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Posted By: Charlie

Current Board Operation - 05/28/17 09:31 PM

I spend less time on the board than I used to. When I log on now to check things I notice that the number of users is usually very high. We used to be more social as a group and I was never very comfortable with that. We used to be more confrontational to posters and I think things are better now. We do not see the number of posts that we used to. I see this as members using this site for what it is intended to be, a clearinghouse of useful information, articles and discussions about cockatoos.

If you are a member reading now, we would welcome your input either in this post or starting your own. We are interested in whether you are finding the information that you need, whether it was useful to you and even the ease of using the site. Has the search engine served you well? All input is welcome.

I would also like to say a BIG thank you to the Moderators that monitor this site. They have all been doing this for years now and they are the best! When situations need to be addressed or answered, they are always there. I think this is amazing and I am grateful for you all!

Thank you all as members. The large usage numbers seem to imply that we are still performing a worthwhile service. This is easily the biggest and best source of true cockatoo help that anyone will ever find, and we don't have sponsors! We tell it like it is and we have no reason to present things in a super rosy light. Cockatoos are serious business and they need our help. Thank you all for being a part of it!
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Current Board Operation - 05/30/17 06:26 PM

Thanks to Admin, Charlie and Michael too for all you do. And of course thanks to the founder Jerry for seeing the need for this site!
Posted By: jm47

Re: Current Board Operation - 12/07/17 07:49 PM

Yes, thank you! Thank you for talking me out of going out and shopping for a cockatoo. Nobody ever confronted me, but I read the stories, and understood that I was woefully underqualified to keep one, in so many ways!
The two "little birdies" we have now, can actuallg fly in this little house, enough to stay healthy, and the cages and play equipment fit, too. Lots of things shrink as one's final illness "progresses".
Merry Christmas to all of you! May those winged angeloi in your care sing for you the songs of their people!
Posted By: Beeps

Re: Current Board Operation - 12/09/17 07:53 PM

I echo EchosMom wink

Thanks to Jerry for starting the site and to Charlie and Michael for Admining. And to the other Mods who are often here much more frequently than me.

I am still amazed at the wealth of information here and how everyone is willing to share in order to help cockatoos have the best captive life they can.
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