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Posted By: EchosMom

Informative Article Stickies - 11/08/08 12:07 AM

We've decided to make some of the most informative and popular links, stickies in the appropriate forums. When posted, the topics will then be locked from replies. Any specific questions or help that is needed should be started as a New Topic in the appropriate forum.

Since stickies always stay at the top of the forums, these important articles won't get buried and it will eliminate the need for them to be repetitively posted. If you wish to include a sticky article in your reply, they will be easy to locate and the link to the stickied topic can be provided.

We are in no way discouraging valuable, individualized help by our members here. Experience is one of the best teachers!! We are just trying to streamline the posting of important articles and keep them easily accessible to everyone.

We are going to give this a trial run and see how it works. smile
Posted By: TiKa's Dad

Re: Informative Article Stickies - 11/08/08 12:21 AM

I like it. smile It gives us safe links without the hassle of dealing with breeder crap.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Informative Article Stickies - 11/08/08 12:32 AM

By no means do we not want members to share other informative, reliable links from acceptable sources. We are just streamlining ones that are used on a regular basis to keep them on top, for easy access by all.
Posted By: Specialist Elbru

Re: Informative Article Stickies - 10/08/14 06:15 PM

I was thinking about creating an informational post that would be sticky-ed and posted in the "Behavior & Behavior Problems" and give it a name like "My Bird laid an egg, what now?" The information in question can be tracked down using the search feature, but the post that seamed most informative was farther down in the search results.

I understand that the mytoos's position is to try and prevent eggs from being laid. However, sometimes people find mytoos after there bird has already laid, and sometimes preventive measures don't work.

The post would manly center around the information provided by Java_One in the following post

The post would also include additional information that I gleaned from other post. I would link back to the post describing preventive measures, in the hopes of preventing more eggs from being laid. I would talk about population control and egg addling. I would also like to links to photos of Amanda and her egg, because "TiKa's Dad" did such a good job of documenting the event.

My knowledge comes mainly from reading accounts from mytoos. That being, once I gather the information I would like to have it reviewed by people with more hands-on experience than myself.

I am concerned about copying permission because neither Java_One or "TiKa's Dad" has been online in quite a while. I do however, see that Tika's dad still post videos on YouTube of Tika and Amanda.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Informative Article Stickies - 10/09/14 12:26 AM

The nice thing about allowing folks the opportunity to use the search engine is they happen upon other useful information and a variety of scenarios. One thing about birds, very rarely is a topic or post going to be "one stop shopping".
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Informative Article Stickies - 10/09/14 02:50 AM

The Moderators do, and will, make all decisions about "sticky topics". They are great at it, always have been, and I trust them, always!
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