Mytoos Presents......

Posted By: EchosMom

Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 04:24 PM

Please circulate far and wide!!!

The credit for the concept goes to our valued member Bev (Zazu Sally) and Charlie, with his magnificent talents, brought Bev's idea to "life". Our gratitude is also extended to all of you that submitted pictures of your birds to help make this possible.

The link to this video can be posted to other forums, lists, classified (including Craigslist and Kijiji), etc. Undoubtely it will be flagged/removed from many sites, but let's get the truth out there.

Ok folks, let's get this in circulation.

ETA: The comment settings have been adjusted and require approval before publishing - the breeders were jumping all over this already.
Posted By: Chewy

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 04:34 PM

hey can I put it on my myspace?
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 04:37 PM

Of course!!! Great idea Erin! You can embed the video on Facebook too - just click the Facebook link under the video on Youtube.
Posted By: Chewy

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 04:51 PM

Thank you!!:)
Posted By: ZazuSally

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 04:57 PM

Thanks EM and Charlie for being all over this. When I watched it, all I could think was "how can anyone with a heart think this is OK?" They go on about our rights, blah, blah, blah but what about the rights of all living creatures. I love my birds to pieces but they do not belong in cages. Whenever someone protests too much, you must always ask "do they have an agenda?" "Do they make money off parrots?" If the response is yes, then you have your answer. Then there are the people who don't have their own opinion but go along with whatever the "experts" say. Those people are the scariest.


Posted By: ILuvMyBE2

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 05:07 PM

Done, it is posted to my myspace page with a comment of how came to have one, and how my eyes have opened since then. This is a very good video. Well done!
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 05:26 PM

A picture is truly worth a thousand words, this video is worth more than words can say.
Posted By: Jacque

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 07:08 PM

Wow...that's all I can say as I sit here crying. Thank you
Posted By: Rukesmom

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 08:36 PM

Through my tears,I have sent to all who may listen with my plea to watch and spread the message.
Thank you!
Will try to add to my facebook too (that is new territory for me)...
Posted By: Nomokis

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/12/09 09:43 PM

Wow... just... wow! That video is so touching. Thank you guys so much for making it. It'll be up on my facebook here soon for all to see. Sigh. So sad.
Posted By: Scarletts mom

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/13/09 12:24 AM

I just posted it on my facebook page. Very heart wrenching.... frown
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/13/09 06:31 AM

Hopefully alot of people will take the time to see it. Excellent video.
Just posted it on Boston Craigslist. Also posted it on Myspace.
Posted By: katy girl

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/13/09 05:19 PM

Have been out of town so was just able to see the article. I thought it was very good, just not long enough. They could have a whole hour on parrots and still that wouldn't be enough. The article on MyTube was excellent, just so sad. You all did a great job. Hope everyone sees it and takes notice of what it is all about. There are so many stupid and uninformed people out there that you want to scream and pull your hair out. Hopefully it will get through to some and they will think twice before buying a parrot.
Posted By: Rukesmom

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/15/09 02:42 PM

Just wanted this back on top so those who have not been on in a few days do not miss it!!!!
I am making sure everyone I know watches the entire thing!!!!
Posted By: Meegsmom

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/16/09 01:45 AM

It was great Charlie - its posted on facebook and will be added to Birdline..I've shared it with many people who once again are amazed and apalled at the treatment birds endure and the stress that leads them to mutilate themselves..another good eyeopener..
Posted By: Bogie's Buddy

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 05/16/09 03:14 AM

Tremendous piece! I'll try to get it on my facebook page. Like Rukesmom, this computer handling is new territory for me.(I'm still trying to get Bogie's photo up as an an avatar.) Again, great job to educate as many folks as possible.

Posted By: whitewings56

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 06/14/09 11:45 PM

That is shameful how can people be so ill-hearted... the answer is that probably they have no heart let alone a conscience.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 06/15/09 11:55 AM

I've received so many emails from people over the past couple of months that have viewed the video on my Myspace page and from the Craigslist postings that I have been doing. Most of the responses have been positive and sad.
This is an example of many that I have received.
"Great video, but I cried through the whole thing I hope everyone on this site will click and watch
I have two greys and would not even imagine treating them like that. That is just horrifiying!!!!!

Loving bird owner,

I alternate the postings between MA and RI Craigslist sites in the pet section.
Some of the post and responses haven't been quite so nice, but most of these are done as post on CL. This is actually great though because it pulls attention to the posting and more people look at it. A couple of months ago there was an ongoing debate on the posting between some breeders and bird owners. To date it has not been deleted once posted! I post it as Parrot or parrot for adoption. Nancy
Posted By: Bird Mom

Re: Mytoos Presents...... - 06/20/09 04:31 AM

Great outreach! I posted it on Facebook....
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