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Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

New member of E-collar club - 08/23/07 04:16 AM

Sammy began chewing another two blood feather in his tail last night. I took him to the vet after work today because he was a mess. Not as bad as last time but I really wanted to prevent it from getting to that point.

The vet pulled the two slow bleeding feathers (he didn't make one peep), cleaned his remaining tail feathers up, gave him a shot of pennicilin, and sent me home with an e-collar.

I managed to get the part that goes around his neck on. I'll give him some time to get used to that (who knows, maybe it will be enough). Then, this weekend, I'll put the plastic sheet on the neck piece. He seems to be slowly getting used to moving around and having it on but he is pretty clumsy and off balance. He's taking his anger/frustration out on anything destructable (including my work clothes - it's OK, they're just things).

I don't feel like debating the use of e-collars or other ways to deter the chewing. Right now I just want to fall apart.
Posted By: Cassie's_girl

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/23/07 04:36 AM

I don't have any personal experience with the collars, so I CAN'T debate their use wink <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> ! But I wanted to say I'm so sorry, it must be heartbreaking. Good luck!
Posted By: Mary Jones - Arfy's Mom

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/23/07 11:16 AM

As you probably know, I had no luck at all getting a collar onto Arfy, so well done!

Hope things start to calm down a bit for you, I know exactly waht you are going through after the last 2 weeks with Arfy - am sending all my love and prayers for you both.

Mary & Arfy xxxxxxx ((((((((HUGS))))))))
Posted By: rubytoo

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/23/07 02:53 PM

Sorry that you have had to try a collar. It must be so hard to watch him all clumsy.
I hope too that maybe just the neck piece will be enough.
Fingers crossed X

Try not to fall apart, it must be very hard on you really and truly, I would be falling apart too! But with all the "destructing" that your Sammy is doing, you falling apart too, it will make the place look really untidy wink

You are doing what you think is best for your Sammy. Sometimes that is all we can do. I really hope that it helps.
Very best of Luck XX
Posted By: Lovey's Mom

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/23/07 03:52 PM

Belong's To Sammy, This is one issue we all hope we will never have to face. It is horrible when we do. Thinking about you both. Cindy
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/23/07 07:15 PM

My G2, Daffy, has to be collared off and on. I don't like the e collar. Isn't that the cone one? I make my own with pipe insulation and vet tape. I just cut it long enough so that he can reach his feet and the very tips of his wing feathers. After several years of this he does really well. He gets depressed for a couple of days but thats it.

You do have to watch their weight when they are in a collar because sometimes they won't eat, especially when you are around, to make you feel sorry for them and because they are depressed so you might want to feed him his favorites with your fingers.
Posted By: hellobaby

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/23/07 07:17 PM

((( B2S ))) I hope things get better.

Posted By: Birdiemommy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/24/07 02:27 AM

Belongs2Sammy I can imagine what you're going through but hopefully he'll be able to have it off soon. You have to protect him and you're doing what the vet thinks is the best way to prevent Sammy from injuring himself further. Take care and please know that there are a lot of people thinking of you.
Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/28/07 04:56 AM

Thank you everyone for your support. Sammy also appreciates your warm thoughts.

As an update, Sammy was able to chew another tail feather with the collar on while I was at work. The blood drawn was minimal but it's still blood drawn.

This means that I will have to attatch the plastic sheet or the "cone" part to the collar. I was hoping the collar would be enough - it was for almost a week!

My vet told me that if I attach the cone part, that I would have to be around for the first day or two to keep an eye on him. Sadly I cannot just take two days off of work with such short notice.

Last week I ordered some Pluck No More in desperation. Today I spent some time researching the ingredients (before administering it). It's interesting how they don't list the ingredients on the web page - I think I know why now. I am just too weary to risk his health further with this stuff. I am going to run these ingredients by my vet but I'm sure she'll say "no." I wonder if I could return it and spend the $35 and a new toy. What was I thinking??!?!

I guess we'll have to "wing it" until the weekend and keep a close eye on him. If push comes to shove, I'll just have to attach the rest of his collar and hope and pray he will be OK. I don't know what else I can do.
Posted By: angelinasmom

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/29/07 02:22 AM

Sorry to hear about Sammy. As far as the pluck no more, my vet said it wouldnt hurt my bird, but when I tried it with my grey, it really didnt seem to make any dfference. I have heard other people say it worked for their bird, so maybe you will be one of the lucky ones
Posted By: Bird Mom

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/29/07 03:32 AM

I tried "pluck no more" but had too many problems applying it to the bird directly. I have used chamomile tea with equal results. At least the bird will sip the tea :rolleyes:
Posted By: Winter's mom

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/31/07 01:38 AM

I don't know much about "Pluck no More" but maybe a more homeopathic approach would help... perhaps a mild camommile tea or Bach's Flower Essence, Rescue Remedy.Good luck and good thoughts.
Posted By: rockinseattle

Re: New member of E-collar club - 08/31/07 03:20 AM

Sorry to hear he's plucking. I read somewhere that an aloe vera spray can help. I'm not sure how reliable that is but it might be worth a try if it is safe to use.
Posted By: rubytoo

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/01/07 03:07 PM

That is so sad, I had my fingers crossed really hard that only the first bit of the collar would be enough.
Guess over the week he got used to it and balanced enough to start again.

Was hoping Kim and Lilly might be able to come up with a solution for you, but I can't imagine how you could attach or fit something to that area, but maybe she will:-)

Good luck X
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/02/07 06:23 AM

Hey Sara,

Hows Sammy? I have tried a couple of "ideas" out on Lilly, but so far am not having much luck. That is such a difficult area. I haven't given up. Just hang in there okay??

Hugs, Kim
Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/03/07 04:24 AM

Thank you so much Kim for your effort and for not giving up! And send my love to Lilly for being such a good sport.

The collar has hindered Sammy enough to where he can't do the damage as before, but can still do enough to draw a little blood. Sadly, Sammy is starting to begin chewing developing feathers in areas he can reach more easily.

I attempted several times to attach the "cone" part to his collar today with no success. I will take him to the vet this coming Saturday to help me with it. He may need to be sedated.

He had a really tough day with all the attempts and I might have pushed him too much. I didn't notice it until later, but he chipped a piece of his beak off trying to escape from me. I feel terrible, unfit.
Posted By: Mary Jones - Arfy's Mom

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/03/07 11:07 PM

Hey Belongs2Sammy, you are not unfit, you are just trying to do all in your human power to protect your baby - we just can not get into their little heads to tell them to stop, and I sure know how that feels.

Stay positive, everyone here is sending you their love and prayers and things WILL get better

(((((((HUGS))))))) Mary & Arfy
Posted By: Pepe's mum

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/04/07 11:42 AM

I dont know if you have heard of a English company called Birdcare company? They sell all kinds of goodies for birdies. At the moment my citron has been going through a really rough time of plucking, wrong word, ripping his feathers out, his chest and around his face. I contacted them and ordered a whole heap of stuff. There seems to be a great improvement even to the extent that he doesnt seem to be as stressed out now.
I dont know if I am allowed to mention what it is that I am using, so will wait and see if someone says I can.

Please dont get down on yourself about it. I was told by the rescue that if he decides he is going to pluck, sometimes no matter what you do they will just carry on. I hope that things improve for you both very soon..
Posted By: gn18

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/04/07 12:51 PM


Have you tried bringing him outdoors or putting him near a window. It would be very good especially if you live in the countryside or even if there's just a small garden for him to see. There is something very powerful and calming about nature and just observing it. IMHO, its better than any toys in the world.

If you come home before dark, maybe just being with him outdoors in a mid-size cage or harness for an hour or 2 will surely help. Letting him walk on the grass will even be better. On the weekends it can be longer. (PS: be careful of hawks if there are any in your area)

I've seen birds in the wild, in aviaries and in cages. The ones that hardly pluck are the ones that are not cooped up in the house even if their diet are not that great as those cooped in the house. Please consider.
Posted By: rubytoo

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/04/07 07:29 PM

I am so sorry you feel bad (unfit) But please try not to, you are doing your best! And we all sometimes have to do things that make us feel bad and if we mess it up a little, well you know how it feels!
And I think most people here (me included!) know how you are feeling now.
I hope Sammy is okay with his beak chip, and has forgiven you smile
Best of luck to you and Sammy, i hope the fitting at the vets goes wellX

Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/04/07 08:20 PM

Thank you gn18, that is a great suggestion (and easy on the checkbook).

Sammy has a window in his room that looks out to a huge oak tree and it lets lots of light in (edit: and he has a chair and a perch that he can opt to perch on to look out the window, but also has the option to hang out where he can't see out the window if he chooses [ie if he wants to hang out in his cage, take a nap, etc]). We pull the blinds up tight to allow as much light as possible (edit: and to disallow chewing on them).

We do have hawks in the area. How do I get around that?
Posted By: gn18

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/04/07 10:13 PM

A couple of ideas to scare hawks away:

Also you can try bamboo poles, flags, mirrors and cds (for mirrors and cds, please ensure that the side facing sammy is 'dim' so that it is not glaring for him)

If in aviary, please ensure double wire etc (I guess this information etc will be somewhere in mytoos)

PS: I had a quick look at somebody saying 'owls' to scare hawks. Unfortunately, it actually attracts hawks as some hawks like to dive bomb owls.
Posted By: happybirds

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/08/07 01:43 AM

Many of you know, that Sammie has been collared for years. We still can't take the collar off him without him immediately chewing his chest again. He has been in an E-Collar. We tried a plastic collar, but he hated it, and refused to eat when he had it on. A friend of mine has a mutilating Galah and the vet gave her a new sort of collar. She says it is working.
Posted By: Bird Mom

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/08/07 04:57 AM

I think some birds pluck as a nervous habit...sort of like a human biting their fingernails. It may not turn into a habit (that's why you can try a collar as a temporary fix), but if they chew, you may not be able to keep the bird busy enough in a cage to keep the bird distracted enough. It's sort of an out of control grooming. Foraging toys are helpful.
Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/19/07 03:06 AM

Hello everyone.

Sammy went to get the extension attached to his collar on Saturday. He did not eat the rest of the day. I hand fed him some goodies on Sunday just to make sure he ate, but my vet told me to stop that because he has to get used to taking care of himself with the collar on. He did not eat all day yesterday but finally, this afternoon some time between this morning and lunch time, he ate on his own. Right now he is eating also. I know he is very hungry, poor thing, but I am glad he has figured out how to eat because he needs to learn how to adapt.

Sammy has begun developing some kind of lump where the collar rubs the back of his neck. The only thing I can do is keep an eye on it for now. He doesn't seem to react when I gently push on it.

This collar conraption is a nightmare. Please, if you guys can think of any alternatives to deter chewing but achieve comfort, I am all ears.

Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/19/07 06:16 AM

Sara, is there anyway you can post a picture of the collar you are using? Maybe it can be modified somehow to make it more comfortable yet still effective? Try and post or send me an email of a picture of him with it on...

Hang in there girl!! Kim
Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/19/07 03:13 PM

Kim, I will get a picture taken tonight and share.


Sara and bumpy Sammy
Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/20/07 03:33 AM

Here are some pictures of Sammy with the collar extension. We are both pretty miserable about it.

We are pretty scruffy looking aren't we. frown
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/20/07 03:40 AM

I'm so sorry, Sammie looks so unhappy. I hope things turn around for him soon. Nancy
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/20/07 04:12 AM

Oh Sara, poor Sammy! That collar is HUGE! Dang! He doesn't look that scruffy to me, he looks handsome, although miserable in that collar! I was hoping there would be a picture of the area he is plucking. I couldn't really see the tail area....
Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/20/07 04:17 AM

My camera is not that precise when it comes to close up pictures, as that is what I'd need to show the area he is chewing (not plucking).

I don't know how close Lilly lets you get to her tail, but if you can closely examine how her tail feathers grow out of her body, imagine this: chewed up blood feathers, bloody/scabbed up stumps and feather follicles.
Posted By: Kim & Lilly

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/20/07 04:36 AM

Think I understand. Does he chew on all of his tail feathers? Are they new feathers coming in or existing ones?
Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/20/07 05:04 AM

It's a toss up - he'll let some grow out a bit before he chews them; others he'll chew up when they are still mostly a blood feather. He has not had a full grown tail feather in a long time.
Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/22/07 03:38 AM

Hi guys, I took Sammy in to the vet today because the bump on his neck had turned into an open would because the collar was rubbing against it. The vet removed the extension to lighten the weight. We'll give it time to heal but we're going to have to think of something clever to restrain him from chewing.
Posted By: Izzie

Re: New member of E-collar club - 09/22/07 06:45 AM

ow! Good luck! Keep us posted.

izzie and bill
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