our too coco

Posted By: LoriAnn

our too coco - 02/03/09 01:12 AM

as im setting here today writing this to you all out there im wondering how something like losing your bird can feel like your heart is being tore from your chest,i will warn you now with tears rolling down my face i cant see to type so alot of missed spelled words and mess ups coming your way im sure, but here is the story of our wonderful too Coco, when i was 14 my father wanted a big bird, so finding coco in the paper, off we went to buy her of course NOT knowing anything about big brids, isnt that how most start out? my father read books, to learn how to handle this new family member, when in the end she would teach us, my sister and i are having a hard time losing her, its like we have lost our lil sister you know the one you drag along that gets into trouble just as much as you do , and that was our Coco, my parents would leave and my sister and i would make a beline to the cage and stero, up the music would go and out Coco would come with us , she loved music, she would yell so LOUD that everyone and i mean everyone in the neighborhood heard her, but we were having a good time, we would sit on the carpet and down to the floor coco would come to join us yes drinking diet pepsi from the glass bottle , and she would eat whatever we would eat , she liked pizza along with us , i know your all thinking PIZZA, but again she was one of us, as the years passed with Coco, she would try and beat my sister up well of course my sister would scream coco would show my sister that COCO was in charge of things, not anyone else in the house oh you thought you had a smaller thing than yourself under control but in the end it was Coco that the show, as we got older she would get out and to the floor we would lay, and up our shirt she would go, to lay next to us, ball she loved playin ball, i could go on and on about her , but the bottom line is im sure gonna miss her, more than i ever have anything in my life, shes been gone about a week and my sister and i still cry over her. I cant wait to get to the bridge so can watch for her flying towards us...
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 01:15 AM

I am very sorry for you and your families loss. They take a huge piece of our heart across the bridge with them, that's for sure.
Posted By: Janny

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 01:17 AM

Oh I know that pain all too well. I am so sorry for your loss.
Posted By: Jacque

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 01:24 AM

You are in my thoughts. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Posted By: Crossfire

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 01:33 AM

I'm so very sorry. frown
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 04:11 AM

You are in my thoughts and prayers for the loss of your beloved Coco! You have come to the right place for understanding and empathy! I would imagine that you have much to teach us about spending the bulk of your life with a 'Too - you had Coco since you were 14 and now you're 43 - that's a long time with these amazing creatures!

Take care of yourself!

Posted By: LoriAnn

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 04:58 AM

thank you all for your kind words, they mean alot, this im sure i can type without crying so hard i cant see the screen, you are right Miss Yum Yum i did spend the bulk of my life with a too and NOT so sure i can finsh my life without one,
and again thank you all so much
Posted By: spinnyspoo

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 05:54 AM

I'm so sorry for your loss. They do end up owning a huge piece of your heart don't they? Ideas? Time. Take the time you need to grieve. You can never replace her. You know that. But give yourself some time. You've lost a dear friend. Cry, eat, sleep, adn talk to people. My prayers are with you.
Posted By: tristian

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 06:39 AM

(((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) i'm sorry for your loss. i hope your heart heals soon.
Posted By: Ladyhutch

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 06:50 PM

I am so sorry for your loss of Coco. We understand your pain and are here for you. She has left a huge hole in your life that will take time to accept and fill. Hugs coming your way.
Posted By: luv my Coco bean

Re: our too coco - 02/03/09 10:14 PM

I am so so sorry to hear about the loss of Coco. She sounds like a great bird and sister ! Remember all the fun that she had when she was with you, and all the good time you shared. It sounds like she had a great life with you. Look at so many of the sad stories that other birds on this site have ...your Coco only had a happy story. God Bless you. Time will help to heal your broken heart
Posted By: birdsrule

Re: our too coco - 02/04/09 05:53 AM

I am very sorry for your loss and it does hurt, she was your little sister...just one with feathers!

She had a wonderful fun life with you and your family where she was loved...and that is all she ever wanted.

We do understand here and you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

Posted By: Bogie's Buddy

Re: our too coco - 02/04/09 10:20 PM

LoriAnn-I can only add my deepest and heartfelt condolences over Coco's passing. Take time to heal, and take comfort in knowing what a wonderful relationship you built with her,and that the love you offered was recieved and returned.
Posted By: jm47

Re: our too coco - 02/06/09 08:28 PM

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