M2 Bone Crushing Bite

Posted By: EchosMom

M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/03/08 01:02 AM

THIS is what happened when I interrupted my M2 from nest building. (This happened summer, 2007)

The bite caused a hairline fracture and a small fragment of bone chipped off my thumb, just below the knuckle closest to my hand. When she clamped down, not only did I feel it, but I heard the bone crack.
Posted By: Scarletts mom

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/03/08 01:12 AM

OOOHHH I am glad I have an RB2 now! LOL! I hope they gave you lots of painkillers and you heal Godspeed! And to think my husband gets mad at a little bloody bite! OOOOHHHH!
Posted By: Cha Cha's Pop

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/03/08 04:50 PM

And I thought a few stiches were bad!
Posted By: charlieandme

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/03/08 05:35 PM

Hey I have an M2! Oh goodness I hope I get lucky for about 50 years...
Posted By: Elliott

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/03/08 06:00 PM

Even though I have an M2, the one and only bite I've got was when I was working with Tut and I was trying to get him to step up to my knee. He slipped and bit on a little bit. Left a red mark only. NOW the U2, that's a WHOLE 'nother story. Kyu has laid me open several times.
Posted By: Crazybirdlady

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/04/08 04:26 AM

I've seen several folks at my vet clinic with fresh bandanges and lots of questions about "what now?"
Posted By: RB2sMom

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/23/08 12:35 AM

Scarlett's Mom, I have two RB2s and even though they are smaller, they can inflict quite a bite. Most of our bites have come from displacement behaviors and hormonal issues. We try the best we can to read their body language. Even though Harry's bite bled for almost an hour, I think it hurt me emotionally more cause I dearly love this little guy. As a biologist I have been bitten by a number of animals, but I think it hurts more when it is one of your own that you really care about.
Posted By: Scarletts mom

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/23/08 03:58 PM

RB2smom, I fully respect that like beak they have!! As a matter of fact the little s@#t got me good last night. I have my inlaws here and it was her bedtime @ 8 and she started saying byebye. I looked at the clock and relized it was time for bed. So the husband brought out her sleep cage and she went in and turned around and bit the tip of my finger so hard it was numb for about half hour. That is the first time in 2 years she has ever gotten me that hard. She is beaky with me but never HARD. I just thought about the situation and why and came up with 1-2 new people in the room 2-I usually take her in the bedroom myself and we give bedtime kisses 3-my husband was holding the cage. I should have not changed her routine and she let me know! I was cooking in the kitchen and didn't think about the change until after my finger was numb! Another lesson learned the hard way. I also agree it hurts more when you love them so much! My fault all the way!
Posted By: RB2sMom

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/28/08 05:05 PM

Yep, we just keep learning with them, don't we. The information on the Applied Behavior Analysis forums is helpful. My husband's PHD minor was animal behavior and I had graduate courses in that field as well. And know what, we are still learning from Professor Harry and Professor Hannah our RB2s; just wonder what kind of grade they will give us grin
Posted By: Bonnie11

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 08/24/09 05:55 PM

OMG what a terrible bite you got, I know that hurt for awhile.I guess I got lucky I only ever took one severe bite from my U2 I have a scar but no broken bones.
Posted By: RiaCoul

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/01/09 06:42 PM

Holy cow! I've had my T2 for one week and have 4 bites on my hands, but all due to my impatience in wanting to do more with him. Bos was so relaxed with us so soon that I was assuming it was all good, but it takes time for them to settle in and for us to know what their boundaries are. So sorry about your bite... I'm quite sure that hurt.
Posted By: Sigstheman

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/11/09 02:09 AM

Maria,well, you are on the right track! These guys are definately not the type to wait for YOU-YOU wait for them to do whatever it is! Hope those bites weren't "too" bad! Time is the key!! LOL
Posted By: Rosalina

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 11/21/09 11:08 PM

The U2 I had before this one was a few years olfer and had been many places. He bit with intent to do bodily harm, lol, but not very often. I have always been around animals, and the mean to make you hurt bitr if the U2 is by far one of the most painful, and the pain is there for at least 1 to 2 hours, when severe. More painful than any other bite I have ever had. Just yesterday I found something to compare it to. I have neuropathy in my left leg and foot due to a back problem. Sometime between the time I first woke and the time I finally got up I somehow got a scratch, not even any blood as I could see, and that little scratch on that foot hurt as much and as long as the bird bite did. I use an ointment for animals called Phillips Corona ointment, that takes the pain out of things, even punctures in less than a half hour. It doesn't even touch the pain of the severe bite or that little scratch for at least 1 to 2 hours. The U2 I have now has perfected the painful pinch when he doesn't get what he wants when he wants, or if I goof and leave him not confined while I clean his cage. Rosalina
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Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 02/03/13 07:53 AM

My U2 bit me in the nose last month. She was playing with the zipper on my fuzzy robe, you know how they do. Then held it with her foot really interested in it. Oh no saw her kinda clutching at it... Blamo like a snake she stuck lol. I guess she didn't like my beak close to her new thing. Put a hole right through my nose!! I calmly placed her on the floor walked out shut the door. Called my husband in the emergency voice as I passed the steps. Went into our room closed the door THEN said my *$@#ing nose!!! Oh the pain!!! My 15 yo said cool just put a nose ring in it. Well I forgave my little U2 it was my fault for not seeing the warning signs.
Posted By: Luvbirds

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 04/04/13 05:37 PM

This is what happens when an M2 uses your mouth for balance. Was handling a large male when he got spooked and lost his balance on my sweatshirted arm. He leaned in to right himself and got my lip and sliced threw top and bottom. Good as new with 10 stitches.
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Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 04/04/13 05:55 PM

Unless you set your facebook page to public only your friends are able to see the picture.
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Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 04/05/13 05:57 AM

Oh sorry I will have to update that.
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Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 04/05/13 06:00 AM

TMLP...updated privacy settings on pic
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Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 04/05/13 07:32 AM

Oh my goodness! I would have been in the same boat many a time if Monty didn't use my glasses for balancing purposes instead of my skin! shocked
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Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 03/20/14 07:02 PM

God, my M2 & U2 are so sweet, I couldn't imagine them biting me like that ever, but then I remind my self that they are wild birds at heart & when spooked will use the only real defense that they have.
Posted By: Grant Reason

Re: M2 Bone Crushing Bite - 01/17/15 05:34 AM

My mother used to say "Women have very little patience and men have none." which only taught me that such generalizations will get you in trouble. So I set out to disprove her hypothesis.On Craigslist I rescued two gorgeous LSC2 ?.Lesser Sulphur-Crested cockatoos. Both males, they have learned to love each other as well as me. I live in San Diego county, it's 75 today so we get to go "Walkies" almost daily. The I'm the birdman in my neighborhood. But as kevinmc2013 points out, you can NEVER forget they are wild animals with the same fight or flight instincts that you and I have. It has come to my attention that the bigger the bird the badder the bite. (I know, not always) but getting bit thru both your lips would be the definition of Horrific. (see above, Lovebirds)
I am very hands on with my boys, they enjoy a full body massage everyday and as a result I'm bitten very rarely but when it does happen they are what I characterize as "Band-Aid bites" No stitches. Just wash, disinfect, bandage. Gently reprimand and get right back to having fun with them. We laff a lot together and they CAN learn what "NO" means. I have always been very close to my animal friends. They're some of my fondest memories but I had never known how dear these most beautiful creatures could become to me. Forget the bites if you can, but remembering they're
extreme sensitivity, never lose the love of your avian friends.
Most days they are the wind beneath MY wings.
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