Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP

Posted By: DucorpsGem16

Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/24/12 10:16 PM

While I was away, my parents took our Fully Flighted Parakeet outside. (They never listen to me when I them what they are doing is not in the best interest of the bird!!)

He flew into the trees and we haven't seen him since, we rolled his cage to the edge of the pavement hoping he'll come back to sleep for the night. This happened at around 5-6 P.M.February 23rd.

I'm devastated. Is there any advice from anyone on how to find him/get him back? I'm going biking soon to look around the neighborhood for him.

Please, skip the part about telling me how stupid it was doing that. I know that already, but it wasn't me who did it in. In fact, if I were there at the time, things would have been completely different.

Please, any advice?

ETA: I walked around the neighborhood and nothing.
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Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 01:25 AM

Keep the cage outside and open. Do you have other parakeets? If you do you may want to bring them outside in their cage so that the lost one can hear them. Also check Parrot 911 and put a post on it , call the local shelter, make flyers with his picture and drop it off to all the vet offices within at least a five mile circumference. Post flyers on telephone poles all over the town. Put an add on Craigs list in both the lost and found section and the pet section.
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Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 01:40 AM

The cage is outside already. Im looking for him out the window to see if he may come back to his cage to roost for the night. Fresh new food, if I see anything like shells I know he is coming back. I wouldn't care in the least about him living outside as long as he could take care of himself and he wouldn't be in any danger, but of course, that isn't the case here.

I dropped fliers off at the guard house, waiting to find out if it's allowed to post them around the neighborhood (advirtising isn't allowed really)

Gem (D2) is in her outdoor cage, which I'm not sure will help very much...

Thanks for the advice. I don't really have a local shelter, but I'll call the dog & cat shelters to see if any birds were dropped off. For all I know he could be hiding in the trees (I Hope)
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 02:12 AM

For the stuff outside, put everything on a white sheet or some light colored, familiar spread. Scatter all his favorite treats, food, water bowl, etc. so that he can see them easily.
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Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 02:41 AM

I will as soon as I wake up. smile

Thanks for all the advice. I'm devastated about all of this.. frown
Posted By: Lucy's Mom

Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 03:55 AM

So So sorry...this is just awful and I can just imagine how I would feel and I would be a basket case....OMG!!
Wish I could help.
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Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 04:16 AM

When my bird was lost outside, we found her because she made one soft sound in response to another of our birds. Are there any whistles that he knows? Make those sounds and then listen. He may have gone farther than you think, so paper vet clinics an hour or more away.

Birds tend to be noisiest dawn/dusk, so make sure that you're out there during those times. Before the sun comes up and as it's going down.

Good luck!
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Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 05:32 AM

Posted By: DucorpsGem16

Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 03:06 PM

He likes whistles, we always whistle to him, and also baths, so I'm thinking, turn on the hose gently and whistle? He was in a tree in our backyard the other day, we heard him/were whistling to him, but he went somewhere else to roost for the night... Haven't heard him since... If only he knew how to do "too screams", this would be a piece of cake.

I'm hoping that if we can't find him, he's found a flock and made himself part of the wild budgie population...
Posted By: DucorpsGem16

Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 09:33 PM

It looks like it is going to rain here.

Might he come back home to maybe avoid the rain, or will that just scare him farther away?

Posted By: Birdfriend

Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 09:46 PM

Record the sounds of your other birds, or any parakeet chatter, etc. and play it really loud. Hopefully he is flighted enough to come to the sounds. Stop it and listen for his response calls every now and then. Good luck.
Posted By: DucorpsGem16

Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/25/12 10:41 PM

He's an excellent flyer, but he hasn't responded to anything relating to sounds so I don't think that will work.

What I need to know is how the rain might affect his position related to my house.... It is almost certain that rain is coming so I really need to know what is going to happen.

Charlie: I took out a mirror and put it on his ladder monkey bars/play gyms. Laid out his food bowls and water bowls, took out millet and nutriberries. Also left one of his mini ladders out. I put it on a green light colored towel so I wouldn't startle him, I hope he comes back.

ETA: Is there any chance that he will be able to survive in the wild given that many birds live in flocks that used to be pets? I've seen budgies, but mostly amazons and conures and macaws. I'm sure they are there, but they aren't as noisy and visible... Is there any chance at all? I would like to let him live free if there is, but the thought of someone else finding him and giving him a bad home just makes me want to find him more...
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Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 02/26/12 07:31 AM

I've had that happen a few times. I had the luxury of being able to find and follow the bird by ear and/or eye in all but one case. That one bird never returned, but all the others have. If I had known then (1957) what I know now, we might have been able to bring him home, too, but we didn't. Hope to meet him in Heaven, though!
Each time one of our birds has flown out, I followed, trying to keep them in sight or within earshot. You can't do that if you weren't there when he flew, but if you have heard him, seeing him isn't really necessary. First of all, I always try to adopt the mindset that this bird is really God's property, since He designed and built it, and He has been generous enough to loan me His artwork. I acknowledge that, and ask that, if I am still the caregiver of His choice, the bird will return. Then, like an Image of the God I know and love, I keep following and calling. Sometimes it takes very little time. The most harrowing incident took 6 or 7 hours.
I have a lot of confidence in the intelligence and survival wisdom of these birds. The fact that mixed-species flocks form in places where there are a lot of "escapees" convinces me that they know far more than we give them credit for. On my 6-hour "chase" of our cockatiel, I was, part of the time, lugging a cage with the other bird, a conure, around, along with Bill's sleep cage, as he flew from tree to tree, calling to me cheerfully all the while. At one point, a hawk cruised overhead. Both our birds, and presumably all the other birds in the area, suddenly became statues; they held very still, hardly breathing, and just seemed to fade into the shadows. When the hawk was out of my sight, they remained very still and silent for several minutes, apparently still able to see him. Then the songbirds were vocalizing, and Bill was whistling at me, and Phred was grumbling, just (almost) as if nothing had happened.
The more birds of any kind you have around, especially if some of them are escaped cage-birds, the better this little guy's chances of living are. Check out Mark Bittner's book about The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. There was a budgie in a flock of conures (2 or 3 kinds of conures, but predominnantly cherry-heads) a couple of times. They tolerated them, but didn't really socialize with them much. Your climate there is probably closer to the budgie's ancestral lands than San Francisco. There is another bird, a cockatoo, who apparently lived with a flock of crows for several years; local residents called him "Larry". I don't remember where that was.

I'm praying that you will either find the little guy, or be able to trust that God loves his birds far more than we do, and knows how to take care of them when we can't. Hugs.
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Re: Lost Parakeet - NEED HELP - 03/11/12 06:13 AM

Did the parakeet come back yet?
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