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I wish everyone considering adopting a parrot, of any kind, would volunteer at a sanctuary before doing so. They are all so individual and so very emotional. I wish it was a prerequisite!
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So very true. I also feel that parrot-human relationships would be more successful if people found their parrot by volunteering at a rescue and adopting a bird that chooses them. People will love any bird they have, but the birds can be a bit pickier and you have such a head start if you let the bird decide!
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So very true, so many people just want a pretty white bird to showcase and have no idea what to do with it when it begins to scream and pull its feathers out. Most of us would not marry someone without first getting to know that person, same with the parrots. They are individuals and they need to get to know you too. In my case, I was off to the rescue to adopt a little girl, and before that tried to make a M2 like me. Neither bird really cared for me but with Riley it was love at first sight, for both of us.
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Beeps What you said is so true. My biggest fear in ever getting another bird is that he or she wont like me. I was seriously in the process of thinking about another bird before my mom died, which now I now know isnt the right time, but my biggest fear wasnt that I wouldnt love her, but that she wouldnt love me and because of the distance involved, we wouldnt have time to get to know one another. I still hope someday if the time is right I can meet her and see what might happen
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