Don't waste our time!!!

Posted By: EchosMom

Don't waste our time!!! - 08/16/12 03:49 AM

There was a disturbance on the forum late last night/early this AM by a "new member" that joined using my username, followed by a (period). This person also mocked my signatures and was very crude in their posts. While all of this was going on and I was deleting posts, there was one of our fairly new members here at the board questioning what was happening.

In discussion amongst the staff today, and a hunch by Janny, we compared IP's of this fake EchosMom and another member and found them to be one in the same. Needless to say, both members are members no longer.

We don't have time for childish behavior such as this and we always do our best to keep the forum here for the reason it is intended - to help cockatoos.

Bye-bye SB!
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Don't waste our time!!! - 08/16/12 04:23 AM

Well said, Janet, and thanks for taking over an hour of your time to clean up the mess. Sorry it had to happen but it is an occupational hazard, so to speak.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Don't waste our time!!! - 08/16/12 04:46 AM

Thanks Charlie and it's all in a day's work! I'm just happy that we were able to isolate the offender and get rid of him - but that's a kid for you. And Janny...good hunch girl!!!
Posted By: KBEquine

Re: Don't waste our time!!! - 08/17/12 03:26 AM

Sorry to hear there even WAS an issue; happy to hear it was handled.

As a new-to-Toos kinda person . . . I rely on the 'real' people here for help!
Posted By: jm47

Re: Don't waste our time!!! - 08/18/12 05:12 AM

Glad THAT got straightened out!
Posted By: PJsMom

Re: Don't waste our time!!! - 08/18/12 06:30 AM

Huh, well I'll be jiggered. At a loss for words. (polite ones). And to think, that fairly new member who was watching all of this, might have lost a little sleep worrying about the little....snot. It begs the question... Why on earth? Drink too much ovaltine?
EM, Janny... Thank you for everything. You guys ROCK.
Posted By: angelinasmom

Re: Don't waste our time!!! - 08/18/12 02:28 PM

So sorry this happened to you. I know you mods spend so much time helping us. It angers me to think someone would disrupt this board like that. Just want to say, I appreciate all of the work you guys do
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Don't waste our time!!! - 08/23/12 04:57 PM

Bumping up....
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