Parrot Festival - Houston, Texas

Posted By: SnowyTheU2

Parrot Festival - Houston, Texas - 01/15/12 03:04 PM

Just a reminder if you are in the area this is a worthwhile event to attend and/or to shop for the latest bird stuff. It starts this week on Jan 20 and ends Jan 22.
Posted By: jm47

Re: Parrot Festival - Houston, Texas - 01/18/12 06:53 AM

Remember, if it is like a "bird fair" you will need to be certain to shave, shower, shampoo, and change clothes when you come home, before interacting with your own birds.
Posted By: SnowyTheU2

Re: Parrot Festival - Houston, Texas - 01/18/12 01:29 PM

This isnít a bird fair itís a conference. No birds are sold or permitted. There are vendors and some of them sell birds, but not there.

Years ago when I first went to get some bird toys I brought along Snowy so that he could assist in his toy selection. Had to leave him at the registration desk while I did my shopping. He was one popular too with the attendants.
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