PM is disabled

Posted By: Jerry

PM is disabled - 07/23/05 05:37 PM

The private message feature is hereby disabled until further notice.

Several members are once again using it to undermine Mytoos. You people know who you are... and so do I. But I'm not going to embarrass you by banning all of you together. You will slowly be missing from this board, over time. I will not entertain comment on this topic... will not answer to any comments about it.
Posted By: dm

Re: PM is disabled - 07/23/05 06:01 PM

I have never seen the point of the PM feature anyway.
Posted By: Julz

Re: PM is disabled - 07/23/05 07:07 PM


Oh Jerry! I am so sorry I hope nothing I wrote caused this! I never ever used it against MYTOOS!

Thanks to whom ever did!
Posted By: sammy,mickey

Re: PM is disabled - 07/23/05 11:47 PM

Can't whomever is responsible be taken off the board????? I for one really enjoyed this feature.
Posted By: bigjerry

Re: PM is disabled - 07/24/05 01:15 AM

Yeah , but, no but, its really not fair!!!!!!!
Posted By: Popeye

Re: PM is disabled - 07/25/05 04:58 PM

We need to know who the backstabbers are.
Posted By: scoutkj

Re: PM is disabled - 07/26/05 02:02 PM

I would also rather they be banned, as I do use the PM feature to communicate with friends and to send people helpful links, etc, that I can't post here. I also archived some links in my PMs, unfortunately, which I will not be able to get to anymore.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: PM is disabled - 07/22/12 10:38 PM

Bumping up for new members...the PM function is permanently disabled.
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