Parrot Confidential

Posted By: Charlie

Parrot Confidential - 11/15/13 07:19 PM

I hope this streaming link will work on here. Every member of Mytoos owes it to themselves and their flocks to watch and try to get this word out everyday when people talk about having a parrot or cockatoo like you do. This is the truth as much as we might want to deny it, and it is only going to get worse.

Parrot Confidential - PBS
Posted By: AJMontyBird

Re: Parrot Confidential - 11/15/13 08:44 PM

Unfortunately, it's "not available in my region." Guess what I'm ordering? smile
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Parrot Confidential - 11/15/13 08:52 PM

It's definitely worth it!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Parrot Confidential - 11/16/13 04:32 AM

Charlie thank you. I wasn't able to watch it the other night. It's a very powerful documentary. I hope they do sequels to it to show more of the rescues so that people can see just how bad the situation in the US has become for all of these birds.
Posted By: Dmr1414

Re: Parrot Confidential - 11/17/13 05:29 PM

Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed watching it. Unbelievable what is happening in the world with parrots. If I had to do it all over again, knowing what I've learned over the years, I definitely would not. Anyone who sees Sebastian and wants one, I make sure to discourage them. I did the same thing when I had sugar gliders (another animal that should not be a pet). Kept mine until they were 10 & 13 years old and passed away. Both had lived good lives, but I would never have them again and I still discourage anyone from getting them.

I think at the time, even when I got Sebastian, you're in such awe of these beautiful creatures that even with some of the things we read and some of the horror stories, all you imagine is that yours is "going to be different." Boy that couldn't be further from the truth!

I could really relate to the two women in the film, the one taking her bird to board for a few days so she could have some peace, and the other that did not take vacations. I had my first vacation in many years just last month.

Sorry I am rambling. Thanks again for sharing.
Posted By: bellesmom

Re: Parrot Confidential - 11/24/13 06:25 AM

Excellent! Thanks for sharing the link.
Posted By: Nemo22

Re: Parrot Confidential - 11/26/13 12:17 AM

I have watched this twice so far,and can only say that this excellent film should be absolutely required viewing for anyone considering keeping a bird of any kind.
Kudos to the writers and cinematographers for the first rate production.
I learned much more than I expected ,being a ten year keeper of a U2,especially the dire straits of the native parrot populations,and,for me the most moving,the programs that are returning captive MaCaws to the wild,and the amazing 'half way aviary' for Cockatoos.

As we here already know,the message was crystal clear.The Amazon 'Basil's keepers summed it up pretty well,and I believe it occurs to us all the time.

Having to do it over,they should never be kept.
Not because we do not love them,
but because we do.

John and Nadia
Posted By: RB2sMom

Re: Parrot Confidential - 01/03/14 03:28 PM

Amazing program. I just hope the people that need to see it, did see it. We have a similar problems with reptiles....reptiles that live a long time and outlive their owners or their owners get tired of them, etc. Many reptiles are not suitable at all for captivity, especially by the uneducated public. We try to get that point across at educational events that we participate in.

We try to give people alternatives....if you like birds and reptiles, then work or volunteer at a sanctuary and enjoy them in that way or volunteer for studies going on in the wild to do surveys and clean up habitats, build nesting boxes for wild birds, etc.
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