1e male cockatoo only dislikes me

Posted By: Mango16

1e male cockatoo only dislikes me - 03/11/17 10:20 PM

We have a 13 yr old male cockatoo we have had him about 3 month and he doesn't like me at all. I get up from my chair and he does crazy running all around his cage. My husband and daughter can walk right up to him no problems. I've gave him treats and have never been abuses to him. What can I do to get this guy to love me and know that I am no harm to him.
Posted By: Mango16

Re: 1e male cockatoo only dislikes me - 03/11/17 10:22 PM

I have has my husband even help by putting him in me and letting me pet him. But he just goes crazy when I even walk in the room.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: 1e male cockatoo only dislikes me - 03/12/17 03:21 PM

You must remind him of someone in his past. Or possibly he is frightened by something on you. Things like hats, jewelry, fingernail polish, tattoos, hair style or color, designs on clothing can all scare some birds. Slow down and let him set the pace. Leave him alone don't force interactions on him. What is his favorite treat? Figure this out by watching him when he's fed. What does he take from the bowl first. Once you know what his favorite couple are stop giving them to him in his food bowl. Put them aside and only you give him these treats, not your husband or daughter. Make him want to see you by being the good person who brings him treats. When you first start do not look at him eye contact can be seen as aggressive to birds/prey animals. Talk very softly and move slowly. Place a treat in his bowl through the bars and walk away. This may take days or weeks even a month or more before he begins to calm down. Do this when no one else is around or in the same room as the two of you.
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Re: 1e male cockatoo only dislikes me - 03/13/17 01:48 AM

I agree with Nancy, be very observant and watch for cues and triggers. And above all else, be patient!!
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