Posted By: rockinseattle

Almonds - 09/04/07 08:50 PM

U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that virtually all almonds would have to be pasteurized as of September 1.

One method of pasteurization is the use of propylene oxide.

Just thought I would share this information.
Posted By: gn18

Re: Almonds - 09/04/07 10:15 PM

Now I have to avoid almonds from USA Thanks:(
Posted By: umbietoo

Re: Almonds - 09/04/07 11:53 PM

eek! thank you for this info!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Almonds - 09/05/07 01:59 AM

I wonder if they will still sell almonds in the shell? Cassie will be devastated! Nancy
Posted By: Birdiemommy

Re: Almonds - 09/05/07 02:24 AM

There's an interesting article about that here:

I usually buy all of our nuts raw. I wonder how big a problem there really is? Will raw spinach be next? Will we have to buy it cooked?
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Almonds - 09/05/07 02:35 AM

It will be interesting to see what happens. Nancy
Posted By: rockinseattle

Re: Almonds - 09/05/07 02:56 AM

The way I understand it, is that the shelled almonds are the almonds that have to go through this process.

I'm not sure exactly how scared we should be about the new procedures with raw shelled almonds. It sounds kinda scary to me.

What do you all think?

Do you think we need to start buying nutcrackers and shelling the almonds ourselves.. I have smaller birds that have a hard time opening the unshelled almonds. I really do like almonds for me and the birds because it has calcium and is low in fat.
Posted By: Cassie's_girl

Re: Almonds - 09/05/07 03:31 AM

I'm also curious if almonds grown in other states will follow suit? CA can't be the ONLY place they're grown, can it? And if they're labeled raw, how do we know? Will they be labeled pastuerized? Personally, I'd rather take my chances with the Salmonella, rather than have one more food for my birds or my family processed. Thanks for bringing this to my attention RockinSeattle, and thank you Birdiemommy for the link, I loved that entire site!
Posted By: Heide1

Re: Almonds - 09/05/07 08:49 PM

I just emailed my "supplier" ( in New Jersey to see what they know about it. I will forward their reply to you all.

Posted By: rockinseattle

Re: Almonds - 09/05/07 09:03 PM

Hey!! thats funny. I order my nuts there also:)
Posted By: spinnyspoo

Re: Almonds - 09/06/07 09:52 AM

from the almond board it says that they will be pasteurized one of two ways...

"...these include fumigation with propylene oxide (PPO), blanching and oil roasting."

Propylene oxide? yummm
Posted By: Heide1

Re: Almonds - 09/06/07 02:47 PM

Rockin-S. .I LOVE NutsOnLine. ..they're reasonably priced. . .dependable and have a good product. I would recommend them (and have) highly!
Here's what they said about the pasteurized almond question:

"Hi Heide,

No need to worry. The almonds in the shell are not going to pasteurized.
The ones out of the shell are just steamed with heat to pasteurize them so
no chemicals or anything is added making them safe for humans and birds.

Have a great day!

Posted By: spinnyspoo

Re: Almonds - 09/07/07 09:51 AM

good to know.
Posted By: Bird Mom

Re: Almonds - 09/08/07 05:20 AM

I eat more almonds than my birds! I never thought it would come to this frown There are so many food products out there that are good for you today & bad for you tomorrow,
Posted By: Michelle8822

Re: Almonds - 09/08/07 03:14 PM

I am glad to hear that because I order from nutsonline also and was actually getting ready to order another box today. Thanks for posting their reply.
Posted By: CreativeSpirit

Re: Almonds - 09/08/07 08:09 PM

This is very upsetting. Shelled almonds are Lacy's (and my) very #1 favorite food. I get them at Trader Joe's or Henry's bulk. I can't believe we won't be able to tell the difference.

I wonder why I haven't seen this on the news.

Will there be black market "real" raw almonds?

Posted By: Marnin Berke

Re: Almonds - 03/03/12 10:33 PM

I just got a bag of pasteurized shelled almonds for my one cockatoo. He loves to take them out of the shell, is it okay for them? I know that its s steamed process but I just can't make any sense out of it.

Posted By: Ellen W.

Re: Almonds - 03/04/12 04:07 PM

Absolutely... if you are buying shelled almonds you may wish to try unshelled. Unshelled nuts are like toys... keeps them busy!
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