Very different cockatoo

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Very different cockatoo - 01/16/18 07:12 PM

I have had my cockatoo for about 5 months..... The girl in got him/her from got him/her from a lady that had a macaw and an Amazon and Maggie my cockatoo.... They never let him out of his cage he had the smallest cage of all... He's only 18 so he's still young and I hope I can help him.... He never plays with toys ,when you let him out on his cage he goes to a corner and just sits there ,he does not chatter he never really moves... He does not get excited he does not do anything I don't feel like he is happy.... Is there someway to help him or something???? Thanks for any imput
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Re: Very different cockatoo - 01/16/18 11:29 PM

Have you brought him to the vet to get a check up. This is the most important thing that you can do for him at this point. If he's not well he will sit quietly. 5 Months is no time at all with a too. Its wonderful that you are giving him an opportunity to become a bird again. It sounds like he has no idea how to act outside of his cage. You will need to teach him how to play, dance, vocalize. What type of cockatoo is he?
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Re: Very different cockatoo - 01/17/18 01:49 AM

I have not carried him to the vet.... We honestly don't have one close I think the closest one is out of state... I sat last night and tore his toys apart and put them back together in a different way to try and give him something different ..he started to kinda play and chew on them ...maybe the others were not what he wanted... Idk but he's kinda started to play.... He is a sulphur crested cockatoo he's the most chill cockatoo I've ever seen in my life..... He gets scared very easily he talks and will dance some if there are new people around.... I take him to work a lot and he's started to open up a little better I think
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Re: Very different cockatoo - 01/18/18 12:09 AM

That's odd I posted this morning but Im not seeing it. If you post the state or large city that you are near there may be other folks that can tell you of a vet closer to you. Also check out and google bird vets in your area. Sometimes a vet doesn't join AAV but still sees birds.
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