopped up some of the ZuPreem pellets and added it to the mix. Bagged everything up in 2-3 serving per bag and froze all but one bag.

So I got up this morning and took out the pellets mixed with his old seed mix that was in there. (he didn't eat any of the pellets, just picked out the sunflower seeds as usual) I let him go an hour or so with no food then nuked about 1/2 a cup of the chop for about 20 seconds, let it cool, then served. It looked good.

A spark of hope ... He was clearly hungry and ran straight to the food, he looked at it, turned his nose (beak) up to it and went back to his favorite perch and sat there. Darn ...! Patientce, Persistence, those words flash in my mind as if I just read them yesterday (oh wait, I did just read them yesterday). I made a big deal of the food and even took a bite myself; not bad. That didn't impress Simon at all. So I left it, hoping maybe he would give it a try.

After about 1 1/2 hours of it sitting there, with repeated squawks from Simon as I interpreted as meaning, "Hey where's my food" followed by other birdy type insults and curses. I decided to try another tact, so I remove the dish and add some of the seed mix he likes and mix it in the chop so he has to dig for his beloved sunflower seeds and just maybe taste some of the chop by accident.

So I replace his dish and again, he runs right up, looks at it then turns and gives me the stink eye. He clearly was not amused, but was hungry so began picking out his beloved Sunflower seeds. About 1 1/2 hours later I pull the food from his cage and replace it with a dish of just pellets. I notice that he mostly just ate the seeds that were on top and didn't dig very much but at least I know he ate something so he won't starve to death and hopefully if he is still hungry he will give the pellets a try.

Ok, several hours have gone by and nothing more than a few rudimentary glances at the pellets and some more squawks about his displeasure. So time to give up ... sort of. I installed his new food dish at the very bootom of his cage and gave him some of his normal parrot mix in it while his normal dish has the pellets in it. He went right to the new dish and began eating.

So day one goes to Simon, but that is about what I expected. He's eaten predomiantely sunflower seeds for who knows how long so I know it's going to be a tough road, but one I'm willing to travel.
Posted By: Brandy's Zoo

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/05/11 05:17 AM

Oh I have been looking at a few of your posts and forgive me if I missed it, but have you tried any foraging with him on his changing diet? It may help.??. Prophet evidently had some foraging in his past because he took right to it and loves having a mission and 'finding' the food. Have you tried any 'hiding' stuff for him? I started with a toliet paper roll now I have been multilayering with boxes or paperbags to take him a bit longer. Prophet loves okra, I think partial because he can hold it in his claw and shred lol, so keep trying different foods eventually one will grab his interest. AS a bonus Simon sounds curious so if he sees you having a good time with the veg. then sees you making a big deal and good time with the toliet paper roll?? Maybe try it outside his cage so he doesn't relate it with his food time at first like it's YOUR playtoy and then he will want it even more smile ?? I'm not sure if that makes sense the way I typed it. Anyhow that's my 2 cents for the night.
Posted By: jm47

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/10/11 04:36 PM

When Phred was learning (at age 15) to forage, I got a little desk doodad at a yard sale. It's a plastic cube, with a couple of drawers in it for paper clips and other little stuff. I washed it obsessively for a while, then began putting in pellets and oats. He quickly learned to open the drawers and "find stuff". Then I sat and strung bias-cut silk through unfinished wooden beads, with oats, sunflower seeds, and little pieces of cashew folded into the silk. He watched with great interest, and asked "What? What?" repeatedly. I told him, each time, that it was toys with stuff inside for him to find. Not sure if the words made much impression, but he loves seeing me start to fold stuff into strips of bias now: "Find stuff. Find stuff, want find stuff."
After this week's trip to the Farmers' Market, I'll be putting his pellets in "find stuff" toys, and his chopped veggies in the sittle desk "dresser". We'll see what happens. . .
Posted By: jm47

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/17/11 07:04 PM

WOW! I didn't have to go to the Farmers' Market, just out to the deck. Made this from the leaves and salad plants my guys will occasionally nibble, and the mixture is a HIT! The first couple of times I served it, they each rummaged through the dishes loooking for the 3 or 4 sunflower seeds they had watched me put in, but got some veggies in the mouths as well. Now they each consume about a teaspoonful daily. Doesn't sound like much, but it's just amazing how much their pellet intake has decreased: almost 30%! Those leaves and flowers and veggies must contain stuff they crave a LOT! Wonder what will happen if I add a pepper to the next batch?
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Re: Chop Recipe - 09/16/11 07:49 PM

I am curious if anyone else has had this problem. I made a pretty large batch of "chop" and it seemed moist but not wet. I also added the pasta dry as I saw here in a post. But when I'm thawing it it's coming out wet. Any suggestions for my next batch? Do you drain some things? Am I the only one with this problem? I actually crumbled my bird bread which Bj loves into the chop to soak up the moisture. Since he loves that bread he is digging into the chop too. Maybe I had a " happy accident" lol.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 09/16/11 08:57 PM

I always add some pellets to the mix and that keeps it moist but not wet. Definitely drained everything well, too.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 09/17/11 03:32 AM

Great tip. Thanks. I will try that next time.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 09/20/11 09:45 PM

An amazing thing has happened: Bill (tiel) and Phred (sun conure) turned up their beaks at CORN ON THE COB, and prefer the green chop! The did eventually gnaw some kernels off the slices of corncob, but on the whole, they seem to like the mix better!
Mine is a bit different: earlier this year ,I washed alfalfa seeds I was sprouting, and some of them got in the water when I drained it off. I used that water on the plants, and now there are alfalfa plants in some of the pots, so we have "hay". (I left the alfalfa plants because they fix enough nitrogen in the soil to feed the other plants, and also improve the moisture absorbing qualities of the soil.)I included leaves from the alfalfa, along with leaf lettuces, basil, rosemary, a few dracena and date palm leaves (cut up coarsely, and added after the food-processor thing) garlic chives, and fennel. Bill needs more frequent baths now, since his idea of a fashion statement is wearing his food, but it's worth it. (Or maybe he's trying to be one of those "green parrots"?) Gotta wash the wall frequently, as well. More veggies get into the birds this way, which can't harm them. Love it!
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Re: Chop Recipe - 11/11/11 05:46 PM

ok i have a question . i bought a bunch of the stuff for the chop recipe and i am going to start mixing it up today but i am not sure about how much of the peppers to put in. i dont want it to b too hot. i got a jalepeno and some habenero and serrano and bell peppers. i dont know anything about peppers as i dont eat anything hot. any ideas about how much to use? i also got squash and kale and rice and pasta and lots of fruit and broccoli. enough for quite a while. so just not sure how much hot peppers to put in. thanks
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Re: Chop Recipe - 11/11/11 06:08 PM

Birds can eat jalapenos straight, so I dont think you have to worry. Their taste buds are not as sensitive as ours. Be careful when handling them though, I once had a reaction when cutting them and my hands burned all day long. I thought I was going to have to go to emergency the pain was so horrible. I now wear gloves if I am cutting more than just one or two. And make sure you dont touch your face at all lol.
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ok good to know thanks. im going to get started!!! yippy
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ok i have one more question. are lima beans ok for 'toos? my hubby doesnt think so but i have not found anything that says she cant have them. thanks
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Re: Chop Recipe - 11/11/11 08:59 PM

Pretty much any beans are ok. Mine aren't really fond of limas, but the love kidney beans. Another bean they like are the fava beans.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 11/11/11 09:18 PM

Originally Posted By: cocoluvbug
ok i have one more question. are lima beans ok for 'toos? my hubby doesnt think so but i have not found anything that says she cant have them. thanks

Just make sure that all beans are cooked smile
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Re: Chop Recipe - 11/21/11 04:57 AM

Every time I make this, it's different, of course, and the boys seem to enjoy the variety. They are each eating about a teaspoonful daily, still, plus gnawing on the plants in the "jungle". Pellet consumption is down even more, to about half what it was before the "Chopping" started. They seem a bit more energetic, but less noisy. Perhaps that is partly due to getting more exercise when they are in the "jungle" for an hour or two at a time.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 12/22/11 05:12 PM

Oh my god, this is a godsend! I don't have a food processor, so I manually fine dice/chop the ingredients and boil them in a bit of water. It took a few tries, but Springer finally ate something fresh! I decided to start slow with only a few ingredients: bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, rice, melons, apple, and watermelon. It was only a few nibbles, but I was over the moon.

I even took the water, chilled it, and put it in her water dish so she gets, um, 'essence of veggies'? So even if she's not eating much of the vegetables, she's still drinking the vegetable water.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 12/22/11 09:56 PM

Gonna try this for my babies- great idea
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Re: Chop Recipe - 12/23/11 07:44 AM

Concocted a "Christmas Dinner" special variation on this: dumped the crumbs and dust from a bag of pellets into the food processor, added a handful of almonds, and ran it until it was pretty fine, then dumped into another bowl, where I added a cup of whole-grain flour, half a cup of cornmeal, and half a cup of whole amaranth.
Replaced the food processor container on the machine, and chopped up about a cup of broccoli with a cup of fresh cranberries, two eggs-with-shells, half a can of (rinsed to remove salt) beet slices, and a couple of tablespoons of molasses. Put the wet stuff over the dry stuff, and baked it briefly at 350F then allowed it to cool in the oven. I stirred is a couple of times during the baking, and removed it when it was "chewy" rather than "hard". Looks something like granola, with red-and-green inclusions.

It's sort of halfway between bird-bread and Chop, and I serve it with a "side" of cooked sweet potato, and it is enthusiastically devoured.
The amaranth is very tiny, but each grain, like popcorn, sort of explodes when exposed to heat, so there's no need for leavening.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 01/06/12 12:38 AM

So...this may seem like a stupid question...but Im new! How often? I got the part about removing the 1-2 hours after to avoid the yuks. My new U2 seems to try everything so Im anxious to start her on the chop. Should she also have something else in another bowl? Her past owner had her on a mix of "whatever" and she really only want the sunflower seeds. Im trying to get her used to pellets. Any help would be great!

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Re: Chop Recipe - 01/06/12 01:06 AM


Essence of Veggie - what a great idea! I love that and will try it!! laugh
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Re: Chop Recipe - 02/16/13 04:39 PM

This sounds like something similar I used to make for my sugar gliders only with more fruit. They loved it.

I only have one U2. How much is the portion size? Do you freeze in 1/2 cup size I'm guessing. Served warm or cold daily? I am anxious to try. She can be so picky at times. Hummus I have never tried to see if she likes it. Do you just buy the plain in the store like Whole Foods or do you make it (and how).
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Re: Chop Recipe - 07/28/13 06:38 PM

The above link is a good site to visit, as well as

I has never really heard of "chop" before, but now cannot wait to give it a try. Isabelle, my U2, has to be the fussiest eater in the world. I really hope that this works smile (if not, maybe she can be shamed into eating it by the 'tiles and budgies that I also have!)
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Re: Chop Recipe - 07/29/13 12:11 AM

Ruby welcome to Mytoos. I removed the links, we have a standard rule that we try to abide by and that is that we don't link to any business. Chop recipes are great. There are a ton of folks out there offering them for free. Check out chop recipes on Facebook also in some of the parrot diet pages.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 08/02/13 11:09 AM

Can I feed my birds with chop recipes with bean and seed sprouts plus some proteins like hard boiled eggs with shell or some cooked lean meat but without pallets? Is alright to do that?
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Re: Chop Recipe - 08/02/13 12:55 PM

I would leave out the meat and eggs. Give eggs separately.
Posted By: AnneL

Re: Chop Recipe - 08/02/13 03:14 PM

oh yes, definitely.

I been reading a number of post, I have to say to the Cockatoo parents here: You guys/girls are such a fantastic Cockatoo owners. You have all my respects (deep from my heart)!!!!!

It's kind of off from the topic....sorry. I just got to tell everyone of you, I admire your commitment to your pets!! I hope I will be a good mama to my parrots in the future.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 08/16/13 12:04 AM

An update on my efforts at "Chop." We (my husband and I) spent a WHOLE day shopping for the best organic produce (grains and veggies), chopping, cooking, mixing and then freezing. We were not looking for a miracle food, only one which would allow a bigger variety of fresh foods in Isabelle (our U2's) diet. Well, she takes a bite, pushes most of it out of her beak with her tongue, and then picks at a few bits of the chop before pushing the dish away. She is SUCH a fussy eater! I won't give up, though. My cockatiels are so good, they eat the chop as soon as we put it in, but they are not shaming her into eating what is good for her wink

We do feed Isabelle other forms of fresh foods, but find that the only way she will eat this is to be hand-fed. We adopted her from a rescue, and I find that most of my day is spent trying to feed the 'too! Any suggestions would be gratefully received crazy
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Re: Chop Recipe - 08/16/13 01:30 AM

One thing I've found is that if there is too much of a variety they seem reluctant to try the new items. Sometimes I'll add a new item to their evening dish.

Just remember want is loved today is hated tomorrow. What hated today is their favorite tomorrow.

Just keep adding.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 08/17/13 04:07 AM

Originally Posted By: Elliott

Just remember want is loved today is hated tomorrow. What hated today is their favorite tomorrow.

Just keep adding.

Ain't it the truth!
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Re: Chop Recipe - 09/03/13 11:46 PM

Hello all,

Thanks so much for your help with this smile I have now had to do a little chop in the morning, and then feed a variety of stuff throughout the day. I was not looking for an easy out, but was just worried that Isabelle wasn't getting enough fresh food (she is really fussy, and sometimes I end up hand-feeding her so that she will eat. Maybe I'm wrong about how much a bird her size should eat, but my cockatiels seem to eat more than her!) After looking at other posts, I see that fussy eater and 'too's go together. I will keep out, Isabelle smile
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Re: Chop Recipe - 07/12/15 05:18 PM

Is it ok to add steel cut oats, raisins and dried cranberries to the mixture??
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Chop Recipe - 07/12/15 10:22 PM

Steel cut oats or any oat is fine. Dried fruit is alright in moderation. They contain large amounts of sugar. Some are better than others. I think cranberries are pretty good. You can Google "dried fruit nutritional data". It is surprising how much sugar is in some of them.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 07/17/15 01:22 AM

Also watch the sulphites used to preserve the dried fruit. I only use dried fruit that is sulphite free, plus it tastes so much better:) They can cause sensitivities in some people and probably animals as well. Anyone with respiratory issues should avoid them as well. Sulphite free fruit is found at health food stores. Without the sulphites fruit such as apricots are brown when dried instead of orange.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 12/28/16 09:44 PM

Is this all raw... or cooked?
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Re: Chop Recipe - 12/29/16 03:36 AM

Originally Posted By Ragnars mom
Is this all raw... or cooked?

Depends on what ingredients you are using and which way your bird prefers them.
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Re: Chop Recipe - 08/31/18 10:19 PM

I'm new here, and have tried peas, corn, broccoli, strawberries, apples, grapes, carrots, peaches, green beans. He eats the peanuts... Will have to subtract them from his menu & try the chop. 😄
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Re: Chop Recipe - 09/01/18 12:52 AM

Welcome Rocky's mama please start your own thread so people will respond. This thread is two years old. Thanks!
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