Worth reiterating today.....

Posted By: Charlie

Worth reiterating today..... - 05/06/12 01:42 AM


We are here to try to convince people that these large Indonesian cockatoos, and most other large parrots, have no place in the typical home setting, that 99% of the general population will never be able to give a satisfactory life to these long lived and very intelligent winged animals, that they can make one’s life miserable trying, and mainly, to stop the breeding and selling of these animals to unsuspecting people for the sake of a lousy dollar. We hope that by doing our little part to reduce the demand for these animals, that the breeder or bird store or seller will find it more difficult and less profitable, to sell these animals into an almost inevitable life of lonesome misery. These are gregarious flock animals and they would never wish for the life that many of them will be subjected to. This is what Mytoos is about and why we exist. This is the message!

This message board, on the other hand, is just a tool to try and help the many ‘Toos that are already out there and to help the people that care for them. We know there is a need for this service because it is a very popular destination for many people that really do understand, or that want peace in their lives. I found Mytoos just this way, grasping for help. This function of the message board is secondary to the message. It is something that is nice but not necessary. It exists because of a core of great members and Moderators that volunteer their services, time and effort to help these birds.

The reason for this clarification today is just to inform people, again, that our passion here is the Cockatoo, not people. Our staff and members have a limited amount of time in the day, they have heard most of the problems a hundred times and it is difficult to for them to wade through egos and people that want instant fixes, people that have no use for vets, people that have allotted no money for care, people that disappear for months and then come back demanding better answers! Life’s too short folks! None of us are ogres here, we just get tired and, honestly, I would rather push the “boot” button on some people and get on with helping the ones that are really serious.

So, if sometimes it appears we, especially me, are short and a bit ill tempered, there is a reason for it. If we are just going to lie back and let people spout garbage, then we would be just like every other bird board out there. We want to help cockatoos! I consider many Mytoos members to be very close friends and kindred souls but my personal goal, every day, is to help some cockatoo live better that day. If you are offended by some person on this board, read this letter, take a deep breath and start again! We really do want to help you and your bird!
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Re: Worth reiterating today..... - 05/06/12 05:35 AM

Thanks Charlie...we appreciate that you (and Mytoos) tell it like it is! It's all about helping the birds!
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Worth reiterating today..... - 05/06/12 06:03 AM

Need a "like" button on here smile

Everyone knows how fully I support and believe in this board and the staff!
Posted By: Bogie's Buddy

Re: Worth reiterating today..... - 05/10/12 04:29 PM

Charlie-I read your post with great interest, and feel the need to add my comment. I found this board as part of my research before bringing Bogie home. I was impressed with both the message, and the knowledge of the members and willingness to share that knowledge with others. As time has passed, I've also been very grateful for the support offered by so many people associated with this group, and as Bogie and I now face another health issue, I cannot fully express how much that support means. It is my hope that you,the staff, and members all continue to make this group what it is.
I wanted to become a Marine in large part because I was so impressed by an entity dedicated to mission, and a commitment by its members to have each other backs. I am happy and proud to be a member of this group for the same reasons.

Posted By: My baby Sunshine

Re: Worth reiterating today..... - 05/10/12 09:33 PM

Bless you all and all the help you have shown me and many others. Sunshine and Angel are better for it. Heck I would not of thought of rescuing Angel if it were not for this site showing me that most people can not handle these birds. It does take a special kind of person to understand Cockatoo behavior, their suffering, their loudness, their chewing and plucking etc. Most of us know that if all the world was perfect.... our Too's would be better off soaring high in the wild with their flock family.
Posted By: angelinasmom

Re: Worth reiterating today..... - 05/25/12 05:40 AM

This is the only board I belong to and that is exactly the reason for it.
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