Just a mouse..but MY mouse

Posted By: wishfull

Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/14/08 02:47 AM

I have just got in from a very pleasant night out. Usual routine followed..let Molly out of her crate for a weewee, lots of cuddles cos of coiurse she is a good little puppy, checked on Philip, all good, he is on top perch and grunted because I disturbed him, then went to check on my little mice. (Theyare always active late at night) Jemima was out, but not 'busy' as I would expect at this time of night. Matilda was nowhere to be seen. I tapped cage, called Matilda, nothing. I opened cage, and lifted out the mouse bedroom. As I feared, little Matilda mouse was curled up, never again to uncurl. I know she was only a little mouse, but she was MY little mouse, and also Jemimas friend. Im not devastated, but I am sad. I love my little mice, they are my pets. And poor Jemima must be feeling so sad frown
I really like my litt;e mice, I know they may seem unimportant, but theyare my little pets. I feel so sad for Jemima, Matilda was her lifelong pal. Even little, insignificant mice count, dont they. Im crying like a fool right now, but, I love my little mice so Im not ashamed.
RIP little Matilda Mouse xxx
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/14/08 03:02 AM

We get attached to our pets, no matter what they are - even a tiny mouse.

RIP Matilda.
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/14/08 03:26 AM

Thankyou Lene. I did/do love my little pet mice, and my heart aches for little Jemima now. Mice are loyal to their parteners, especially in captive situations. My mice are very tame and sweet, little animals that count, tame ot not. I feel mostly sad for Jemima, poor little mouse. She has lost her lifelong friend.
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/14/08 03:59 AM

Sorry about the loss. I have had pet mice & know how sweet they can be. Poor Matilda will be missed.
Posted By: wishfull

Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/14/08 04:20 AM

Mice are lovely smile I feel mostly sad for little Jemima...How do you comfort a grieving little mouse???? Its so sad for the little animals frown
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/14/08 08:20 AM

Oh I am so sorry Anne, I can only imagine how you and Jemima are feeling. My son had a rat when he was quite young. His grandmother gave it to him as a gift. I wasn't sure on how to care for it, so we got busy researching (of course grin LOL) Well he became a part of our family for 6 years, I even gave the little guy bubble baths, so I do understand how attached you can become!

All I can offer is a huge hug and a quiet prayer.
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/14/08 10:46 AM

Anne I'm so sorry about little Matilda. Your right mice are very sweet little creatures. I've had them as pets myself and we have some cute little deer mice at work. I've shed a few tears over rodents over the years that I have had for pets and lost. Nancy
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/14/08 07:58 PM

I love mice. I had a lot of them during my childhood days. Anne, go get another mouse friend for Jemima. The problem with mice and other little rodents is that they don't live very long at all. So you just love them for what little time you have with them. And no, our pets are not "just", they are are loved ones, every one of them no matter how small.
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/15/08 05:16 PM

Im looking in the local ads for a mouse that someone has 'tired of'. People so often neglect to care for tiny rodents properly and get bored, so hopefully I will find a 'worn off novelty' quickly and make two little lives happy again.
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/15/08 06:24 PM

aww. i am sorry. i think mice are neat. my son had 2 one time and they were pretty cool. actually smart. i was surprised. i've also been told that a rat is amazingly smart. maybe you will find a new mouse soon.
RIP Matilda.
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/15/08 06:51 PM

I hope Im not speaking too soon, but there is possibly GREAT news coming within the next hour or so!!! I remembered just before that when I bought matilda and Jemima, my friend margie also purchased a single little mouse from the same litter for her daughter...... So, I rang her about 1/2 an hour ago asking did she still have themouse, and was her daughter still enwrapped in it.... The answer was yes she does, but no the novelty soon wore off and Mum is now 'lumbered' with the job of cleaning the ''smelly bloody thing'' She is going to ask her daughter if I can have the little mouse as mine is sad now that its all alone. And, this little mouse is identical to Matilda, I didnt choose that one to pair up with jemima cos Id never tell them apart and it would be awkward if one got ill and needed meds. I am sat here with baited breath, and rediculously excited for a 45 year old woman awaiting news of a mouse laugh Ihope its a girl, as I dont relish the thought of gazillions of the creatures, LOL! Im SOOOO excited!!!!!!
ETA : Jemima will not be lonely for much longer!!!!!!!!!
I think sweet little Matilda really CAN rest in peace now :)Also to add, I should have said I picked JEMIMA over this other mouse, so I could tell who Matilda was, doh.
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/15/08 07:46 PM

It's easy to tell boys from girls in mousies. Just look at the nether region.

I will warn you that mousies breed like crazy and you will have dozens of mousies in no time (because mousie babies will breed and it goes on and on and on, belive me) and there is nothing you can do to prevent it other than separating them which is not what you want another mousie for.

When I was a kid I ended up with over 3 dozen babies in such a short period of time it made my (and my parents) head spin. What ended up happening is that we had to separate the females from the males and fortunately I was able to find homes for same sex groups.

They are adorable, but they have many babies at one time and soon you will end up with a mousie factory. LOL

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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/15/08 08:15 PM

Im just praying that this little newby IS a female carol! Again, i have a vague memory of the petshop man saying they were all females.I know I checked my two as pet store owners arnt always known for their honesty when a sale is in the offer.... Id keep the other little mouse anyway, in a seperate cage, which means I would be then searching for TWO new mousies (That makes me smile that name does smile ) I didnt like hearing the little thing reffered to as a ''smelly bloody thing'' because they DONT smell if their homes are washed well every couple of days. My mice have always smelt nice, their cage and their little bodies. But you are so right, the thought of lots of babies makes my eyebrows go up, and the corners of my mouth go DOWN!
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/16/08 01:40 AM

Anne Java is right mice are very easy to sex as the males are very well endowed and hard to miss!
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/16/08 01:51 AM

The mouse (her name is now Tilda, in honiour and constant memory of Matilda, is a GIRL!!!! laugh
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/16/08 07:47 AM

Oh this is great news, and the old saying applies.....when one door closes another always opens!
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Re: Just a mouse..but MY mouse - 01/16/08 04:03 PM

Sorry to hear about your loss Anne and glad that you now have Tilda :):)- we had two wee ones here as well..tickles was a total sweetie and sadly she met with the cat - won't give details but the cat jumped onto the kitchen table and attempted to retrieve her himself..we were very came Hazel and Fez and they were with us for almost a year when they to left quite suddenly(natural causes)..we haven't adopted any further as I worry about the cats(they are outdoor cats and know how to chase the wild mice and are very proficient at it)..
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