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Posted By: Bogie's Buddy

Higgins Food - 01/24/09 04:09 AM

I would be interested in getting any opinions about Higgins Food items. I'm always looking for good variety for my picky eater.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Higgins Food - 01/24/09 11:07 PM

I don't use their products, they have a whole collection of bird foods and seed mixes on many avian store sites. I am not saying their products are inferior but if you do a Google search for "higgins bird food", the first page is just stores selling their products which leads me to believe that they do not have a website which I find strange. I like to use products that I can easily research. Others may have first hand experience.
Posted By: bambu101

Re: Higgins Food - 01/25/09 02:40 PM

I have used their Safflower Gold seed mix for my small parrots, and it is a very good quality mix. Some of the larger mixes have more dried veggies and fruits and nuts.

There is a website under "" (Higgins Group Corp). I did not post a link to it, as there is a section for breeding and ornamental cages.
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: Higgins Food - 01/25/09 05:55 PM

I currently use Higgins premium seed/fruit/nut mixes from the Mayan Harvest line and have been very pleased with their freshness and quality. My Isabella U2 is VERY picky, but she does seem to enjoy this product. She especially likes the Tikal and Celestial mixes.

Posted By: Charlie

Re: Higgins Food - 01/25/09 08:26 PM

Thank you, Bambu, for posting the website. I knew they probably had one, just didn't look hard enough! cool
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