Found a U2 in Malibu

Posted By: Shep

Found a U2 in Malibu - 10/04/15 05:12 PM

Found a U2 in Malibu, CA about nine months ago. Have been searching for owner ever since, no luck.
Male, about 5 years old, slight malocclusion of lower beak that needs repeated attention or it grows into a "tusk."
I have never kept a bird of ANY kind before, and Joe (I found him the day Joe Cocker died so I named him Joe Cocker 'Too) is well cared for in spite of this. I have taken him for regular grooming and feed him a healthy diet of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, with occasional hard cheese as a treat and scrambled eggs. He loves pasta. Gets along well with other animals (he has a wild squirrel friend and a pit bull friend). I borrowed a large (6' x 2' x 2') iron bird cage that he sleeps in but he loves to be outside and roam free.
Looking for EXPERIENCED U2 person to give him the life he deserves - preferably with other 'toos and a large aviary.
I rescued this beautiful, healthy bird from being stranded in a canyon, and have been learning to care for this magnificent creature along the way, but I'm not cut out for it. He needs more than I can give.
If you have a 'too colony, or a rescue, or are a zoo please contact me via this site and we can discuss logistics.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Found a U2 in Malibu - 10/05/15 02:37 AM

Welcome and thank you for trying to help this fellow. One of our rules is that we do not assist with the selling of any bird. We will how ever assist if a member in good standing of a year or more wishes to contact you. Keep in mind there is to be no money involvement. Best case would be if the owner sees the information here and they can be reunited!!
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